[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

Sure there is. I create a main account and several feeder accounts. Put them all in the same alliance. Funnel all my nonfarmable AM and desirable heroes from the feeder accounts to the main account in exchange for less desirable heroes and farmable AM. (Ariel for Thorne, Gloves for Tall Boots, etc).

I really feel that the creators should come up with something to where alliance members can share their extra ascension items with other players. It seems the higher you get, the less you find these ascension items. Pretty suspicious if you ask me.

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Just to correct the other post title

What about the possibility to exchange heroes among alliance mates.

Sometimes we have 2 or 3 of the same hero and we have to open space to new heroes in the heroes roster. So, why not allow
Heroes exchange inside our alliance

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Check this topic.
@zephyr1 should be there right?

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Developers have stated that there are no plans to ever allow trading between players.

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They actually didn’t say never, just not as an immediate priority. But we might see something next year or beyond.

Two places they’ve made statements about that:


Implementing trading of any form would significantly disrupt the current balance in the game. I completely understand that the developers want to be extremely cautious about it.

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Just a quick question, trading or swapping items with fellow ALLIANCE members. Has this been discussed within the game designers??

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Yes, it has been discussed in this thread:


Sounds realy good for me

Y más cuando uno es quien invirtió por las gemas y seguido por los heroes… No es mala idea… Por lo menos con los que uno compro…

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… NO ES JUSTO…

So how about members of a given alliance can trade heroes, materials, battle items. It would take quite a bit of coding but you could set up a separate module like a mini auction type market place where the various members bid on the hero or materials up for trade. No gems allowed to keep with the inclusive nature of the game.

Make a swap meet or trade feature within the alliance so members can offer and swap materials, food and iron. Maybe make it at a certain stronghold level, game level, or hero team level…?

I have enough rope to rig a ship and so much clothing to dress a small country, why not have a market where you can trade with other members in your alliance this could end the frustration of waiting for stuff you need

It’s been discussed

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For this reason Alchemy Lab was introduced with this update. It’s not well designed, but you can rid of those. Your choice.

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Perché non scrivi in ​​inglese se lo capisci?

Hi!..have you ever had answers to your requests? I was thinking about this for a while, and then I find your post dating back to some time ago … let me know.

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