[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

Lol hit a nerve? It’s all relevant to trading which is the title of the thread. Actually Trading between players, if you want to get technical.

If i wasnt on topic, i would have been flagged already which trust me is a common occurrence for me. But i think this time you ran out of debate material, got frustrated, simply threw out a response in an attempt to paint me in a negative light.

If you can point out a single response above from me that isn’t about trading, then I’ll agree i was off topic. But if you can’t do that, then you should admit you were wrong. Fair is fair.

Topic at hand: Trading

Trading for heros = decrease in sales of summons
Trading for ascension mats = decrease in mat sales and gameply
Trading craft mats= win/win for all

We have to have a balance. Cant have a feature that benefits players but hurts devs or vice versa. Has to be good for both or at least neutral for 1.


Just samples of others requesting hero exchanges.

Fair enough comment and agreed

This isn’t just about ascension mats but being able to trade un-used items and this is where you start losing the plot m8 thinking it’s all just about getting mats when in fact the topic is about exchanging un-used heros and materials/mats.

Again all about mats when the discussion is about exchanging un-used items.
So expensive! My SUGGESTION of 300gems makes it on par with it costing 300gems for a single summons, no more expensive than the current cost and availble to all players including f2p. Far better than those who suggested it costing 1000gems per trade.

You didn’t hit a nerve mate; I just chose not to par take into your little minded thoughts about crafting for mats when the topic is about making use of UNWANTED heros AND mats within some sort of trade option which would work if they could work around the abuse factor which is all I have ever tried to work around.

As for their bottom dollar on the subject! I have pointed that out many times before and do not wish to repeat myself here so go back and it about it.

The only nerve hit here mate is about how annoying you have become and how off topic your comments keep getting.

How to trade UNWANTED heros and mats is the topic NOT crafting for mats.


Lol i was still on topic.

Trading heros is bad

Trading unwanted items is pointless. Why would players craft unwanted items? I mean seriously? You’re telling me that players are deliberately crafting items they dont use and now they should pay gems/money to trade those items? Yea oook

You’re right i totally missed the mark. I didnt realize you were talking about players crafting unwanted items then paying to trade them lmao what’s wrong with me

What battle items are unwanted? There are literally 2 battle items in the whole game i dont use, and that’s small heal pots and super antidotes. So guess what i do? I know it’s going to sound crazy, but i simply don’t craft them. Nuts right?

Oops 3 items i dont use. Forgot i dont use miracle scrolls either

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I like the trading idea…so many of us with tons of one item , and none of another…and from talking to others it seems the items are different for each so it would be great to trade excess for items needed.

Just make a pawn shop already within the alliance.

What about not trading between player? But trade in ham/iron for farmable items?

I made a thread before but without images, the idea might not be so clear to imagine.

I was thinking that maybe a player who has excessive ham and iron can use the trading section to get farmable 1* to 3* ingredient and ascension items. Because sometime it’s nice to have more ham and iron, but when it comes to crafting the item, error 404: ingredient not found. :joy: Or as for me, I would like to have more adventure kit and wooden sword, but I don’t have enough gems to keep on refilling my world energy to farm those training items.

So maybe we can have trade section like this:-

*Please take note this is not beta content. I just did some editing…:sweat_smile:

TRADE1.png540x960 302 KB

In case if you want to sort it:-

TRADE2.png540x960 297 KB

And for those who have extra firestone, wooden sword, training manual or etc items that they not gonna use, maybe they can resell it for ham or iron.

RESELL.png540x960 242 KB

Maybe SG could allow 1*-3* of 4 ingredients and 2 training items in a day?
I hope this images gives clear idea that I wanted to share.


@WaaWaa. Yourse is much better idea than trading between players.
Trading between players, gonna be exploited with the creation of fake alliances and members;

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It is better for having a trading between players.

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Sure…your Trading Post idea, your trading heroes amongst alliance members idea, etc etc - all great ideas. However, this will Never happen. Trading whatever will increase hero development/leveling and therefore diminish opportunities for SG to make money from its players.

