[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

And allience trading is the problem and up for abuse where as a site wide one where the actual doners are annonamous, would avoid abuse altogether.

@Petri this is good idea

Isn’t what I been saying all along, a site wide trading center/ market if you will.

It is the only option and always has been, to avoid abuse.

I have said this since day 1.

I agree. For me I’m ■■■■ when it comes to giving away/using heroes for leveling. I literally have duplicates of almost every regular hero, even though I know that I’ll never be able to level each and every hero. What’s sad is I received 5 (yes 5) Aegir last month and had to feed 2 because I will never max all 5. Trading will allow a use for all the extra heroes. People have already spent money for a hero that will gather dust on a shelf of the unused if they have multiple versions of it. Why not allow the ability to trade with Alliance members? There will come a point we’re people will stop spending altogether and that will be a sad day for SG because the revenue will not generate anymore.

Would make it a lot easier to use 5 accounts to farm for my main account. Just let them accumulate good heros and mats through RNG then give them all to my main account. I agree it’s a great idea

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And you just said it all for those who don’t get why an allience trade wouldn’t work.

Make it an annonamous site wide one to avoid your multiple accounts taking advantage of what everyone needs.

Ozy1, how would it work?
I can imagine something like a set of containers (one for 3* materials, ome for 4* materials, etc etc).

Should I be able to, say, give a far scope in exchange of a tabbard?

What I don’t get is how this should work. Did you already posted a description?

I would be in favor, of course. Whatever would allow us to acquire more materials/heroes would be welocome!

This marketplace idea isnt new. Been discussed since januaray, and devs mentioned last november or october. Devs are aware the system could work and would deter cheating unlike other trade systems.
It’s just not a project that’s high on their to do list.

And honestly i would be surprised if they ever did this system for ascension mats due to the fact it would hurt their bottom dollar. New heros make them a good chunk of change, a way to speed up maxing those heros by buying the necessary mats also make them a goos chunk of change. Any change that will hurt their bottom line, might as well count it out.

I wouldnt be surprised if they did have a system like this for craft mats though and would still be a big improvement from the trade system we have now(which is none lol)

Very good question my friend!
Here is what I think would work and would benefit everyone. Knowing this is all anonymously done.

But my idea is a bit reversed to a topical trading store.

You would go into the store placing a request for ( let’s say for the purposes of this excersise ) 3 shields and you would put in what your offering as a trade so let’s say ( you desperately want these 3 shields) your prepared to trade 2x 4* heros, 2 other mats and 20 crafting materials.

I come along and accept your offer. We each pay SG 300 gems and the items get tranfered/swapped around.

You would have to have reached level 15 before being able to trade making it fair to all players.
No one knows who they are trading with at anytime so abuse is removed.

Abuse factor!
Even if you had multiple accounts and you where to say put in a request from your main account for say 3 shields you had in one of your other accounts, when you went into the store to accept that trade you wouldn’t know which 3 shields are yours to trade with out of the possible 10 other 3 shield request there.

One a request is accepted you instantly pay your 300gems and the transaction is done, there is no accept or deny from either party at anytime. So like in everything abuse is always a factor but this would greatly remove that factor by about 95% as all you do is make a request with what your prepared to swap for it.

Once a request has been but into place all them items your offering as a swap are no longer usable within your account until that quest has been removed by you remembering that once another player has accepted your offer the transfer is instant so you would have those 300 gems also locked into that request, without them you wouldn’t be able to make a request.

That’s my view on this trading store business which would work and SG don’t lose out and everyone gets want they want which is an opportunity to trade heros, items and mats they feel they don’t need any longer.

What do think?

Although I agree to some extent, thier bottom dollar i don’t think is the biggest issue as in my opinion it would actually increase thier bottom dollar. How you ask!

Easy! (Example) You’ve already spent money on the game and you have heaps of stuff you don’t want or need just sitting there doing nothing but this in turn had stopped you spending more money on the game because your sick of repeatingly getting stuff you don’t need.

A trading store similar to what I suggested would encourage more revenue to SG as players would be spending more through the store knowing thier getting actual stuff they need and can use making them (as per my example) 600 gems per transaction which they would not be making at all because you stopped spending money. Multiple that by 10,000 members in every million players per day and tell me it’s not worth having a trading center. That’s only 1% of players making you over 100gran a day based on 10 bucks per 600 gems

And you dont think they could accumulate that revenue from players competing in events that need ample amounts of craft mats so they can compete for the ascension mats which also causes them to buy world energy refills at a 100 gems a pop just get their desired score?

I see your point. I admit i could be wrong, but lookin at it from their point of view and the p2w direction the game is heading, i think we would have to settle for craft mats. And if the trade system makes them as much money as you say it will, you can plan on it running off a majority of f2p and c2p players and you can look at other games that lean too heavily towards p2w, it would lead to the death of the game.

I would prefer some kind of craft mat exchange that is free and available to all rather than another SG money maker that further increases the gap between f2p and p2w

It is fair to f2p players as the game already provides free gems with games so every f2p pkayer would have the same opportunity at using the store as they already do using summons for 30p gems with the added bonus they would better increase thier chances of getting what they actually need from through the store over doing a random summons.

