[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

I’m kind of on the fence with this one, and I’ll tell you why:
I’m holding an extra Gregorian… my wife is holding an extra Delihla.
We would LOVE to be able to trade those with each other.

However, I can also see, with reading this thread, how many ways trading can be exploited. It really boils down into to scenarios:

  1. Trading would be allowed with low, or even no, cost whatsoever between alliance members…

  2. Trading would be allowed with LARGE cost of gems so that SG makes a profit twice on the same heroes or mat’s.

Either of these, in my opinion, is an epically bad idea.
The first, would be beyond exploited by people who have, or would create, multilpe accounts within an SG and trade everything to a main character…
The second… who really wants to pay for a card/mat that you already paid for? Most of the posts I’ve read on here that include a gem cost aren’t adding in that someone already paid for that card/mat with gems to get it. Afterall, anyone ever snag a Gregorian from TC20? So, SG has already made it’s gems on that card, asking players to BOTH pay for that card, again, is double-dipping.

Sadly, for both players and SG, the idea of a trading house in this game really does NOT work. Not even going into the coding, but the cost of development isn’t going to offset the cost in player dollars. F2P’s will not use a trading house that requires a large gem cost to trade cards/mat’s… and P2W’s will swap around cards/mats like addicts, since they already buy gems to begin with.

Reality is, a trading house, as much as I would absolutely love to have one, just isn’t going to work if it’s player to player.

Now… it WOULD work if SG maintained it and allowed you to trade off mat’s that you’ve earned in game for a small amount of gems. That would give F2P’s a chance at higher level cards/mats but wouldn’t offset the game, nor modify anything for P2W’s and their current buying schedules. But a player to player trading system, no matter how you figure it, would imbalance the game in one way or the other, no matter how you look at implementing it.


We should be able to trade amongst our alliance members toe help each other grow and work together more as a team

Talking like this only means you are nieve to seeing the problem.

Allience trading can never work but a site wide trading store would as SG would then be able to set specific gem costs to purchase each item and all heros would get downgraded back to basic level.

The only question left here is,

1, what does the donor receive in return by SG.
2, if items/Hero’s are to be swapped, should it be star for star.
3, should they be instant trades or accepted by each player (accepted by each player would again create/allow abuse)
4, How much is each trade worth, should the cost be divided between the 2 trading, should SG profit from the store.
5, are players allowed to put anything in the store or it duplicate heros.
6, should they own so many of a particular ascension item or ingredient before being allowed to trade them.

The questions are vast, the implementation and maintenance control of any such a store is time consuming for the devs and it wouldn’t stop players asking for alliance only trades because the bottom line here is abuse and that’s all these players really want to be able to do with the exception of a few who would actually really help out others.

My idea to create new building like a market in citadel for exchanging your sources for other. For example 10 pcs 1* for 1 pcs of 2*, or 5pcs of 2* for 1pcs if 3*. Etc. Between equal sources it could be 3 pcs price for another. Like in game Heroes of might and magic.

So to remember …

I’m just going to pop this up here. The Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering) was updated on Aug 31.

For the whole thread, you can look here


I think trading of items between alliance members is a great idea even if their is a gem cost for giving or receiving items or gifts. But only be able to trade or gift items that do not currently have a gem cost

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Negociação entre jogadores é uma ideia excelente! Todos queremos isso, inclusive gostaria de deixar mais uma ideia … precisamos de mais tarefas além das províncias, por exemplo, não somente lutar nas províncias de mundo mas, explorar o terreno, fazer escavações para encontrar itens ou grana. Encontrar heróis dentro das províncias através de missões de exploração, pesquisas etc. Ter mais províncias talvez. Poder conversar com os players , comprar e vender itens no jogo. Esse jogo tem tudo para ser um dos melhores RPGs que existe, só é necessário ser mais completo e dar mais liberdade pra nós… E bolar uma estratégia ainda melhor para comprarmos gemas pq só comprar heróis e perder todos os itens em investidas não tem sido muito legal… As investidas são extremamente injustas. O jogo tem que ser difícil sim, mas o sistema de investidas e de conquista de heróis está muito desproporcional e injusto Poderia ser repensado essa parte e achar mais tarefas e mais formas para que possamos comprar gemas sabendo que serão úteis

Boa ideia!! Seria legal também a gente poder fazer explorações, fortalecer nossos heróis com equipamentos, encontrar itens explorando e fazendo escavações nas províncias etc…

Trading and gifting is quite common in other games the devs should really keep up with the competition.
Our team would love to trade, this trade would only be for those who have committed and been active in the team for 30 days.
Thirty days commitment is fair else we would have everyone bouncing around trying to pickup gitf/trade from alliances which is a proven fact mercs do this for the loot.

