[Master] Tournament Defence Not Attacked Much / At All / Very Often

The algorithm in the tournament match needs to be fixed. Tournament match gave one defense in 5 days. Even if you win the 25th attack with this defense score, you won’t be able to get above 5% in the rankings. Defense needs more work.

It is a weird situation my main account hardly gets any attacks when my mini does. In one tournament my mini got attacked 21 times and my main 5 :confused:

Hi 2 everybody! Very often in tournaments I have only 1 attack for 5 days. I understand - It’s just a random and bla-bla-bla. But for me it’s looks like a bug. In this situation you lose any motivation for continue playing in tournament. How about to fix it? For example - change tournament defence grade only if you have 2+ attacks on you. This is not looks as impossimble and very hard for actualize.

You could have gotten some of my attacks. I was sitting on a nice B rating, and went down to E within 12 hours and about a million attacks later (yes, I’m exaggerating).

In tournaments I almost never survive the second day as my adversaries are insanely stronger than me (Diamond ones when I am at a low-mid platinium level, and those diamonds have lots of fully emblemed 3 and 4* heroes). So I have become quite lazy at participating in tournaments.
And I always have at least 4 people attacking me every day that I am still alive in the tournaments.
My sugestion is that you better not spend all your shots in one go. Just take your time.
Use the first one and then wait some hours for the next one. (That’s what I do since I am not keen at fighting unsurmontable walls).
Most probably you will have been attacked more than once by then.
(And I lost in the second day again. Even at super fast speed Alfrike couldn’t shot because there were no purple tiles at all. Still crying.)

So, I often get very few attacks on my tournament teams, but this is the first time I’ve had zero on the final day.

All I can say is, better than one attack for a loss on day1 :smile:

I don’t really care about the tournaments anymore since I lose so often thanks to bad tiles.

How the tournament raiding works. I haven’t been raided in first 24 hours of the tournament. Anything I can do in this, as I get default C grade because of this.

Day one of the current tournament I had 0 defense stands, and was forced to take a C grade. Is this the way its supposed to work? Never happened to me before.

I understand that its normal to not always get raided on days 2-5, but it seems like you should have the opportunity to earn your grade on day 1… C grade gets you less than half the points of A grade, which is how my defense usually scores.

It happens quite often and is not a bug. But it is more of a drawback of the tournament matchmaking algorithm.


In that case I believe the default grade should be a B, C grade defense is a handicap. @devs


Day 3 of the tournament. Still 0. Wtf is going on?

Seriously? Day 4 still 0. How your matchmaking works? There are 5 attacks per player per day i.e. in the tournament there are 5 attacking teams per each defending team. To have your defenses attacked 0 times is not possible, unless matchmaking is not random, but rigged in a way to deliberately force players lose and spend money on resets.

I had this happen recently. Filled a complaint and got the generic its RNG response. Their tournaments are a joke but they claim they are working as intended.

This happening again to me, 3rd day of tournament and not single attack.

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