MASTER THREAD (Solved) - Training Camp Lost food/recruits at withdrawal

Have them screenshot their Food and Recruit Storage and the Training Camp before and after next time.

And if they see this warning message, it’s because either the Food or Recruits are full:

Correct, but this Massage hasn’t been shown up. And the capacity to take food and recruits were free. I don’t think my topic belongs to this thread.

This are long therm players since 2 years and they know this fact.

They should open a thread themselves then, or contact Support directly. :slight_smile:

I’ll path this to them. Thanks so far.

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You can contact support in-game by selecting:

Menu > Options > Support > Support
(then click the 3 horizontal lines at the top to access to support request)

or click here:

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Just reporting this bug. I fully expected not to get my food back (storage is full) but I also didn’t get my recruits back. I wanted to conduct training in another Camp so I could empty and upgrade one. I lost four recruits.

Please see [one of?] the solution[s] on May 19 above.

Rarely do this but I released tc20 for some food but having thousands of recruits, I just didn’t mind losing recruits due to housing full and was too lazy to throw everything to tc11.

However, once released not only did I lose the recruits but food was not given back to me on the release.

This is totally not right IMO. Option to lose recruits was mine but not giving me the food because I chose not to take back the recruits is not.

@Petri is this to be rectified?

Unfortunately, this is how the game is set up. It’s you get it all back or you get nothing. Frustrating, but not as bad as feeding a maxed hero. Sorry.


Well I never locked my heroes until a couple of months back I fed my Proteus and Tibs out of carelessness. Got back my Proteus to max but Tibs is still at tier 2.

Locked all heroes now including 2* heroes that I intend to keep. :rofl:


Didn’t mean to strike a site subject. Just used it as a conjecture. Lessons learned. We all have them.


Not really a solution for me. If the recruits or food are full, I doubt that any of us should be penalized for the lost of both resources.

Is there a chance it is ever going to be changed?
It would be a huge QoL improvement to be able to claim that tasty food while not having more space for recruits.


Just ran into that problem, too. Canceld a TC20 training and got - nothing due to full house(s).

@JonahTheBard :rofl:
I found this one using that magnifying glass even without surrounding arrows. :wink:

B2T (back to topic)

Get rid of food?
Not a problem at all, use your forges or the hunters lodge.

But what if your houses are full and you need ham?

Run 2 TC11, a TC20 and a TC2.
Cancel a 20 training, start several on TC2 as long as you have backpacks or dump those annoying recruits into TC11 trainings. Redo.

I can’t believe that recruits were the bottleneck sometimes.


When canceling a queue in trainingcamps there is a thief cheap trick active and it has been causing me annoyance for almost 2years!.

If you put up 2x TC 20 in the same TC-building but you at a later point need to cancel 1 because you need the food elsewhere , you better make sure that there is room for all 100 of the recruits because if there isnt room for all you will not only get NO recruits back you will not get ANY of the 297’000food either

This is a clear textbook example of a screw-you clausul… there is no cause for anybody at game design to punish any player in this fashion, and i would really like for this to be changed into something more user friendly.

Duh, uuh?! But,but,but there is a warning popping up…
-irrelevant, its not the same thing, there are already lots of silly warnings ingame, for example -duuh,uuh… you really wanna use 3*hero at training?.. but it is not comparable to the TC-screw you warning!

I totally think it is comparable to the TC warning. The TC warning explicitly says the following:

“Your storages don’t have enough space. If you remove an item from the queue, none of the resources you’ve spent will be recovered!”

If you’d have read it carefully you would have known what to expect. :slight_smile:

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This has been suggested multiple times.

But the Devs have explicitly stated this will not change.

I think they never intended training camps to hoard food and recruits. Especially since this makes houses almost useless. But this bug has become a beloved feature so removing the ability to hoard food and recruits would start a riot.

Merge or no merge? :triangular_flag_on_post: flagged for moderator consideration.

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I just started playing a couple days ago - so this may be a known issue or what is supposed to happen, but it just started for me yesterday. I will start a training and exit the game (not cancel the training) because I am out of lives and don’t want to have my phone day to keep the screen/game open. When I come back, all the resources are gone AND the recruits/training is cancelled/stopped. Each time I leave, it’s in process of training. I tend to only play the levels to get the sword resource when I am ready to train, so I will play enough games to get 5 swords, I usually only train 1-2 (at most) at a time though.

Is this normal or the same thing as cancelling the training? Sorry, I tried to read the thread but there’s a lot and this didn’t seem exactly like the issue being talked about.

@ValerieA I have never had this happen.

  1. Do you have the most recent game update (version 29.0.1 if you have iOS)? Latest OS for your device?

  2. If yes, I would file a ticket (click below):

How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)

Prolly best to file a ticket either way. :wink:

Real solution :slight_smile:

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