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im sad to say that trading between players will have some bad effects on the game and SG money income:

1 - trading will mean multiple accounts, multiple benefits for p2p,c2p and some disadvantages for f2p
2 - multiple accounts, 1 with p2p and the rest just to farm and feed the main account
3 - cheating will be encouraged by this
4 - bad for bussines for SG - money will come less than now, for sure

even though this topic has 160+ votes it will never gonna happen. just too bad for bussiness

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Not sure this will happen if you limit it to the following two restrictions:
Fortress L20
Traiding only between aly members

“Traiding only between aly members”

i’ll make my own alliance in the non-main account and join when i wanna trade and let other join to whom i wanna trade.

mate, there are ways to “cheat” the system… let it through and chaos will come


Nice editing and that’s the type of system I’m hoping for

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I would much rather see a way to turn items into other things for example turn a telescope and fine gloves and have it turned into say rings. Or turn 3* heroes into an lesser Troup token, etc. Maybe sacrifice a 4* to give you a raid shield for xxx amount of time, etc. Just more uses for the mats we have now would cure alot of issues imho.

Ohh what if a (super) hero that’s special consumed 1* heroes to use XD

Trading would only promote people to make multiple accounts wait for flash sales or free event tokens and use them for thier main accounts.


Trading between players will always be abused. I’d like to see a Trading Post between Mystic Vision and the Stronghold where a player can you in and trade anything of value, be it 100 mushrooms, or gems, or ascension items for other ascension items, or gems, or food or iron. Obviously, the choices would need to be limited, but if I could swap a few thousand herbs for an Orb, or some gems, that would be awesome. Or swap a Fine Glove for a Sheild, that would be great too. I believe that would enhance the game immensely. For the Devs, you could add a monetary fee for certain trades, say 99 cents to swap an Orb for a Sheild. I know it’s all about the $$$. The only way the Devs will do something like this is if it makes money, but that’s okay, as long as it’s reasonable, people will go for it

As long as you can’t trade heroes and unfarmable mats then I’m okay with it.

Have played lots of MMORPG to know that trading equipment (in this case Heroes or valuable Mats) when there are Wars (or fights, or whatever) against other Alliances (or Guilds, or…) puts the scale even more to the paying side. If I’m a whale and have 5 Guin, because I paid and I’m entitled to do so, but I’m not using them, then I lend them to my partners so we can win the war or put a harder fight.

The second problem and something that mostly ruins the economy is people paying real money if these kind of trades are available, to each their own of course, but this is something i’m against if I have to be honest.

Hi I’ve been reading about the suggestion of swapping hero’s in alliance’s but I’m not sure about that, that issue may cause a few problems with new and inexperienced plays having much to much power and not earning that said power, but it would be a good idea to be able to swap assention items I believe as in my peticular alliance we have members who have been waiting for a specific item for months just to help them level up one hero including myself , I don’t know what the long term issues could be for the game but , it seems that only the more experienced players who have earned the respect and experience seem to be waiting long periods of time for 1 or 2 specific items to get past that level of 4 / 70 on the last level to 4/ 80 I’ve been waiting for some items for 3 months or more now and when they come up in special offers like most of us I don’t have £30 or more to spend when you buy the smaller special offers from the developers on a regular basis , if I bought every special offer ,I would need a bank to fund it and the specific items I need don’t come up in every offer in any case thanks ,and please consider my idea with regards .

I dont think any heros or ascension items should be tradable. I’ve been playing for 262 days and worked my butt off to get were I’m at. Last week I just leveled up and managed to ascend the last tier of four of my 4* heroes. Now I need time to level them up. If everyone could get for free what they need that simple, this game wouldn’t be challenging any more.

However, I do think there should be an in game exchange where u could say trade in one or two equal items to get one item you needed. I have a blue 4* needing one more cape for final ascension and would gladly give up say a mystic orb, shield or even a hidden dagger for it.

In my opinion this would be a terrible idea. It would cause terrible fights between other players. Also anyone could join the alliance just to trade or give whatever items they want to their buddy and then leave.

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Agreed along with multiple accounts feeding mats to one account. Have 5 accounts total, the other 4 definitely have some mats my main account could use.

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