[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

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I would love to have a trading post where you can trade items with your alliance members! Would this be possible? TIA


I have been thinking about the need for this a lot as well. As a co-leader and knowing our leader even needs items is incredibly frustrating.

This would be a great addition to the game!

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What of there was a trade building. One where you
could trade heros for ascension items.that way you could.give up duplicates to level up other heros. Or trade like three of your dupes for a pull of a equal star hero and only be gauranteed one that you don’t already have. Thus it would cost alot to get a new hero or you could trade heros in to ascend the ones you are working on.

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@zephyr1 why don’t you guys make it a rule that repeated new topics like this one will just be deleted, at least this way they would be forced to use the search if they wanted to be heard.

I know it sounds mean but sometimes these things are necessary.

Just a thought

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That technically is the rule:

But we’ve preferred to merge threads instead, to try to retain the contributions.

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I agree with the idea of being able to trade ascend items with ur team players. I have been waiting long time to get what I need. I buy never in it. I play in everthing never in it. U make it to hard to get the items we need.

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Wow, How many times has multiple versions of this topic been created and merged into this. Com’on developers. I think we have a consensus here. Everyone wants the ability to trade within their alliance. How about doing everyone here a solid and just make this happen?

The topic is not going away. The feature request is not going away. I’m pretty sure this is the top feature request in Empires & Puzzles, entire, history.

Let’s put it this way. A few of players who have been here for like since the game ever started have figured out that the game has selected a few of us who will NEVER see a particular color for a 5*. The color for my account is Yellow. No 4* yellow troops, no 5* heroes. Got at least one 5* for every other color. Just no yellow. Yes it’s a gambling game but com’on now. I have ran into other players at my 50+ level dealing with the same issue on a particular color. For example. I ran into one player who was in desperate need of a 5* blue hero. He had a ton, clone copies of a specific Yellow 5*. Me, I have a lot of copies of not one but two different Blue 5*'s. It would have been awesome if I could have hooked this person up with a blue 5* they needed and in fair exchange they gave me one of their Yellow 5*s.

Yeah I know, long story. But the point is if you set up trades as an equal trades, basically If I wanted someones extra Yellow 5* I need to have a 5* I could trade. The same does with items, ascension items…all would have to be equal trade. I need tonics for my 5* greens, I need to have something of equal star value to trade.

It’s that simple. Allowing trades with in alliances where it has to be equal value prevents abuse of the system and if it turns out that someone is hoping from one alliance to another for stuff, well at least they have to have something trade. You can’t complain about that (though some cry baby will).

You all want this topic to go away, Equal trade in alliances, devs. Do it now!

The key word is “trade”. No confidence to acquire. You want someones extra 5* Yellow, you need to cough up a 5* hero of the color they are looking for or no trade. That simple. Same goes for items and ascension items. Equal star value trade. I need tonics and you need darts. I have a ton of darts to trade.

When it is equal value trade, there is no abuse you could prove to exist. NONE, ZERO, ZIP!!!

But a trade is only as fair as the value that the two parties involved put on the items. For example, early on in the game, a player may have no need for a mystic ring because they dont have a 5* (or have chosen not to work on one). For that new player a compass, glove and 4 hidden blades may be infinitely more useful to help them get their 1st 4* ascended and allow them to complete challenges and rare quests earlier. If you are a player who is fairly advanced in the game, then you are likely swimming in tonnes of 3* AMs and this would be a rubbish trade.

Of course by allowing flexibility in trades this will enable a very small subset of veterans to take advantage of newbies and thus driving them away from the game. The only solution to this would be for SGG to be prescriptive about what an item can be traded for which then defeats the idea of trading. (I have a cow and I want vegetables but am only able to trade for a different breed of cow).

Lol, your so very amusing.

firstly multiple accounts would benefit from it, secondly they could do black market deals, thirdly as many have have stated they want trade to help lower accounts so as your example would then be no good because your swapping equal heros.

So to avoid players going crazy creating 10 accounts each to make one giant one this I idea is no good and not exist.


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We are experiencing same problem, we have people considering not playing the game anymore! It would be great to trade within your own alliance!

I so agree with this! Especially ascension items! I have not received the ascension items I need for months! Players are only so patient!

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I have only had 2 rings in the last 6 to 8 months or so and a few other items are very slow also.

I just hope I get one so that I can use my hero’s for what they where designed to do before this game dies down or I turn 99 as I would hate to have to add a new clause in my WILL that says to my kids ( I now pass my account which I have invested a lot into on to you in the hope that someday you will receive the ascession items needed to complete the sets of hero’s. If not pass this acc onto your kids ) LMAO


I think this has been suggested before, but maybe not for awhile. I’d really like a perk of alliance membership to be the ability to give, share, or otherwise gift supplies, ascension items, etc… to other members. One reason people leave the game is that it’s increasingly difficult to level up heroes as you progress in the game. Thoughts?

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