MASTER THREAD (Solved) - Training Camp Lost food/recruits at withdrawal



What else would recruits be considered besides resources? You have recruit storages correct? You use recruits to produce heros to level up your heros like you would food right? This topic should be buried before even more nitpicking catches fire. Not hard to remove 1 training and notice “hey didnt get my stuff back, guess the word resources includes recruits” and move on…


I have reached the game where my food storages and farms have reached maximum most of the times.
When I need to remove training from training camp, it is understandable I cannot recover foods because full but the troops are gone as well when there is space in my houses. Please fix so that you can recover troop counts even when the food is lost/maxed out! Thank you


I have 3 tc11 training camps, I rotate between TC 1,2 &11 on one and run 2 tc 11 nonstop. I will take recruits from the tc 11 to fill my tc1 or 2, however it only is letting me use 9 recruits before it says I have no more space. The fix is spending food so my storage isn’t full. This should not be a problem. And I should not need to spend food, just so I can do a basic function of the game. I have my sh building, so I can’t just do more building even with VIP. @smallgiantgames, will you please work on a real fix for this?
Anyone who is facing this problem, will you let me know if you have any suggestions. I know places to spend food, it’s just that I want to build my sh up, not build stuff I don’t want. Thank you.


Perhaps an obvious question, but have you leveled up your houses at all? What level are they?


You need houses


I have room for 92 recruits


Room for 92 recruits. Its currently letting me only get 6 now.


Please post a screenshot



I think the “Your storages don’t have enough space” message in the first screenshot is due to food being full or nearly full? Hard to tell for sure, maybe not… can you also not get more than 9 or now 6 recruits from grinding levels, like 8-7?

Since you clearly do have room for 92 recruits, if you actually can’t have more than a handful, then I would open a support ticket because that sounds like a bug. I’m not aware of anything you can possibly do to cause your houses not to be able to take recruits to their normal capacity.


It’s your food, craft some items to free up space. Not a waste, you will need them later. Or just lose the food.


Yup, food storage is full.


If you cancel training and don’t have space for all items that should drop back into inventory (Eg ham and recruits) you lose everything.

It doesn’t let you regain your recruits and forfeit the ham. You get everything back or you get nothing back.

Other posts are right. Free up ham. Train troops or craft potions


I’ll need to put in a ticket, I guess. At the screenshot, it only allowed 2 recruits. Thanks for your suggestions and I do like the link, as well. I appreciate everyone. I am spending food as much as I can. Even used up several items I need for other things :face_with_raised_eyebrow:I’m now upgrading my watchtower to give me more than a day. It’s putting me behind working on sh 19. Not really happy about that. I do appreciate all of your ideas/suggestions. Thank you all. I really do appreciate your ideas.


This is one of the two reasons why I wish we had the option to simply discard excess food/iron (the other is that full food/iron storage prevents collecting from farms/mines, slowing down progress on those missions).


Upgrade your food storage, not your watchtower, you need more places to put food, not more sources to gain it.


You dont have to send a Ticket as everybody said here before when you remove troops from your Barracks you need space in your houses with recruits and space in your food storage


This is working as intended:

To avoid the problem, I keep my food storage at 50%- 75% full.

Personally, I never remove food from my level 19/ 20 farms, but my play style is very efficient. I get enough from farming, raiding, chests, etc. and store 24.7 million food in legendary training ( Note 1). I had to stop at 24.7 million food due to Real World daily recruit farming limits with triple strong color 4* farming teams.


Hoarding food

Another version, Recruit Bank

You can't remove recruits from TC if food is full- Not a bug

I have 92 spots for recruits. It let me have 2 to move around. U don’t think that’s a glitch?


How much available food storage do you have?