[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

In chatting with members of my alliance, we would like to request adding the option to trade resources with members who have met specific criteria. Requirements such as status of membership in an alliance (e.g., time in the alliance, level in the alliance), limit to XX amounts of trades for food/iron, trading ascension items that are extremely difficult to find, and the exchange would require either payment in jewels or similar items to the member trading items with and/or required jewels just to have the ability to trade (similar to XX jewels to skip a mission chest). There are number of my team members who have loads of a specific item I might need for the ascension of a hero, while their lacking an item I have loads of. We understand there would be limits and/or costs, but it would be a nice feature and promote longevity of alliance memberships. My alliance is actually growing to be a tight knit group. We don’t just chat game stuff, which makes the game more than just a stats and building heroes.

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I think we should be able to trade hero and resources inside alliance whatever we dont need we can trade to help each other out instead of waiting for 6 months for one accession item and then another 6 month for another


Please see discussions about this idea over here:

Staff has made it clear that trading between players of items or heroes is not on the to-do list because it opens up too many possibilities for abuse.


…and cut 80% of their income :roll_eyes:


This. Abuse has nothing to do with it.


Wouldn’t that be abuse? :wink:


It’s also a support nightmare.


why would any support be required at all?

Maybe give out a swap token like an epic hero token. Make it extremely rare to get. Have an option in your hero window like the lock that enables the hero for swap. This could be the pool the swap candidates come from. Limit it to 5 * heros. Make it a color rotation for better odds in getting what you want and exclude the hero you have. This way the token winner wins and someone from the candidate pool wins too.

You still may not get just what you wanted but it’s a chance. Also zero out the hero levels to ensure an even swap.


I like this idea. At 5* you might not have much of value—wise people tend to keep all copies of good 5*.

But suppose there is also a “swap a 4*” token? My guess is that there’s a lot more 4* fed than 5* (at least, once we all fill out our war roster).

This idea could also be extended to non-farmable ascension mats: a Swap a Rare 3* and a Swap a Rare 4* token. I’ve got 8 compasses but need one of more just about anything, say—I’d gladly give a compass and get something else in return.

The great aspect of this idea is that it anonymize the trade, so it can’t be used to pass items from one account to another.

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If there is only trading at 5*, then those who have less will be upset and cry favoritism, and complain to SG.

(One possible support nightmare…) :wink:

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Any hero could be marked for trade in the hero window. Just an idea for a possible mechanism.

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Think about how many support tickets there are for any sort of transaction: buying gems, claim rewards, etc. Now you’re adding a mechanism where players can and will voluntarily make thousands of transactions a day, along with complaints about misrepresentation, buyer’s remorse, etc. Ask anyone who’s ever worked support for this type of game and the area that generates the most support tickets (outside of a bug in a new software release) is the marketplace/transactions.


Ok then limit it to in alliance trading only. This encourages those not in alliances to find one and it limits the buyers remorse aspect because you have already been discussing who needs what inside the alliance by this point already. It could still be a swap token so it happens infrequently. I don’t see the downside. Make a 10 minute wait before completing the transaction to give each side an opportunity to back out.

All times subject to change - again just a framework suggestion.

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As I wrote elsewhere, this opens the door to abuses. Here are two examples:

  1. I roll up nine free alts. Create an alliance with me and my nine freebies. I trade all the goodies up to my main account, giving me 10 mystic visions, 10 anniversary offers, etc. that all build one account.

  2. An alliance passes around good heroes to fight titans or wars repeatedly. “Can I borrow your Wu for my Titan hits, please? Here’s my Colen in trade.”

Sure, I can come up with some ideas of how to limit these abuses, but these were only two ideas that popped into my mind; surely there are more, and SG has to anticipate them all.


Ok, sure but it’s not an open trade. A swap token would have to be received and if they are as rare as other tokens swaps wouldn’t happen that often and the trade can be limited to one item. It would really take a long time to abuse this.

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we have had folks in the alliance waiting for a telescope for months. to be able to trade for that one mat would be fantastic. I swap 1 item - MAT or Hero or whatever…

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Oh, right, I like the swap token idea. Yep, yep. Keeping it in alliance could be a good way to address my earlier expressed concern about the pool filling up with trash.

“Let’s see, available heroes for trade at 5* are 3,942 Thorne, 1,806 Sargasso, 2,017 Guardian Owl, 2,411 Guardian Kong, 12 Elena and one Thoth.”

I just think it would be really cool if you could trade Heroes within your own Alliance we always joke about it in mine and that would be so awesome everyone always needs the other guy that someone else has

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