[Master] - Tome Items (Experience, Ascension & Golden Emblems)

There was a huge block house complex housing ten thousand families. It was getting really old, the water pipes were leaking and electricity was disturbed daily. Finally the state decided to step in. So they organized a lottery: A single family could move for free to luxurious lakeside mansion, equipped with indoor and outdoor pools and servants included.

Later the state mathematician reviewed statistics and was really happy: There was a notable improvement in average living conditios!

How about notably increasing 4* asc and emblem drop rates everywhere, and roughly halving troop leveling costs, to actually help everyone to progress a little faster? These lottery-things should not give such a huge unfair advantage to some extremely lucky ones.


I love you

love you for 20 more characters

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Stilll didn’t got any of them :rofl:
Even on 11* titans, 1% tournament, multiple diamond chests/monster chests, one elemental chest and one titan chest and War win.

My luck or are the odds really low? What’s the point in boosting loot if we’re going to see these items once per semester? :joy: Oh well it’s not like I wasn’t expecting it.

As far as Ive seen in the forum, the amount of bugs related to this update is bigger than the odds.


I have not received any either :slight_smile:

I have just got a 2 star Trainer troop.
(And I have instantly reported a viusal bug, as it was shown as Lvl 1 instead of Lvl 15 max level :smiley: )

None here either but I keep getting these golden goblin crates… not sure what it’s all about.


Just to buy a darts with reduced price. If you are not F2P, then you can get darts in price of a small coffee.

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My luck in ascension materials have been horrible but got the legendary tome of experience on a rare level 10 Titan.

Made my morning for sure. Will take the 4/1 5* all the way to 4/80.


From our war chest today–

Now I just need to decide who gets it.


how exactly does it work?

Disregard see the next post

Update on possible Epic Tome of Experience sources.

Staff has just announced in Beta, that these additional sources will be added for it after Version 45 release:

  • Rare Wanted ches t
  • Rare Titan Loot
  • Raid Tournament Loot

I have marked these with green in the OP too.


Sorry, I have read it incorrectly.
No additional sources will be added for Epic Tome of Experience but a brand new Tome will be introduced in Version 45:
Epic Tome of Golden Emblems

The image and how many Golden emblems will it give is unknown.
I have just seen the chances for it in the tournament loot.
I have adjusted the OP.

If I will able to get one, then I will adjust the OP. (Of course the image will not revealed in this case too until Version 45 is released)


Not sure I recall correctly, but I thought based on the announcement regarding these Tomes, there are legendary, epic and rare per each type?

After version 44.1 is released only the Tome of Experience had an Epic version.
And no Rare version announced for any of them.


Now this list will be extended with Epic Tome of Golden Emblems in V45.

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Great, thanks…was too lazy to search for that!
Hopefully, in future, we should expect the ‘epic’ for the rest as well!

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