MASTER THREAD (Solved) - Training Camp Lost food/recruits at withdrawal

This thread is the repository of a large number of similar threads asking about the same issue, from September 2017 to yesterday.

Basically the issue is using your Training camps to store a large number of heroes to withdraw later, and then hitting a wall when you don’t have enough room for the food and recruits to take them all out at once.

Kerridoc has the work around:


I do not know what happened. Previously, when I removed a training I got back my resources and could use them on another training. Now I got a warning that I wouldn’t get my complete resources back, which I expected since my food storage is overflowing. But I did not get my recruits either, that is a problem, because I wanted to do another training.
To be clear, it wasn’t the training it was doing right now, but just a few from the row (it took me a while before I realized it didn’t give my recruits back) :frowning_face:

There are two very very different things happening here. If you have 15 of something queued up to craft (like several heroes, or a bunch of potions) you can add or subtract at will, and you can take 14 of them off and get your resources back if needed.

BUT, if you try to stop the training/crafting that’s in progress right now you will not get resources back.

Yes, I know. It was just subtraction. I didn’t get my recruits back, on that training camp there are still more than 10 trainings in the waiting row. I think I subtracted about 5 before I realized I did not get the recruits back. It was just lvl2 training, so I am not bothered on loosing these, but I wanted to empty that trainingcamp and start fast training and use resources from the enormous list in one of my lvl13 camps (174 days in the row there), I don’t dare to gamble I will get my 70 recruits back if I push the subtract button there.

That’s odd, consider taking before/after screen caps and sending in a ticket to

I noticed this early on. I thought, like you, that i would lose food as i was full but get recruita ba k since i had room. No dice :frowning:. Since then I’ve never accepted when i get the warning.
It wpuld be nice if you’d get resources you have room for and lose the ones you don’t instead of forfeiting all

So, it isn’t since the update, this bug? I don’t think I ever accepted before after the warning. But I have nothing to use my food on right now, so I would have to stop collecting it until I have enough room for the food?

I took the screenshots, can I just send an email to the adress you suggested or should I do this through a webpage?

I will post them here too:

@Petri @mhalttu @RubiKinga Just wanted to see if this is something you’ve seen or heard of. Was there a change to this?

@Konijntje I prefer to use the email directly rather than in game, because it’s easier for me to send screen shots and the like.

I can confirm this as well. Started for me last week. Really lame if you ask me.

Used enough food on even more small healing potions to try removing a training without the warning. And I can happily inform I did get my recruits back from that one. The bug is apparently still only if you get the warning you won’t get all resources back (it should say “won’t get any resources back” as it is right now :wink:).
So there is a work around, I am going to make even more small healing potions (who wants 1000+ healing potions from me?) and go ahead with my plan.

Hi, thanks for the feedback, we haven’t changed anything here - and it is working as intended. If the game cannot return all the resources (it seems your food max is almost full), no resources will be returned.


Then, you might want to adapt the warning message, because right now it says: If you remove an item from the row, you won’t completely return all spend resources. At least it says that in Dutch (could be the translation is off, but it is quite misleading). If it says “you won’t get any resources back”, it is at least clear.

I don’t think it makes much sense you don’t get back the resources you do have room for, but found a work around for that, so not a big issue I guess.

Thank you for responding btw.


Yes there is a warning. However, I read and reread it and I understood it to mean that the food I had spent on training would be lost but I would recover my troops & inventory items. My food storage was full, my tc’s were empty & the warning uses the words ‘storage’ and ‘resources,’ neither of which are terms I have heard associated with anything other than food & iron. It also fails to say the critically important word ‘all’ which would at least avoid the confusion over returning at least some food in order to max out available storage.

So, the warning is, at the very least, poorly worded and therefore ambiguous. At worst it’s blatantly misleading. In either case there is ample justification to 1) reasonably consider it a bug and expect the developers to respond accordingly and/or 2) fix the wording so players are aware they are going to lose everything - resources (food), troops, inventory items.

I personally would really like my 50 troops back.

Information is there. All you have to do is read it. Been moving recruits for a year and have never had issues. Probably because i read the warning my 3rd day playing…

Ok this is weird.
When training heroes - if you are full on hams (storage full) - and you ‘undo’ training that clearly hasn’t started yet (the waiting line) , the game gives you a warning you’ll lose resources. Duh, hams can’t be stored again. BUT: you’ll lose your recruits too! Even if there’s more than enough space to house them.
Same goes for crafting items. If the hams can’t be refunded, your ingredients are gone too.
If the hams can be refunded. You’ll get everything else too.
I was shifting tc13 around and it cost me 70 recruits. / tried it on some minor potion too, just to see what would happen.

All or nothing… seems weird.

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I know, weird right? I posted the same message, but I was assured it is working as intended. I do think the warning should clearly state you won’t get anything back. Still think it is annoying, but whenever I am full on food, I will just use it to craft item I don’t need to get enough space. And I never ever click on the go ahead button when I get that warning. :wink::grinning:

I also think this should be changed. If I want to recover a crap ton of food from 5days of queued training, and am willing to lose the recruits, I should get the food back.


Let me bring it to top as the issue is still there. @EmpiresPuzzles

I have the opposite situation: my food storage is full, but I want to manipulate with recruits, moving them from one camp level to another. Spending some food rerolling raids just to be able to manipulate with recruits is ridiculous.

In either way, one full storage should not result in losing other resources.

Some other alternatives I use:

I tend to calculate the Troop XP and only level a troop when I have enough for a full level. That way if I get a better troop, the first troop is not 85% to next level.

I also keep at least one Extra low cost training ( RT11 ) with 100- 1k finished training in case I summon a “must level “ hero.

I know about those possibilities, thank you. I just wanted to say that it is not convenient that you have to spend food in order to manipulate recruits, or visa versa if you have recruits house full you can’t recall food from any queue. Each resource must be independent of others.

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