MASTER THREAD (Solved) - Training Camp Lost food/recruits at withdrawal



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If you cannot take back and put into storage ALL the things you used for starting training (FOOD and REQRUITS) you will get back nothing!
You must be able to collect ALL.
And your food storage is full, so you cannot take back the food. So there is no bug this is the way the game works…


There is some thread that talk how to efficiently manage food and recruit.

Basic idea a TC is your food storage and another one is your recruit storage

  • Food storage: TC12, 13 or 20, so you will always have one running those with probably lot of days.
  • Recruit storage are tc4 then tc11(best choice)

The other extra TC you own will be the one running the different strategy, Feeder run or try to get better heroes, while you balance your food and recruit moving thing around the 2 first TC.

Since I do that I never have too much or not enough food as I can just move things around.
I need more food I unstack from the food storage TC and move recruit to the recruit storage TC and use my food for what ever reason I need it.
I have too much food, I remove recruit from my recruit storage TC and queue more in the food storage TC.
I keep my food level a bit under half my food maximum, so I can always move things around.

Just make sure you keep enough recruit around (run 8-7 as much you can)


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When you have training tasks queued up in a camp and you remove one, you get your materials back, the food, the recruits and the other stuff. I did this plenty of times. Just a moment ago I did this with a task on camp 13. One training was running and I had another queued up which I wanted to remove. I knew I would not get all my food back, because of too little free storage, and as expected I got the message that I would not receive all of my items back. However, when I pushed through I got nothing back at all. None of the food, even when there was about 100k free storage and worse: none of the 70 recruits either. I had plenty of space for all of them, having only 2 recruits in the houses and room for probably 120+. Surely this must be a bug?


I think you have to have all space left or no return. If its the last training you always get nothing


Always the way I’ve understood it as well


This has already been discussed.


Thanks for your reactions. I searched but I didn’t find the earlier discussion. Searching is difficult not knowing the exact English terms in the game.

Quite frankly I still consider it a bug, for two reasons. First, it just makes no sense. You should receive back what can be received back. Secondly, and this is worse in my opinion, the message actually implies that you will. I don’t know the text in English, but in Dutch the message is quite clear. It doesn’t say that you won’t get your items back, it clearly says not ALL of your items. And thus the player will feel cheated when he looses his recruits too.


I completely agree with this. My post in the other topic states the same. It looks ridiculous spending food in raiding rerolls just in order to get your recruits back.
Logically, whatever storage is full it should remain full, but other resources must be returned successfully if there is enough room for them. .


Unfortunately it is not a bug.


“Is” in what sense? It’s definitely a functional bug when software does something else than it tells the user it will do. Fixing it would be as simple as changing a text of course, but still. But “is” in the sense that Small Giant didn’t regard it as such, this is possible and indeed unfortunate.


We know there is a warning that comes up before you take the final step and lose everything. This has also been reported before, and we have been told it’s working as intended.
It can easily and reasonably be interpreted as a design flaw, but it’s not actually a bug since it’s working as the devs intend it to.


I sincerely doubt that the devs intended the game to lie to us :grin:

Anyway, this is the typical developer’s angle of the term bug. But a bug is more than a typo or an error in the code. This is why I wrote ‘functional bug’. In the end, when the software does something wrong, who cares if it’s a technical issue or a functional mistake or shortcoming?

Either way, I do understand that it will not have top priority to solve this issue in the code. I do not understand however why they can’t simply change the message text so that at least gamers can make the choice weather to actually go on with it or not on a well informed basis.


The message says “NONE of the resources will be recovered”. What does it say in Dutch?

If it said only the resources that you don’t have space for will be lost you would have a point.

It is not a bug, and there is nothing ambiguous with the English text.


Most direct translation would be “the resources will not be recovered completely”.


I can see that that is ambiguous, in translation.


It’s really quite simple. Dont stop trainings if you cant hold all the resources. Whole thing feels a bit blown up to me.