[Master] Tournament Defence Not Attacked Much / At All / Very Often

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Master Thread for Tournament Defences not being attacked: (At all), (much), (ever) etc…

Mainly starting as there doesn’t seem to be a centralised spot to put all these… are kinda dispersed everywhere. Future posts to be merged here.

Previous Staff Response:

Old/ Archived Posts (Older than December 2019)

March 2019 -> [KNOWN ISSUE] Raid Tournament Defense Grade Low Due to Not Being Attacked - Staff Response Post #7

April 2019 -> Defence Attacked Only Once (result in E-Grade for all tournament): RaidTournament Bug: after your defense (full maxed 3*) gets attacked and losses you are not attacked anymore and get 200 points at the end of the day

April 2019 -> Raid tournament defenses inconsistent

May 2019 -> Raid tournament, still have not been attacked

August 2019 -> No one has attacked me in the raids tournament

October 2019 -> No/Zero attacks on defence in Raid Tournament

How Matchmaking Works

Cross post.
NOTE - This is my fleshing out/ wording based on statements that SGG have made elsewhere on the forum

NOTE 2 - matchmaking is obviously not a perfect system & there are a lot of defences… some will be better matches for more people than others are.

Solution/ Best Bet

Best option is to try getting in contact with #contact-support to make them aware; no guarantees that anything can/ will be done however as matchmaking is (somewhat) a product of RNG & the defence you set.
How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)

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Odds of this happening near end of day 2 seem low.

Depends on your defense. Post a screenshot of it, please.

One tourney near the beginning I was only attacked once and on day 4

I had one last month with 2 attacks total. It happens but not very often

Hello there,
This is nearly the 4th day of tournament, i have a solid defense, i have won 14 games of 15. But for the three days only one person attacked me. First day nobody attacked so my grade was C. The other day one lose and because of this my grade is E and it keeps me down in the tournament. if many persons would attack, i would have at least B grade. Do you have a logical explanation for this. This is getting awkward day by day and i do not want to waste any more of my time. Please help.

Well that was my case last tournament … :man_shrugging:t2:
It’s just luck …

No, this is not luck. This is the crappy software and algorithm system.

Hiya @Sneakersnack;

I’ve shifted your thread to a master on the topic. See the OP here regarding how to contact support to notify them of the issue.

It’s very annoying when you win 5 battles in raid Tornament and your defense team doesn’t get attacked at all.

This affects my daily total score at the end of each day thus not impressed as I should be in the 1% but since I will miss out on my défense score I will also miss out on finishing in the 1% at the end of the tournament, I know this because this happens all to often.

Maybe you need to use a less scary defense :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi, in tournament raid is bug. When no one dont attack me then i have C defense - 500 point. This is not justice. Why anyone dont attack me??? My friends have many defense - 5 i have 0. Can you repair this?

Firstly, welcome to the forum.
Take some time to search the forum and you will find, there are many who’ve encountered the same thing :confounded:.

Hopefully, as the tournament progresses your defense will be tested.

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Hi All, I was not attacked in the latest tourney for two days now. If everyone attacks 5 times, it should be done equally and this shall be tracked by the system.
Beeing attacked once and losing gives the worst result and not beeing attacked anymore also happened to me already where E is worst than a default C, yet not beeing attacked at all is utmostly disappointing.
I sincerely ask for a background system which provides a more equally distributed attack
Many thanks!


It’s weird eh?

I’ve been attacked once, and lost. Not ideal.

I wasn’t expecting any great rewards from this tournament though. Even on the rare occasions I’ve finished in the top 1% the rewards are … meagre at best, so I am phlegmatic about it.

But it doesn’t seem fair.

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