MASTER THREAD (Solved) - Training Camp Lost food/recruits at withdrawal



Once you know it, yes then it’s simpel. Learning about it shouldn’t go at the cost of 70 recruits though…


Sorry just not seein the big deal. I mean if i tell someone somethin is hot and they burn themselves anyways and learn a lesson at the cost of a burn, i dont feel that’s my fault. Sg warned you’d get burned, you got burned, dont see why that’s their fault(for once) so farm back the recruits which you would do anyways whether you had those recruits still or not and carry on. Best advice i have.


I think this is a translation issue that @sara should look at. If it clearly said NONE then the warning would be more effective.


It’s like “A door can’t be opened from outside. Use a window to get inside”. The warning is clear. You may use a ladder for more convenience.
No doubts, we can do this. But the point is that it is much better to fix the door.

All the same with this taking resources back from a queue. We can workaround this inconvenience, but why not making it straight and comfortable: what can be returned should be returned.


Absolutely, thank you. I’ve recreated the situation and this is the text in Dutch:

If you simply remove the ‘volledig’ then the message is not so misleading anymore. ‘… krijg je NIETS van de uitgegeven grondstoffen terug’ would be even clearer and in line with the message in English from what I understand.

I also notice that the reason is not given in the message, but that’s a less important issue.


But that’s exactly the point, dear Rigs. Nobody said it was hot in the Dutch text, just that it might be a little warmer than usual. Next thing you know, you burn your fingers. Have you read the entire thread? Anyway, SG did and they understand now.

Also, SuuriKoira does have a point. The only thing is that his solution would cost SG a lot more effort than to simply change a translation text.


The difference between a “bug” and a “feature” is that the programmers are aware of a feature and have no intention of changing it. Unfortunately, this falls in the “feature” category. It sucks, but is apparently working as intended.

Hopefully they’ll fix the Dutch warning to match the (IMO kinda bad) design decision.


Thank you for reporting this. It seems the translations are indeed not in order for some languages, we shall check them all and make the necessary fixes. All the languages should inform the player who cancels the trainings that none of the resources will be returned in these cases.


In the past, if I removed a hero training and I did not have enough food storage, I would get the recruits back. Today, I lost both recruits and food despite having enough room in my recruits for the 100 recruits. Screenshot_20190113-004842_Empires


It’s always been like that since I’ve been playing


As @Annieb said, it’s always been all-or-nothing. You have to have space for both the food and recruits, otherwise a warning pops up that you’ll lose them if you decrease the training.

Plenty of old references confirming this is a longstanding behavior can be found, here’s one random example from March 2018, of someone acknowledging that’s how it works, and from a post lamenting that if you click too quickly it’s easy to lose resources:


If your food storage is full you can not remove recruits from one training camp in order to put them into a different training camp. Even if your house is empty, with plenty of room. You’ll lose the troops AND the food.

Now, if your food is full, I’d expect to lose the extra food. That just makes sense, since your food storage is full. But it just deletes the recruits. Why? Screenshot_2019-01-20-07-14-47


Oh. And fyi, I reported it as a bug, and this was my response from SG.

Hi Erica,

Thank you for your message.

There are currently no known issues or bugs in the game related to this problem.

In general, technical issues affecting the game are not limited to a single account, but if there were a bug, it would affect a significant amount of accounts. In these cases, the issues are noticed quickly by both our team and our players, who report them to us through the Forum and Support System.

Any known issues regarding the game are posted on the Announcements page of our FAQ and on our Community Forum.

If you cancel a training there is a message stating “If you stop the training the resources you’ve used will be lost” In addition to this, if you cancel a training when your food and/or iron is full you’ll receive a message stating “Your storages don’t have enough space. If you remove an item from the queue, none of the resources you’ve spent will be recovered!”

Recovering used content, reversing progress or refunding valid purchases would provide you something at an advantage, which wouldn’t be fair to other players. Same rules apply to every player. Thank you for your understanding.

I hope this helps to clarify the situation. If you face any other problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us again. We are always happy to assist you. Best of luck in the battles!

Kind regards,


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What's going on with the Alliance war?

of your food storage is full go work on a troop, guaranteed to immediately lower the ■■■■ out of your food amount


I have the room for the recruits. But if your food is full, you can’t move recruits from one TC to another. I have no way to get rid of the food to let me move the recruits.

I’ve used all my troops, and don’t have the mats to make any more pots or battle items.


this is a rare occurrence but does happen sometimes. all of us have had to wait it out at some point. I miss those days…cost me 980k just for half a level on my troops lol.


So, since my food storage is always full, I’ll never be able to move my recruits from one TC to another?

There’s something wrong with that picture.


If you’re extremely desperately stuck, and don’t mind wasting food, you can reroll raid matches to burn through enough food to have space to withdraw troops from one tc to another. That’s the easiest way to “throw out” food if you have no troops, heroes, or crafting to use it for.

I know it’s roundabout, but it can get you unstuck at least.


Ah!!! THANK YOU!!! That’s what I’ll do! OMG, I was so irritated, because I couldn’t think of a way to delete food!!


You’re welcome!!

Just don’t let the newer players see you trashing food, they’ll be jealous. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: