MASTER THREAD (Solved) - Training Camp Lost food/recruits at withdrawal



I second the suggestion of making craft items that require food to free up the space.


Thank you everyone for the input. Still i found myself lacking the ingredients to craft higher level items that require significant foods other than the lowly small red potions. No more troops to level up either in the barrack. I cant believe too much food can be quite troublesome lol.


It is! Believe it. One of the things that i was not ready then


Hi there,

I’ve canceled hero training because I needed resources for building upgrade, but I didn’t received any food! My houses were full, but my food storage was almost empty. I understand the cancelation didn’t allow any recruits to return their houses (because there was no space left), but food? Where did it all go? Doesn’t make sense at all… :confused:



Yea, that is how it works. If you don’t have space left for one of the resources you don’t get anything back.

In my opinion this should be changed so that you always get used materials and resources back, up to your cap.


@gibs as long as there is room for troops, you do get back your food (hams). if there is no room for the troops, the hams unfortunately also disappear. :worried:

I just tried it myself, but only with troops and food. I expect the same for other materials, but need confirmation for that through more experienced players.


It is programmed to be all or nothing:


Thanks guys. It’s a real shame :frowning:


And in the notification for canceling operation I saw that I will not receive full spent resources. It is okay for recruits, but from message I decided that I will get few recruits and full food! I think that this behaviour or this message is a bug.
Turn back my queue or resources, please.


If you take a training course (training - <"-“>), but the meat warehouse and / or the recruiting houses can’t grasp the training materials, then the materials (after warning) are completely cleared. Why are the warehouses not filled to the maximum and only what does not fit into it deleted?
For example: if the meat warehouse can hold everything, but the recruits houses do not have enough space, then all the recruits and all meat will be deleted from the withdrawn training!
I Think it’s an bug.


While it is definitely a nuisance, I think SG is completely fine the way it is. They obviously know about it (hence the warning) and it’s been that way for the 9+ months I’ve been playing.

What is a bigger deal that you should be aware of and avoid, (last I heard) if you have any completed trainings waiting to be collected, and you then cancel out [ - ] that very last training to zero out the timer, all your completed trainings will disappear.

Sorry about your lost resources though… Thankfully it’s easy to get back in-game.


Not a bug…


Problem is not solved !!! Even in version 1.12 all(!) resources disappear when one of the camps can not hold everything!
The camps are not filled up to the max, but everything disappears in Nirvana!


It‘s not really a problem. Just create space before canceling. I mean you even get a warning


it is probably a problem !!! If the resources disappear in Nirvana, despite the warning before! The resources should not just disappear but fill the camps to the max.


It’s a problem for players, but it’s also working as designed, based on how it gives clear warning in advance. Ignoring the warning comes down to the player, not the game.


I just ran into the same issue. It may be debatable whether this is a bug or not but it certainly is counterintuitive. Why are all resources lost? this does not make sense and it is also not clearly stated in the warning message. The message can also be understood that some resources will be lost. Losing the resources that don’t fit in your storage/housing is expected. But losing all the resources even the ones that would fit is counterintuitive and feels unfair.


the developers probably just want to annoy us players …


How about we just not do it. You got the warning message right? That wasn’t enough to tell you you’re making a mistake?


First before anyone says it, yes there is a warning. However, I read and reread it and I understood it to mean that the food I had spent on training would be lost but I would recover my troops & inventory items. My food storage was full, my tc’s were empty & the warning uses the words ‘storage’ and ‘resources,’ neither of which are terms I have heard associated with anything other than food & iron. So, the warning is, at the very least, poorly worded and therefore ambiguous. At worst it’s blatantly misleading. In either case there is ample justification to 1) reasonably consider it a bug and expect the developers to respond accordingly and/or 2) fix the wording so players are aware they are going to lose everything - resources (food), troops, & inventory items. I personally would really like my 50 troops back.