[MASTER] Three kingdoms chat, language issues

Agree with this there seem to be a few players from Vietnam in the same band as me, them chatting to each other in Vietnamese or the Russian players and Arabic players speaking in those languages to each other has no detrimental impact to me at all


Maybe I was not sufficiently clear, or maybe a.picture is needed explaining how communication works

For this being possible, the message should be understandable by the receiver

Unfortunately, English is the only language which allows people to understand each other if they come from different countries. There exists no other language that MAY serve at this goal

On the other hand, it is also not possible to copy&paste messages in translators (not in android at least)

So what is the purpose of sending a message, if it is not possible for receivers to understand it?

Problem: not everyone understands English.
Solution(s): add an automatic translation function, allow copying messages… Or create groups of players that can actually communicate

Otherwise the chat is useless

People identify a common language bto communicate in some cases this may be English, but I’ve often seen French and Spanish used as common language s too

The language identified worldwide for this goal is English

The scientific community speak in English, in the ISS people speak in English
When you program a website or whatever you use programming languages that uses English as “basis” for the commands, and so on (which includes this forum, at least for the “general” sections, as well all the communications from SG)

In the European parliament the 3 languages chosen are English, French and German. Seeing as this is one of the largest blocs of countries with different languages communicating together and they don’t automatically pick English I’m not sure why you think a mobile game should

Well, if you behave in an ignorant manner, expect to be called as such. You being unaware and uninformed of why people speak/write in different languages makes you ignorant. It’s not an insult. You understood it as such.

You came in arms waving all upset about how you think people are probably being offensive in their native language. It makes perfect sense if they don’t speak other languages in addition to their own. Your expectation that everyone should know and utilize English within the game chat could be construed as disrespectful to others.

And who made you the standard setter of what language is acceptable to be spoken within the game or anywhere else for that matter? I don’t see any in-game requirements stating English is the only language to be used to communicate. Again, there are billions of people in this world who don’t speak English yet have the option to play this game without having to worry about those whom are uninformed.

Not everyone speaks English, nor should they be forced to only to appease the uninformed like you.

Again, not everyone speaks English nor does everyone care.

Once again, not everyone speaks English nor does everyone care to choose to speak in English (irrespective of you getting your panties in a bunch). You don’t make the rules that others should follow.

So, they’ll just ignore you. If someone refuses to or doesn’t speak English, you’re not Language Police to punish them.

Your made up fact that English is a de facto language for communication doesn’t validate any of your other nonsensical points you’re attempting to make.

Exactly…and people can utilize it with the language of their choice. Not what you want from them. If you can’t accept that…maybe it’s not a place for you.

No one is under any obligation to communicate with you. If they do and you can understand each other, GREAT! If not, then you can’t. Focus on the ones you can communicate with.

Well, if you weren’t unaware and uninformed, you would have read the Forum Rules (Forum Rules - Please Read). This isn’t the game chat. Game developer does not run this forum. Reading is fundamental! Helps you stay informed and educated!


This is pointless
European regulations are translated in each language

European projects, on the other hand, are required to be issued in English. And people working on European projects speak in English, as I know since it is my work. When I have to report to the commission I am requested to do it in English, non in Italian, otherwise the PO is not understanding

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Um, no. Any shared language would accomplish this. While English may be the language used most commonly for international commerce, research, etc., all that is needed to accomplish the quoted goal is a shared language.

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Which is… English!

I would certainly prefer to always speak Italian, but I cannot, IF I want to be understood by others

However despite this instead of in the parliament saying everything must be in English they say the official languages to be used are English, French or German. No demands there for English only or stop talking, no reason for ge to either

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What? There are other people from their own countries who speak the same language. You saying that they shouldn’t be allowed to use it within the game chat is very ignorant.

Nah, this won’t happen because the number of people who are so “offended” by this is extremely small. Chat isn’t useless. You expecting something unrealistic is quite useless and intolerant.

What and how you’ve said what you’ve said came off very intolerant, especially since it doesn’t go against game rules. The fact that you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s inappropriate, abusive, or disrespectful. “Ignorant” isn’t an insult. It literally means you’re not informed, which you’re not. Open up to understanding the world and other people’s positions and maybe then you wouldn’t, at the very least, sound so angry and intolerant.

Please stop insulting me, what is totally inappropriate is to keep thinking that YOUR IDEAS are the right one. It is not, it is just YOUR IDEAS, and you have absolutely no right to keep insulting me

Others are discussing politely, you are keeping insulting

And again. Hope that the moderation will ban this UNACCEPTABLE behaviors

:rofl: :rofl: Was always there! Just took us some a bit to understand each other a bit. It’s like we were speaking in different languages!!

There is DEFINITELY nothing intolerant in pointing out that communication cannot take place if the receiver is not able to “decrypt” the message.
It is literally the basis of communication

Take a screenshot. Import it to google translate.
Problem solved.

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Many people speak many things

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This is a positive post about caring for others, regardless of what language they speak.

English is mandatory in this section :slight_smile:

Wrong. There are many people out there who speak multiple languages. Not just their native and English. While there are even more who don’t speak more than their native language.
Your approach to this is “Oh, it’s not all in English!! It’s useless!!!”
The fact that you cant comprehend why your assumption here is useless isn’t hard to understand. You want what you want and if you can’t have it no one should have what is there already. That’s a very sad way of looking at things.
This is a phone game. It is offered and catered to many different groups of people from many different countries with the purpose of making money. While there may be solutions, those solutions would have to be based on the cost vs. benefit. In all likeliness, no one’s going to care what you think or how high your ignorance is willing to climb. At the end of the day, it’s just an event that everyone is welcome to enjoy and communicate within the event chat in whichever language they choose to. You keep thinking they’re talking trash about you and obsess over that paranoia. This isn’t an RL obligation nor does anyone’s livelihood depend on it (except the devs of course which is why they probably don’t care what you think about people not speaking in English within in the game).
Cheers mate! Hope you find your peace and work on expanding the tolerance.