[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

Will not happen because the astute player will have x accounts, all in the same alliance and profit with his main account.

As an alliance leader, a lot of my members are annoyed that they have heroes who are fully leveled up but they can’t assend them. However, other members in my alliance have the items that are needed and they can’t use them because they don’t have the same heroes or aren’t at a level the items can be used. I am currently in the same situation. Quests haven’t given me any of the ascension items I needed either. Now, I love spending my hard earned money on your game but what’s the point if you can’t and won’t make it somewhat easy where it needs to be?

Allow alliance members, even if they join to get the materials and leave, the option to trade materials between each other!

If you do this small but much needed change, a lot of us won’t hate forking over our money to you guys jus so we can get what we need, especially when you don’t always offer the materials we need but other players have them and are basically holding them hostage.

It would also be a great way for every player to clean up their inventory of the items we do not need and the ones that don’t benefit us, making space for the crafting and ascension items that WE DO NEED.

This gets suggested almost every day since the forum was started, I don’t think it is ever going to happen.


Keep suggesting it and they’ll have to either respond to the request or do something about it. Can’t and don’t give up. It’s a lot more players than game execs, so eventually they’ll have to listen


I applaud your optimism but won’t hold my breath. :wink:


Good news! They actually have responded to that request, and there’s an official thread discussing it.


Hate to say it then, but you’re a part of the reason why they haven’t paid attention yet. At least I’m gonna keep trying so everything I’ve put into a game doesn’t go to waste jus so the big guys can get what they want. We as the little guys, who support AND FUND their game, deserve some of what we are asking for. Thanks for YOUR opinion and time :blush:


That might be why they haven’t done anything about it. All in one place? Who’s really going to read all of it when you can have smaller requests with less words and quicker to go through?


Suit yourself, but that thread has hundreds of votes and the dev’s attention. I think joining where the discussion is happening is more effective than creating additional threads. I can’t imagine the devs read every forum post, but I’m quite sure they take note of the very popular ones, since they often respond to them.


Thanks :blush: I will and it does suit me jus fine

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Sorry to be so negative, but both the linked posts were started in 2017, so I again won’t hold my breath.


To be fair, the alchemy lab coming to the game this year grew out of those discussions.


2017 to now, what did one thread do with all these suggestions? Nothing as far as I can see and I’ve been playing for almost a year now. Maybe a different approach might do something. Stop following people and do something different. You might get a different result. Guess neither of you have thought out of the box because you were told that was the only way to make a difference? Ok.

You both can stop replying to my thread and go try to catch the attention of the developers on a thread with probably a thousand other replies. I like my solitary one for thr moment. Have a lovely wonderful day you guys.

I said my peace and I made my suggestion to the developers, not you two. So I’m now gonna go back to the game that we’re all so vigorously trying to change? Adios :blush:


Do we really need that? Be honest. Or do we need the materials we lack for certain things? Like assending your heroes?

Got it, just wanted to point out resources available to you. :slight_smile:

I’ll leave the thread now, enjoy your day too!

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I do appreciate it but those resources aren’t very useful after a year of ‘developing’

Thank you tho, I really did appreciate it :grinning:

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From my understanding, that’s what the alchemy lab is going to be for, making the materials you lack, like ascension mats, by using materials you have excess of.


Hello everyone! I started playing this game in Feb. 2019. This is my second month playing this game and honestly getting pretty bored. BUT, I’d like you guys to spice things up a bit. Add an Alliance Auction House. This building would allow individuals in alliances to post up their materials, items, troops, and or heroes for sale, so they could earn virtual currencies (e.i. Ham, iron, gems). Each individual could choose to post an item, materials, troops, or heroe (or a leveled up heroe for higher value) for any of the 3 virtual currencies (ham, iron, or gems) depending on what they think the value is for said item/s. This would give incentive to individuals who are free to play, to purchase gems. So they could at least purchase a hero or that one ascension material they have been grinding to get all year long but still haven’t. :frowning: This new building would allow for everyone to enjoy this game as it was meant to be enjoyed. Whilst still maintaining balance. Everyone would have a fair shot to purchase what they want, and others get rid of the “junk” sitting there taking up space. I have ideas a plenty, let me know what you guys think. Much Luv, :heart:


It would be great to trade & support within an alliance to help build within the alliance. As an “Alliance” don’t you think that should be an automatic feature?



@Rook this needs to be merged.

I response to your question, NO it should be a default feature for alliances and your image example doesn’t say it should be as it just describes what an allience is which is who alliences work here already.

An allience getting along doesn’t necessarily mean they have to share resources as it is the point your trying to say that it does/should.


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