So if anything it actually benefits f2p and c2p players a great deal and may even encourage spending money to buy gems by those who normally wouldn’t.

Honestly it’s only a win win for all.

Yes 100% because for those that already buy refills to complete events will keep doing so as this will never change because that side of it is a human drive to succeed and not be beaten.

If anything it will encourage them to buy more refills because they will not be disppared by not having a chance in those events to be able to get those mats and crafting items.

Remember every game online is out to make money because money is the bottom line and getting us to spend it is what it’s all about. That’s business.

So always keeping in mind that f2p is only possible because of those that spend money no matter how little the goal is to try and encourage spending money always.

Now this game is annoying many/most players because of the way it is as it has become tediously during after reaching certain heights and with everyone so many requests for a trade center, making that side of it possible would only do a few different things

  1. players of all ranks will be far happier playing the game.
    Happy brings on relief and enjoyment in what your doing which in turns brings on the mindset of (ah why not spend a few bucks) which in turn keeps them interested and wanting more which in turn makes SG more more money.

Now I don’t know about you but my main business goal in any business us to keep the customers wanting more NOT keep them frustrated and annoyed thus turning them off resulting in spending less.

As you say ( I could be wrong) but as a business manager of multi million dollar business for over 39yrs I have a good knowledge of what makes people tick and how to implement them.

I don’t know what else i need to say. Been watching this game develop for over a year. I remember how uncommon it was for mats to be available for purchase when i started, and i see how common it is now. I don’t feel like debating the fact that a trade system for ascension mats would deter player’s needs to buy them and would effect SG’s bottom line unless the trade system is geared more towards making money and less towards benefiting the game. You may see what makes people tick, but that doesnt mean you understand the balance of the game.

Ascension mats are supposed to be rare and hard to get. Originally players were supposed to wait months hoping for that 1 more mat to max a hero, that has now shifted to simply just buying the mats. I’ve seen that negative impact, would prefer not to watch another one. The trade system for ascension mats will either make desired mats too easy to get or the trade system will be so expensive to use that only a select few get to take full advantage of it.

That’s all i have to say on it. I support the craft mat system. I dont support the ascension mat system. The more i think about the ascension mats being up for trade, the less i like the idea. If shifting the game further towards p2w is your goal, then follow your dream and keep selling this idea. If not then just revert it to craft mats and keep some balance left in the game.

Lol, I am NOT a p2w player and never will be. C2p yes in very little amounts.

The game my friend is nothing more than a business which uses the same business policies any big business does. Nothing more Nothing less and anyone who sees that differently doesn’t understand how business works especially one that involves millions and SG has millions to pay back to sponsors who have supported them and keep doing so. So to think that I don’t understand is only simple minded.

Ad I stated before f2p players would benefit whilst still playing for free and as for paying players, well there the ones you want to keep spending and grinding them down with excessive items they don’t need will only stop them from spending in the end where as options to make use of those extra items (that would normally be sitting there doing nothing ) in a way that produces extra revenue for SG (which they wouldn’t normally have because those items ARE sitting there doing noting) would encourage spending by those already paying players NOT affecting f2p players at all but remembering they are able to partake when they save up the gems they accumulated during thier free playing time.

What makes you think spending players pay for items they dont need? Lol since you have such a solid grasp of the game.

LOL, spending players pay for gems to summons and summons don’t give you what you need 99.99% of the time.

You say I don’t understand, DO YOU?

Just go on YouTube m8, there are tons of clips on big money spenders getting stuff all for their dough.

Do you get this even in the slightest bit m8?

It’s business m8 nothing to do with the game itself, the game is only a means to an end which is making money.

The fact that are f2p players has to be to attract new spenders and finding ways for them to buy into the game.

BUSINESS! Not the game and I guarantee you that when SG sits around thier round table looking at ways to increase their worth your having fun doesn’t come even close to being a part off their discussions m8.

This is a million dollar business if you can even graspbwhat that means or entales not some (let’s see how much fun we can make this for free players game).

What does summons have to do with players buying unnecessary items?

We’re talking about trading mats not heros.

Players buy mats they need or may have a use for. Moat strategic players only buy guaranteed mats when they’re available in special offers. Anyone dumping money into the shop packs that are random with no guarantee of what they will get, are asking for constant disappointment. Saw a guy in his first 2 months spent $3k on the game, part of that money went to those random mat packs, needless to say he bought every single one and came to group chat throwing a fit that he wasnt getting the mats he needed even though he spent that amount of money. Guess which game he came from? Game of war. As i keep saying, you make ascension mats even easier to get, you will kill the game. Then it will simply be a contest of who spends the most money just like game of war. Many many players are flocking to this game from that one due to that issue. That player is still playing this game and still spending. If he would have got the desired result back then, sure devs would have made a quick n easy 3k but they would have kost the rest of the money he has now dumped into the game.

You have it in your head that a 2 year money grab project then death would be the best way for the game to go in the favor of the players and the devs.

I along with many other players, would prefer a game of 5 to 8 years as planned by the devs.

