[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

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Lo que yo planteo es lo siguiente, para ayudar a los compañeros de alianza a crecer, estaría bien un mercado de trueque entre miembros de una misma alianza, héroe por héroe sin límites, me sobran 3, te puedo dar 3 por un héroe o por dos o los acordados. También en el resto de materiales, llevo casi 2 meses para que me den brújulas para ascender y compañeros de alianza me proporcionarían una encantados. Esta opción es muy viable, ya que el hecho de recibir héroes y materiales amplia la motivación en el juego, ya que mucha gente no está dispuesta a invertir dinero en el juego.

Un saludo, miembros del foro.

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Just like pov bought the ally jumpers for pov points imo trading amongst ally members is a great idea but there should be a minimum time in the ally before trading is allowed… Best and fairest way i think is for a building convert to a ‘Trading Post’ (even the most simplest of games have them) where ppl can list items for sale/trade. If sold gems would be transferred from account to account. That way ppl that have nothing to trade (like noobs) could still pick up some essential items and/or heros… And yes i know the game wants to make money too so why not charge a gem fee to run an ad for items?

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Hello, this is my 1st post so hopefully I do this correctly, there was a discussion within my alliance (Arkham Kinghts) regarding ascension materials and other rare items. We were wondering had there been any thoughts around allowing trading within your alliance of the ascension material and other items. I think there can be parameters set around who can trade to avoid the people who jumps in and out of alliances but we feel this would be a great addition to the game and will help build stronger alliances and promote team building… thanks

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This is one of the most discussed ideas - you can see a master topic for that here: [Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

Sadly, as far as I recall, SG was clear about not looking into implementing any form of trading or gifting in the game.

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Is it possible to exchange hereos and ascension material between alliance members.

No you can’t trade :frowning_face:.
The search tool really is your friend…



I have 2 accounts. If I can trade between the 2; it will be great?
Wait… or won’t it be exploited then - people will start creating additional accounts?

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We should be able to trade items with our team mates. People are getting frustrated with the lack of needed item to improve there 5 and 4 star heros and just quiting the game. no one likes felling like they hit a pay wall and can’t get better.


if all people will start multiple accounts then allies will be full -lol- As a leader I will not be happy if people do so because I want as many people in an ally with strong accounts

All has been said already but SG does not seem to listen. I think the majority want it but there will be none in any form. I have given up since I was very active in this post

I have an idea … please managers from empire and puzzles make the chance for 5 strs heroes and items for them BIGGER, BIGGER. IM playing nearly an year and i still dont have 6 royal tabards or anything else which i need … this is just radically…

im posting here , becouse idk how to make a new idea …

Just my suggestion, it would be cool if alliances were able to trade items amongst eachother.

This is not going to happen, deal with it. They want our money not to have more maxed heroes for free.

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If staff already stated that is not going to happen… Why is this thread not closed?

I was thinking about this, and how could work this Trade…?

At First could have something to help each other’s into the alliance…

As already said, trade duplicated Heroes, and helping each other with ascension items.

After that to make trades in the global, maybe could use the game MU-on-line as an example…

You mean to tell me, in today’s WORLD WIDE society no one is intelligent enough to copy paste a code together to allow this request to come to life??? I’m sorry, I call BULLCRAP!!

SG don’t want you trading with your buddies. That would mean you will trade less with them…

Sometimes they can’t even use the forum Search function either :man_shrugging:t3:


I think, one trade per player per year is fair to everyone, including SG.
Or Hero Academy makes it 3 - 5 five stars to trade for one HOTM, also one per year.

I wish for Alliance members (membership longer than six months) a possibility to exchange objects, such as compas/gloves… One trade a month is enough.

Could you make this possible please!!