[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

I see where you’re going with this, and I think I agree, mostly. I’m imagining that as you level up your stronghold, at a certain level, you can build a “bazaar” type building, where you can enter and put extra items, resources, and ascension materials. If people want it, sire, bit they have to trade? Barter system? You could have a whole separate chat going on with sub categories about what you are looking for and also offer up things you have a surplus for. I agree with some previous comments, that this could be a way to cheat and move up faster in the game, but I think if you limit the items you can barter, that should help that issue a lot. I do t think we should be able to trade heroes or troops… and lots of other things that people could use to leave the rest of us in the dust!!

I was happy to see that this is the most sought after new feature, and I hope you guys figure it out!! Appreciate this forum to talk about all this, and having a direct way to contact the game makers. It’s super cool to me that you are open to letting people share their ideas, and even more that you take them into consideration!! So thank you for that!!

Before I go, I was kind of thinking that the bazaar/trading/market place like thing could be modeled after the original Zelda or animal crossing. Another idea that popped into my head. OH!! And the things you cam trade or sell will depend on what level you are and what level your building for the market/bazaar/trading is. You could even call it something silly like a pawn shop!! Hehe! Or the witches hit, where she will magic you anything you want, for the steep price of your first born :rofl:

there are a lot of ideas here!! I hope to see something along the lines soon!! I have THREE green heroes waiting to ascend, and I can’t get that last item for the life of me… super frustrating!!

Anyway, thanks for reading!! Love the game. It’s been a great way to distract myself from this second round of covid!! Keep up the good work and thanks so much!
Kelsey Cirmotich