[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

I’d mentioned elsewhere: Purchased gems should be able to be gifted…

How about being able to swap EQUAL VALUE ascension items, 1:1, with a 50 gem ‘transfer fee’ to discourage farmer accounts… may need to be more like 100 gems actually. A non trivial amount. But enough that if a player is 1 sturdy shield short it’s worth it to swap with a tabbard with a friendly alliance member.

I think, to do this players must be in the same alliance for one month. This will require additional coding, but steps should be taken to reduce an open market imho.

I think players will always dream of being able to trade cards.

Maybe having a longer in the same alliance thing, 90 days, and being able to trade ‘like’ cards for ~500 -1000 gems.

Event 3*, 4*, 5* would all need their own special tags.

HOTM would all need a special tag…

And plain-Jane 5* of course would need to be separate.

So if you had an extra Guinevere laying around you could swap her for a guardian panther, for example. But you couldn’t swap Guin for Gregorian.

Might work.

My apologies if this has already been suggested :slight_smile:

(And, anyway, I don’t think that I’m totally on board for this. But seems like the best way to make it a possibility?)


I know I’m wrong for wanting it both ways and it’s just not possible:

I want to be able to give a higher card to a new player…but doing so would encourage farmer accounts.

I don’t like restrictions and red-tape, but I don’t see how we could do this in such a way that would make it profitable to SG (who might therefore green-light it)…



How about a transfer fee of an amount of gems? 500? 1000? 5? :slight_smile:


Trading either within alliances or other would cause problems as firstly who is ever going to want to trade a high rated hero for a lower one, how do you rate equal value of hero.

It could work as a gift option to an alliance member but it would cost you gems to do so and also it shouldn’t have been leveled or acended prior to giving it away.

The reciever would have to accept it and as such also cost them gems. The reciever would also have to be on the same level or within say 2 levels either way, This takes away unfair advantages.

This way there are no unfair trades, all trades are made with equal levels being none and the SG’s of the game make something from both sides.

The other thing is you don’t find yourself with new comers having greater unfair advantages because a friend sacrificed a 4* or 5* hero when they first started.


Yes, even more expensive make the whole thing?

I think it’s pretty expensive anyway and it’s not even said that you get what you want. If I think that I’ve been playing this game for a year now and I just got 3 of those tabards, I think it’s a pity. So a sharing would not be wrong in my opinion

Also, in tandem with what I mentioned earlier. If the gem cost is established with a trade of heros/items, i think it should be at least on par with the cost of rolling for a single epic hero summon, so 300.
To me that feels expensive enough for SG to make some money cuz people are gonna want to buy gems still, it shouldn’t break the game cuz its like you are buying the items, like when they have sales and stuff, but its not so expensive that it discourages everybody from doing it.
Much more than 300 and i think people would rather not bother with it. Any more than 600, and I surely wouldn’t do it…

Ahhh good point Rook. I didn’t think about farm accounts. everyone would just make multiple accounts for multiple chances to get items/heroes just to trade to their main account.


There is that.

I can see good and bad reasons to have things cost or have things be cheap. I would hate to be in SG’s shoes trying to mediate all this, so I understand silence thus far…


I would make a farm alliance… 29 farm accounts and I’d trade all my chainmail and battle manuals for all the useful 3* mats. And if they did it for heroes it would be even better, trade my garbage 5* and 4*

Everyone is discussing trading between players… I don’t understand this as a balanced concept. Seems like it would be ripe for exploitation.

What people aren’t talking about is a simple “Trading Marketplace”. This option involves SG placing market values on items and players being able to trade their other items for it. Here’s an example:

I’m desperate for Fine Gloves, but I have an excess of Royal Tabbards (which are higher value items), I could trade a Royal Tabbard for Fine Gloves 1:1.

I need a Royal Tabbard, I have an excess of Fine Gloves. I could trade 3:1 Fine Gloves to Tabbards.

I need a Farsight Telescope and I have an excess of Mystic Rings, I could trade 2:1 Mystic Rings to Farsight Telescope.

This concept removes all need for balancing, as there is no player to player trading. I think this is the easiest and best way to implement a trading system.


In that case
Allow trade items with same stars AND farmable items with farmable and non farmable with non farmable.

I wont agree with hero trading… but mats off course…
Why would you want 20 compass and 0 gloves…


love the idea of trading or swopping, but to prevent it becoming an issue, I think it should be limited to say:
1: only 1 item/hero a month per person
2: only within alliance
3: need to be alliance member for at least x amount of days (30 60 90 etc)


I’m telling you it wouldn’t matter. There is no situation that I couldn’t find a way to exploit minimum time in alliance… ok it would be closed anyhow I would have all 29 accounts… when an event came around all 29 teams would be just strong enough to get through the events. I would never have to wait on any acention mat cause I could trade for it. We want it cause it would be helpful to use to be able to get the mats we want quicker. If they give it to us they lose $$$, so sadly to say it wouldn’t happen

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Well haven’t thought about it this way… totally agree, that would be a nice feature and would prevent the farming acounts

If trading was done only between alliences, To prevent trading abuse between multiple accounts the devs could very easily ban/block accounts with same ip address, email address, payment details, names etc to join the same allience.

That’s 1 option.

The other more simpler option which makes far more sense is for SG to make all ascension items available for gems in tge store at least every would have the option to have everything they need when they need it abd SG makes more money.


How about trading in your own alliance and it cost 3 gems to 5 gems for every trade that way we can help each other out and sg still makes money a win win for both sides


Glad to read that I am not the only one to want a trading option for materials. And to avoid misuse, I agree mostly with the suggestion made by @Peanutmc to have a general marketplace for all players.

Actually, I have played many games such as this one and a general trading place is most common to have. And all these game-developers still make their cash.

To avoid cheating, it may be recommended to make this available from level 20 and up, for example. At least I won’t make several accounts to play up to 20 just for the stuff. Would you?

To trade heroes. I would be glad to be able to trade them, as I have many doubles in 3* heroes. Maybe, to avoid cheating on this part, some fair trade based on star rating could be an option. Like for example:

1:1 with the same star rating, like a 3* against another 3*.
3:1 with different rating, like 3 cards with 3* against 1 of 5*

I am not saying it should be exactly like this, but we could have a exchange key for hero-trades.

I would definitely not support the idea of charging gems for trades. Because it will just make the gap between rich and poor players stronger. You will be able to be more successful in the game when you pay for it. It will kill the game within the shortest period of time.


If not trade between players, at least if they’re in your alliance will be suffice.


I’ve been wanting a trade feature in this game for awhile now, I’ve got all these duplicate heroes and one’s I never plan on using just sitting in my roster, and being able to help out noob’s to the game or players that had something unfortunately happen to them like losing their accounts would help. If you could imitate what other games I’ve played did: like 5 trades in a 24hr period before it resets would help alot.


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