[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

I agree with this idea but only between Alliance members. There is a small spot to put a tiny building for this to happen. Even charge a small fee to do it so all can be involved in the trading process. Say 10 gems apiece to do this. It make the game a lot more interesting to people starting out. I know we have 1 player that is a low level he wants to quit because he can’t seem to keep up. Please really consider this option. Or you could even leave it up to the players what is traded for what. There should be no limitations on trading amongst team members.

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I didn’t realize when I started a thread about the same subject that there was already so many other players requesting this. I totally agree with this and would love the feature of trading with friends or just fellow alliance members. Not just ingredients and battle items, but even heroes. There are rare and epic heroes that I have and don’t use but i don’t want to just use them to level up because they’re great heroes! So a feature to be able to trade heroes among other players would be awesome :+1:

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I would like the feature to be able to trade with your fellow alliance members. Say there is a hero or battle item or ingredient that you don’t want but someone else does and vice versa, I would love the option to be able to trade. I think it would add a little more of a RPG feel to the game and make it feel like more of a video game. I like the idea of being able to add friends and trade with those friends as well.
Vote if you agree and tell me your thoughts! Thanks!
Play on! :space_invader:

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The idea of trading everything is a great idea and I love the thougt being able to trade. But to prevent cheats, I think trading should only be possible among the members of one alliance.

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I’m waiting the developer also.

All they’re worried about is losing out on money when its all said and done. Not even realising creating an economy in-game has the opposite effect. As far as the “risks” anyone with any sense knows them and they are miniscule. If someone wants to start a factory of 50 Chinese people with 10 accounts each harvesting junk to trade then sell for real world cash then it’s going to happen. That’s what they do. Anyway, it’s more about their inexperience in worrying about their bottom line which will grow as the player base grows from additions like global trading, immensely.

You have elementary level fears about a global economy. Actually adding a challenge and more purpose to a game doesn’t break the game, it enhances it. If you weren’t so busy saving the world from things like the One in the Dark Dimension and had time to sit on azz and play years and years of MMOs you’d understand how much more dynamic the gameplay would become. Most of what you listed was newbish error. This is what wasting all that time in med school got you… :joy:

I personally think the trading of materials is a great idea because we usually have to work for them.
But as for trading heroes I do not believe this to be a very good idea, I see a lot of problems with the fact that you have members who spend lots of money and others who only spend little to none and a team with a big spender will be able to really able to bring their alliance up while others still struggle.
A thought that I had is place a gem amount on each hero so that you could sell heroes back to the game and in exchange receive gems enough collected and they can spin again giving another chance to get hat they want.
In all honestly the game gives away a lot of gems and it don’t cost the Lakers anything o make them so this would be a win win I wouldn’t make it complicated a 3* gets you x amount then receive a larger amount for 4* and more for 5* nothing for anything under a 3*.
I think this would also help ppl who f2p and only get some 5* from tc20 they could also turn theirs in who knows it may have them want to spend every once in awhile.
You can never please everyone I try to think of things that would be good for game makers & game members.
Sry so long and thank you in advance for your time.

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kid I been gaming since Atari save your complaints for one of your generation because your generation is the one the ruined gaming as a whole not mines. I will just leave it at that as rather that add anything constructive to the conversation you delve into name calling meaning you have no real answers for anything I said. trading materials all for it trading heroes will be abused by to many and make p2w completely unreachable. I know how mmos work and I watched many get shut down. my bad for actually having a career instead of wasting years playing video games lol. Small giant is smart enough to realize keeping people around who dont spend money benefits no one, not them or the playerbase. I watched Stand by me as a kid, no one like leeches.


Is there anyone who plays this game who doesn’t want trading? :rofl:

I didn’t have time to read this thread yet, but I think adding trading within alliances would be a positive experience for everyone involved. Having some luck-based elements makes the game interesting, but repeatedly hitting an ascension wall because of that one elusive item is a level of frustration that can’t go unnoticed. I saw someone complaining about desperately needing telescopes - which I happen to have 7 of for some reason, despite my lack of a 5* blue. On the other hand, I can never seem to get fine gloves, and other people in my alliance have said they have extras of those. I bet I don’t have to state the obvious solution here…

There’s also the question of hero trading as well. A lot of people seem to have an excess of high power heroes of one color and a lack of them in another. Yes this would have more game-breaking potential, but that can be tempered by going the Pokemon Go route: limit the frequency of high level trades and add a resource cost (food, iron, gems).


trading duplicate heroes for gems wouldd work only if the gem value was low, but this us the fairest idea i have seen that would give ftp and c2p in fair incentive to save and take the sting away from duplicate heroes. This should be added with the hero academy and that would stir things up nicely

To make trading heros fair i could see the hero being traded but the essensions going back to 1-1. Trading items would be great and if ppl trade heros and items it would still take forever to refeed a hero to max lvl if the hero was reset to 1-1

Hello. Would it be possible to introduce an update which would allow exchanging heros between team members inside the clan? There are many of us who have more than one characters of the same type which we are more than willing to exchange among ourselves. it would not be for free: both players would pay e.g gems 500 for one single exchange. I am looking forward to your answer. Kind regards, Ati

Horrible idea then, horrible idea now.

It’s always “theoretically” good, and honest players have good reason for wanting it. Heck, I would LOVE to trade some of my tabards for some darts. Or an extra Zimkitha for someone’s extra Zeline.

The problem ISN’T with the idea, or the players that are frustrated by the slow trickle of materials/heroes. I’m not even stating that SGG won’t do it because it’ll cost them money.

The problem is the “bad actors” will exploit it. Even casual players may hear of an exploit and try it out. These types of things KILL games. The player-to-player game economy is impressively hard to manage, police and then… you have the other side of the coin…

Suddenly someone somewhere is butt-hurt and remorseful of a trade they made. SGG gets complaints, regardless of policy to “not interfere/intervene” that they may enact. People will get taken advantage of and then SGG will be expected to sort it out.

Trading sounds like a great idea. The only way it makes any sense is to MAYBE have an item converter (which has been discussed, like the alchemy lab idea) or maybe (down the line) some form of facsimile that works with HOTM/5* also.

but player to player trading? Bad juju. No way.


I’m just a lowly moderator, trying to keep the boards civil and somewhat orderly. If you browse this (long) thread, you’ll see a lot of ideas and critiques of those ideas.

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Yes, can you please add this feature??? I would love to be able to gift or loan heroes between Alliance members. Additionally, I have loads of loot that I don’t need but another member does. I should be able to give my unwanted loot to someone who can use it!

Many want and agree. Why do you think horrible ?

I explained it already.

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2000 gems is like buying a brandnew hero. the only difference is ull surely get the hero u wanted 100%.

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I personally have no problem spending money on this game, lord knows I have, but there are numerous members in my alliance that either prefer not to or can not afford to.
We would love to see gifting and/or trading of items, resources and especially heroes. But not for gems.
I personally would be willing to gift some of the duplicates that I have/get to the others in my alliance to help them get going.

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