[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

To be fair trading in group should only be after player been in group over 90 days


Look up the game Puzzles and Dragons. Just before I found E&P I played PAD for almost 2yrs I think. Toward the last few months they started a market place. For a fee (coins instead of gems) you could place a monster ‘for trade’ with an equivalent worth monster. That community loved it because you could get someone you wanted or needed while helping another player do the same. Both players paid a fee to do this. Coins needed? Purchase time! Money in the company’s pocket

Unless they impose a trade limit such as maximum once a month and impose transaction cost, in which both accounts involved have to pay 300 gems each, maybe more if it is HOTM. Once a year or 1000 gems will be extreme… perhaps they have to reach certain ascension/level before getting traded?

By the way, recent AMA said that they are not focusing on trading but give alchemy lab and hero academy to compensate for the need of trading. I wonder whether we can get HOTM from hero academy or not, I believe HOTM is the most sought after heroes if trading is allowed.

I thibk we should add another building that we as an alliance all have to build up together like a guild hall as it grows unlocks things like stores to buy or craft ascension materials at for all players in alliance trade hero’s or ascension items at it but all through leveling and working together as if a person tries to trade but hasn’t put anything into helping build etc he can’t only for the ones participate in the growth of an alliance not a build you can buy or speed up with gems one that is purely all working together


Hell yeah! Exchanging heros or items between members of an alliance would be awesome!

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Sadly I feel like SGG won’t implement this because it could affect the spendings in diamonds etc…

Trading would be amazing!!! I get so tired of waiting forever for ascension items when my team member have extras. Plus I have 8 Frida’s and can’t get the items I need to ascend so they are worthless to some degree!!o

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Would like to c some kind of trading system set up w/I alliances. U would have to be in an alliance for at least 30 days to be able to access the trading option,
Maybe set a limit on how many items a player can trade per week/month.
Leaders should be able to decide if a player is able to trade depending on their performance in the alliance.

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Yes absolutely some kind of trading system would be good. For example trading between alliance members. And what could we trade, heroes, items anything. We’ve talked about this many times with our alliance.

Trading, heroes, items, iron, meat…etc

Heres an idea that would be fair to everyone. Lets say i want a specific hero or mat. I find that someone one in my alliance has an extra, and are willing to trade. We enter into the agreement and we both get what we want, however, if i receive said hero, and i leave for another alliance, my newly gorren gain goes back to original owner, thereby also retaining alliance members. Everyone wins.

Now I know inter alliance trades is a topic mentioned all too many times, mine is similar.
I would love to see a “Trade Day” that would occur once a year which would allow alliance members to trade equal value asc items or heros (or both). You get once trade with another player and that’s it for the year.

I am assuming the main reason that there is not a trade feature currently within the game is because the game would essentially lose a ton of money from relying on players to get that specific hero/item they desperately need. I think a one off annual trade would be really beneficial to the players of the game without greatly impacting the devs back pocket.

On a side note I do really love this game, but think this idea is a great compromise to the so many trade feature requests to many players want.

I think there is - but if they are pulling in gobs of new players, willing to spend in an established system that’s proven to work (and represents the bulk of revenue) … I can’t see it prioritized over more content…

This isn’t really on topic, but I haven’t earned the right to create posts yet. Could you maybe add the option to trade resources for other resources? So trade meat for iron at 3:1, or trade 2 4* ascension items for another of your choosing? So I could trade 300k meat for 100k iron, or trade 2 darts for 1 rings?

Future building, Alchemy Lab will deal with materials conversion, but we still don’t know exactly how will it works.

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This is what most folks are thinking it’s going to be like. Whether or not it is, only the dev’s know, but I love this strategy of o raining it.

Hopefully it comes soon. Right now I am sitting on maxed out meat, no training camps running, and no recruits after running tc19 and farming season 1 8-7 exclusively for the last 2 weeks. AM conversion would be cool too, but resource management/recruit production seem to be my main needs right now.

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i Know the feeling. All 4x training camps are on TC11 with 110+ days on all 4 camps lol. I’ve been waiting for this since the leak was released about it.

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