Craft mat trades = good
Ascension mat trades = bad

You cant put a spin on it that doesn’t hurt the game. You’ve made many attempts.

If you charge gems to use the trade center, bad for f2p and c2p.

If you don’t charge anything, devs lose money from players buying less of their special offers that contain ascension mats.

If you make aacension mats easy to trade for, they flood the game, everyone gets the mats they want and then it’s simply a matter of which players spend the most for the best heros. I want a game of time, competition, and strategy. Not a competition to see who has the biggest wallet(game of war).

I’ve thought about this concept from every angle i can, it’s simply a bad idea.

Everyone gets the mats they want = game dies

There is no reason to grind, no reason for rare quests, event competitions, titan kills, war chest, etc

Ascension mats are supposed to be scarce and hard to come by. That’s the design of the game.

Always has been. Always needs to be. If this becomes more of a game with instant gratification and less of a game of patience and grinding, the game simply dies.

Devs see it. I see it. Veteran players see it. The only one out of the loop is you.

Do you really think devs have not looked into trading systems in the past 2 years?

Do you really think that you, the 9 to 5 working joe, have more time to think about this than the people that get paid to think about it every day all day?

You can act like you’re sooo above me, all you want.

Simple fact of the matter is that if this was a good idea, we would have had it a very long time ago.

Type trade in the forum search, and see that you’re not the only mobile game genius and master business woman out there

There are plenty of other ideas that would improve this game. I see new ones all the time, that i agree or disagree with.

Trading ascension materials will never be a good idea. Ever. Plain and simple. You can continue to repeat yourself about

“but I’m a business manager and ummm like that makes me an expert on this game and you sir, just dont know what you’re talking about, if we simply make the game pay to play, then everyone wins, the bigger the devs wallets get then the happier the players get”

By far the most absurd mind set I’ve ever seen in this game.

Game needs balance.

Trading ascension mats completely screws up that balance

I don’t know how else to word it to get it through your head. Sure many instant gratification players would looove to have all the mats they need just handed over them to today and not have to grind or wait, but then why play the game after that? To get another hero and just trade for the mats and do the same thing? You instantly max a player’s roster, and you instantly minimize their interest in the game.

Less gameplay it takes to progress = less players
More gameplay it takes to progress = more players

Less players = less $$$
More players = more $$$

More players and gameplay is a win/win for all.

Do you really think the devs made the #1 top grossing mobile rpg game, because they dont know what their doing? Do you really think a middle aged business woman, could design a groundbreaking game and business model better than the people that have already done it? If you could then you’d be a business OWNER, not a manager and we would be talking on a forum for a game that you created. But you cant, so you wont, and we’re not.

It boils down to a long term more profitable investment for devs vs a short term money grab

By the way, i dont know how or why you have it in your head that the game doesn’t need f2p and c2p players lol. Without them, we wouldnt have a game. They make up the majority of the player population.

Ans devs still profit from those players. Mystic vision, VIP, cant believe i have to point that out to such a highly succesful business woman lol. The less players a game has, the less popular it is, the less popular it is, the less people hear or talk about it, all sums up to less money for the devs. The game needs f2p, c2p, and p2w players. Takes all 3 to keep this game goin.

Aa far as devs paying back their investors, they had 12 investors and have been succesfully paying them back over the past year. The $40 million dollar deal, wasnt 1 investor. It was multiple. But a decent chunk of it did come from one company investing in SG because they want to be part of SG’s next game which is already under development. All due to the success of this one. Again this all comes from investing in the long haul, not the short gain.

Have a nice day

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Gees you say a lot of nothings.

If you paid attention players asking for allience trade is NOT only for mats as they talk about exchanging duplicates of heros as well so your whole what ever it is your trying to say make no sense.

Say with it man or don’t waste time getting involved

Shows less of what you know. Trading for heros is even worse idea. Duplicates will have a purpose in 2019(another example of long haul planning)

And I’ve made strong examples both on this forum and in Line of why trading heros is a bad idea, not going back down that path. Opens the door for cheating and also decreases the sales of summons. Bad for players, bad for devs, not a good idea…

How is it what it what I know when I was never the one who asked for trading center to start with or hero exchanges which is what they want to be able to do in the long term. Exchange heros and mats within an allience.

All I ever did is point out the abuse factor of such trade option and suggest alternate site wide options which are annonamous to avoid abuse.

Reading a all the responses by those at the top the main reason for not looking into a trade option is all about the abuse factor and all I have done is try to help those that want it so bad and keep constantly asking for allience trade to be implemented is help provide them with ideas that might encourage SG to further look into making some sort of trade center possible eliminating the abuse factor.

Your the one changing this whole topic into one about crafting mats which has been discussed elsewhere which also isn’t a bad idea but not the discussion pointed out here.

Now you go on about spending 300gems (which was ONLY a suggestion) when others have suggested 1000gems and swapping hundreds of items firva single one, or crafting for mats costing thousands in food/iron/gems etc for 1 single ascension item and you want to come here abusing me how only made suggestions on my suggestion of charging 300 gems.

Like I said mate, get with the topic at hand is but out.

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