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What’s alchemy labs do know what that is

It’s a building available after stronghold level 23… that’s probably a year or more of regular play for most people

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Sweet thanks. I should get there eventually.

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I’m working to get there. Can you build all ascension materials

Can’t “Build” items per-se.

you can however “Trade” in items for other types…

Have a look at this thread for more information on what the Alchemy Lab actually does in each of its 10x Levels.

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So you couldn’t trade wooden shields for sturdy shields. Cause I need like 6 sturdy shields but I have a crazy amount of wooden shields

** Hi I just wanted to share an idea, would it be possible that one day we alliance could trade, like if I need something to ascend my hero and I have items that someone will trade me for the one I need because they need the one I have?**


Hiya @theenice13! Welcome to the forum!

Fortunately for you, you aren’t the first to make this suggestion! Here is the master thread for Trading (your post will probably get merged there).

Unfortunately, trading is on the list of things ruled out by SGG for a variety of reasons:


Ps did you accidentally post a personal picture? You may want to delete if so :slight_smile:

Maybe if you posted some nice holiday pics we’d vote for your idea :yum:

(But seriously, yes, think carefully before posting personal photos)

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More arguments why we must have this are now published and we did agree how to take care of the risks…

Was on a thread that got merged. I’m just the messenger :stuck_out_tongue:

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Right, back to the discussion and ideas;

  1. we do agree an ally marketplace is helpfull for the alliance
  2. we need trade coins
  3. we do not like ally hoppers that come in just to trade and then go away
  4. about trading heroes, only your doubles!! Otherwise you might risk arguments within the ranks

An alliance trade hut would be a great idea to request items needed for ascension even if they are traded for a cost of gems so the makers of the game still benefit ie 50 gems each player totalling 100 gems.
There is someone in my alliance that needs darts that I have a few not needed, but I do need large shield which he has, a trade centre would benefit alliance’s keeping players more interested and playing as a team


Welcome to the forum @ickle2008

This thread is the master for requesting trading :+1:

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@Sirfightsalot its not 560 m but 700 million now in two yrs yes its always like this they never seems to get enough.
Many from my alliance are talking about quitting because og lack of materials or 5* heroes.
And the alchemy cost so much in food to upgrade or produce.
If this continue they Will lose Big

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The day trading is put into this game is the day of mass exodus. Not dealing with the drama that comes from trading, will totally ruin the community. Yes it would be nice to be able to get things you want from people YOU THINK you can trust. To many players have multiples of heroes, that alone would end most summon draws on events. They would lose at least 50% of their income in a flash. Wont happen not smart to do as top alliances would all be running the same ■■■■ the game would be full and boring.

But say they agree to this for heroes then they should make it one trade of a hero per year at 5k gems for a 5star 4k for a 4 star 3k for a three star and 1 tomb and 1 damascus blade.

As for a marketplace for ascension items? With a nice gem fee here also per rarity of item could help the community a lot.

So 1 hero per year with the said cost and agree that a gem fee marketplace would be beneficial.

It would be cool if we can trade our loot and orbs and Damascus blades in stuff with our team mates in the alliance only

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I agree! How can we get a partition going?

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