[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

Yes, thats correct. But how many gems would he lose when he does his pulls until he gets elkanen? 300? 600? 3000? And now i am only talking about a regular hero. Lets replace elkanen by malosi for example. 600 gems for a ‘sure’ malosi instead of 3000 gems for a ‘maybe’ malosi :wink:

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I come back to this point. You say SGG loses 600 gems. That is correct in just this case. BUT! To spend 600 gems, you have to earn 600 gems OR buy 600 gems. In that case, SGG already received money for the gems :slight_smile: on the other hand, i think the thin line betweeb f2p and c2p will be much more thinner. The reason many f2p player stay f2p is because they are never sure what they buy. In the case of a marketplace you only invest in gems for something you are sure of. It is a self-maintaining system that still relies on big spenders to fill the marketplace and little spenders to empty the marketplace

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Would love to be able to trade with players in my alliance, crafting & ascension materials would be good but also potentially heroes, would add to the team experience and also add depth to the game, would suggest that this could only occur once the member had been in the alliance a set period of time

Keep it in the hero academy. Trade 2 legendary and get 1. Trade 20 4* heroes for 1 legendary. . something along those lines. But trading with others. That’s alot of trouble. You will get more jumpers jumping in and out of alliances than you already do…


Not a whimper from the Devs, I think we’re all talking in vain we haven’t even got the long awaited Heros Academy yet, let alone to think about trading with one another

They have mentioned it (Updated Aug 2018). @Petri has said that he’s trying to pin down a developer / game designer to update this list again.

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2018 that’s some time ago a definite update would be most appreciated

A Paid Trade System,would be like the POV where you have to purchase a pass to do it and you would only be allowed to trade within your Alliance only.Now the requirement for it would also be you can only trade so many with the purchased pass,next it’s a monthly event where that’s the only time you can trade and it be reversable I’d one of the two traders has an issue with the trade within 15 minutes of the trade being completed.

please put TRADE somehow in that game! this game need to trade between players or clan members or something like that! game become too EXPENSİVE for players. :disappointed: Specially TURKiSH players! we are done,drained,too expensive! :disappointed:

Change Heroes between members of an alliance

My proposal is that it is possible to change Heroes with members of the same Alliance
Or to be able to Convert one Hero into another … for example if you have several repeated Heroes and you want a specific hero perhaps it would be nice to be able to change one for another always within the same level, even 2 x 1., or for example 5 herors of 4 * for one of 5 * Legendary 10 of 4 * for one HOTM … I think it is a shame to see how you have paid an amount of money for heroes that you do not want and they go to waste due to lack of spa


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This is a feature called Hero Academy which has been announced but is indefinitely in production…

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could you pls give a link for read ? i couldnt find any specific feature written on forum :roll_eyes: Ty so much : :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, there’s nothing to read really…it was announced and everything else is speculation.

Most of the discussion is here:

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ohhh i seee :wink: then maybe we should be wait for Non speculation/solid news/updates will be better :wink: :+1:
ty so much for answer and cheers :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I believe there is a way of trade through alliance members and maybe the alliance leader would be the one to create the bank. All who want to trade within the bank I play wow too and like the bank idea but not auction house. There has to be a better way to make gems. I really can’t keep spending the way I was before I know you need to keep money flow to keep the game going but give back too. Players love the gem share at Christmas and I think that would be a nice gesture once a month or whenever a new event starts. Make new hero’s pull available in training camps. Thank you for listening

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I agree! Love your post! :blush:

And I didn’t even know we could share gems at Christmas

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Hello guys and girls, I was just wondering, how hard it will possibly be to have a marketplace inside the game, where we can trade … different things, from food to harpoons and heroes, why not. The currency? Gems, of course. I think that then will have much more players buying gems for their needs. So, what do you say??

There was a feature for Valentine’s day that allowed you to send gems to alliance members.

Can this be expanded to include the ability to send birthday gifts? It is a date that comes once a year, and as much time as some spend playing this game you alliance is like your family.

Gifts should not be limited to gems, some alliance members are waiting for ascension items while others are sitting on more than they can use at the moment.

So recently I have been rather lucky with the Valahla pulls, I have managed to grab myself 4 HOTMs. I was recommended this game by my mother who hasn’t been very luck with her pulls so I started to think about a trading system that could be added and here is what came to my mind.

Only 3* + would be tradeable, trades would reset that hero’s progression (levels,ascentions and traits). You would be required to have a token to offer a trade and the player accepting the trade would also require a token.

To offer a trade you would post a trade within the alliance chat with the hero you would like to trade with the hero’s you would like to trade for. (This would not consume your trade token but would require you to have one to stop spam)

To accept a trader you would hit the TRADE button then chose the Hero you are willing to give, once you have selected your champion you hit the trade which completes the trade consuming both your token and the posters token

There are various ways you could work the token system for example

You can only trade a 5* for a 5*, to trade 3/4/5* you could require a different token for each rarity (common,epic, legendary tokens)

Token could be rewarded by Mystic Vision, War Chests, Event Rewards etc

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this game became expensive day by day…Trade must be come,otherwise our +20 amblemed 5* heroes wont be enough even S3’s hard maps and events!!! :roll_eyes:
Pls give us a solution SG… :pensive: :frowning_face: :disappointed:


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