XWould love a kind of intra alliance trading , I think this would not take away anything , rather it will make one a better player , for instance , I did an elemental summon and got about 3 or 4 of the same hero, it would be so nice if I can trade two of those with someone who might be in need of them , even if I need to pay to get a platform that allows such trading for example something like VIP pass that would give a trading window of say 6hrs …24hrs . Similar to in soccer transfer window .
I am sure the coding of such wouldnt take much resource .

I supposed that the trading should be made very simple not complex , for instance if it starts with intraalliance , hero for hero, Star for star ( ignoring ascenssion), material for material, reduces complexity . Request to trade an item can be made known within the alliance through chat , for instance if one has bane and wants to trade for ulmer or prisca , you state your request and if there is an interested member , the member indicates and them both hits the platform for exchange , pronto it is done . The heroes continue to thrive as normal in the custody of new owners .

The reality is that we shouldnt expect SG not to make anything out of the exchange , the platform for the exchange may cost both exchanging parties a few gems, this would be fair , just like soccer , FIFA provides transfer windows and also make some %tages.

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Hi SG, first of all gratz on how the game is going, I have had my fair share of whining and whinging but still love the game as much as when I first started playing if not more. Gifiting of some sort and maybe make it alliance bound, maybe make gifting a Easter and Xmas special only, ok my main point is this, I am with a great alliance but there is no way some of this players who have been in the alliance longer than my 6 months can even afford to spend a fraction of what I have spent and they won’t, i’m sure they’re Tempted but they just don’t have the money. I would love to be able to gift some of my 5 stars and 4 stars (limit number if you have too) this may entice them to spend a little on specials for ascension items, myself giving away my 5 Stars you will not lose out as they won’t spend what I spend full stop, anyway just my thoughts, all the best and keep up the good work. Cheers Moose

I Captain L see Alliance hero trading in the future. I see mutant, plunder, spying, and total Alliance implodings. I see weaker Alliances getting stronger faster & members spending more money to level up faster! I see triple the revenue for 6 months due to insecure alliances lol I see it all! Savvy!!!

Trading among alliance members only would help to solidify keeping members IMHO.

Thanks @Sorsha this basically answers everything really, this is what the community needs to see! -Raz

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Thanks C! (@Coppersky ) This was definitely a needed post in this thread! Sweet. - Razor

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And enemy aid isn’t a joke? If the trading was limited to your own alliance. Then only trading is done in house as you could say. Would help to build stronger alliances. If we give the power to sg then we would be paying twice for a card. In my opinion the only reason it is not going to happen is the almighty dollar. This is a fun game to play. Could use a little twerking but that might effect bank accounts. Asscession items are way to hard to come by. Titan loot, missions, raid chests titan chests. I get A’SAND A+ in titan battles yet I generally get nothing different than with regular fights. Am beginning to think I have been jacked by someone. The rest of my team gets goodies. Titan flasks. Example the last titan offered a royal tabbard as a bonus. I got an A+ with over 124000 points and never got one. Please check this out. Really getting discouraged here. Thank you for your time on this.

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What if there is a building that allowed you to use gems or other forms of currency to buy resources for other players within the alliance? The level of the structure would determine how much you could receive at 1 time or within allotted amount of time. Say possibly you can only get 10000 of food per day from it for Example. Of course,… there will be problems with people trying to power level others but the game mechanics already disallow this. One of the mechanics is I can’t receive more than what my storage will provide. So getting unlimited resources is not possible. If someone buys a package for someone whose resources are full it could spill over into something that can be raided. You could even add a timer to simulate travel time. Increasing the level of a structured decreasing the travel time. …Another idea as far as trading resources… The ability to add a cap to resources to wear anything that spills over goes to a designated player of choice… This is all I could come up with right now.

This is just a reply I sent today about my idea of purchasing/bardering within your alliance…
I did the math and with let’s average it out to 5 million players… The most they would ever lose, and this is IF they lose would be 3 - 8%. I do not believe they would lose though. I believe it would enhance purchasing if anything, players would know exactly what their going to get, but with that they could set a system in place where bardering would cost more… 300 gems as you know for a epic summons but if bardering or selling within your alliance boost it to 500 gems. There is a lot of things that they could do with a system in place like that. Maybe not even hero swapping or purchasing… They could let there be a trade/sell system for ingredients or Ascension materials. Doing something like this could definitely have the potential to extremely boost gem sales if done correctly. The worst thing I could see being a problem is the amount of space an upgrade for this kind of system would take and or effect on players devices. The players that sell or barder are obviously looking to receive gems and absolutely WILL spend them. Just my opinion as a math major along with marketing, promotion, and computer training towards my business degree.

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