[Master] - Tome Items (Experience, Ascension & Golden Emblems)

I purchased today’s offer of Legendary Tome of Emblems. I had Xnolphod at 4/80+10, expecting this tome to bring him to +20, but when I used it, nothing changed for him and now the item is gone. Did I misunderstand what this thing is for? I have a message in to support, but really hoping I didn’t just waste fifty bucks (as if I wasn’t already wasting fifty bucks! haha)

Legendary Tome of Emblems just gives you 10 Golden emblems when you use it.

You can use these Golden emblems to emblem your heroes at no cost.
You can use a Golden emblem to substitute any talent node, but it the most cost efficient for those nodes which costs 125 or 250 emblems (last two nodes).

So in you case you need to unlock the Talent nodes one by one for the Xnolhpod to reach +20 talent.

If you reset a hero, where you have used a golden emblem, then you will not get back a golden emblem.

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Ahhhh. I see it now. WHEW!!! I was afraid it would only take them UP TO +10 and if he was already at +10 they’d be like… sorry lol.

this makes more sense and I can see the golden emblems now. Thanks a bunch for the clarification!

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I have.

Went straight up to 4.01. Saved my ham and AM. :)))

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You are referring to the Epic Tome of Experience. Levels up 5 levels. Most efficient to use it at Level 75. Brings you to 80 with a big smile.

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You are welcome.

Happy embleming :slight_smile:

Got my first Tome of Ascension today in the warchest. Horus will get it once he’s ready.


The OP is adjusted with the possiblilty of using the Tome of Experience on Limit Broken Heroes.


We do not know that how many levels does the Legendary one does.
If someone has a screenshot, then please add it here, and I will update the OP.


Well, that’s disappointing, only 1 level. :unamused: Does that mean 75-> 80 is still the most efficient use, or is 84->85 better?


i think the 75 - 80 takes more XP and food than 84-85.


84->85 requires 16,038 XP
75->80 requires 22.154 XP

Not sure about food requirement, obviously depends on the number of feeders you are using.


Ok, thanks! So, that makes this addition seem pretty pointless tbh… Are the whales swimming in these tomes or something…? :thinking:

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thats very disappointing


I’ve only seen a small handful of these since they were introduced. I think I got four of those that can level a character five levels.

How about you?

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I’ve used two in the past, and I have two saved up, so four for me as well, but I’m pretty new-ish, been playing a bit over a year.

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Ah sounds like me then- hope we’ll get lucky in the future! :four_leaf_clover::slightly_smiling_face:

Using 2* feeders as a baseline for a 84->85 level:

Xp provided
-390 off color
-468 on color

16038 xp is needed.
At level 84, each feeder costs 13300.

You’d need 42 off color 2* feeders. This is 558600 food.

You’d need 35 on color 2* feeders. This is 465500 food.

This is the floor. Using feeders that provide more xp (trainers, 3*, etc.) will save you food.

**If anyone has a hero at level 75, 76, 77, 78 and 79 and can provide the food cost per feeder, a good comparison can be made. I unfortunately don’t. :worried:

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Here is an excel sheet about it:


Nah. SGG just needs to give them another incentive to buy them.

Just the one they gave us for free. I have yet to encounter any tomes in the wild, unfortunately.

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I have actually gotten several epic tomes of experience in MV, titan loot, war chests, etc. none of the legendary or emblem ones though.

I really hoped this would turn out to be a kind, thoughtful QoL change on the part of SG that would save me a bunch of ham and time, and maybe i’d actually finally limit break a 5*, since those big glowballs are just piling up in my inventory and i seem to always be short on ham.

oh well, so much for that. :unamused: still good for 74 → 79 though of course. guess i’ll go ahead and use them for that.