MASTER THREAD (Solved) - Training Camp Lost food/recruits at withdrawal

All or nothing when canceling things that are already in progress seems fair

If we could keep one resource without the other then players would just pull their 5k tc 11 trainings out at once and dump the food into tc20 or other tc’s

I’ve seen times where the loss of both resources has made things harder and I’ve had to either wait, get creative, or sacrifice both resources. Just seems like part of the game to me.

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Another alternative is to use the forge.
Moving recruits won’t take more than 2 minutes.

You can put a lot of items to be produced and free the food space, when you’re finished moving the recruits, cancel the battle items, the most you’ll have is another potion on your inventory, i think this is better than wasting in rerolls…i usually do it with the medium healing potions

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Advice for future

Has been mentioned before

A change has been suggested multiple times in #ideas-feature-requests

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Heroes training cancellation bug - when training cancel and some store is full (food or recruits) there is a message about resources losses. But you will lost not only this sertain type of resource but all of them. For example - have an empty food storage and full house for recruits. Cancelling training lead to food losses too! This is nonsense.

It’s just how it’s always been , not sure why however maybe
put it in the suggestions maybe they’ll change it if enough Support ist shown

It’s always worked that way, you have to have space for both the food and recruits to not lose them.

Though it’s not a bug, the fact that it works fhaf way does lead to confusion, clearly, since it’s been posted (and answered) before too:

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One gets everything back except when overload then nothing.

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My 13th camp is busy for several days. I want to remove one training. The program reports that there are no places in warehouses and resources will be lost. I agree. Let the meat be lost, its a lot. BUT WHY A NUMBER OF RECRUITS ARE NOT RECOVERING !? There are plenty of places.

Because that’s the way the game is programmed. In English at least, the warning is pretty clear.

I tried to withdraw 100 recruits from tc20 and got a warning that I didn’t have enough space. I did not have enough food storage but had plenty of room in my barracks. I assumed I would forfeit the ham, which I didn’t care about, but gain the recruits back into my barracks where I could redistribute them to another tc. Instead both the ham and troops disappeared and I am now cheated out of 100 hard earned recruits, that I planned to turn into 50 feeders. Not happy. Either this is a bug or the warning should be far more explicit.

Please read the solution in the first thread:

MASTER THREAD (Solved) - Training Camp Lost food/recruits at withdrawal

Per your comment, there was a warning, you ignored it. :confused:


I have 5.5k recruits in my training camps. My food storage/production is maxed.

Atm. I have 1 tc training lvl 11 and 3 of them doing lvl 20 summons.

My food storage is almost always full/near full and if I want to take back 1 tc20 training (which is 297k food and 100 recuits) while my food storage is almost full/full I lose food but I also lose recuits even though there’s space for them.

I don’t mind losing the food if I don’t have enough storage space but why am I losing recruits too?

Resource returns from the TC are set up as an all-or-nothing return. Not sure why buts that’s the way its designed


You can use up food crafting items or upgrading troops. Then you can get back the recruits :slight_smile:


I remember when I use to have this problem… Now I can’t make ham quick enough to feed my leveling. Hard to think I used to just craft stuff to just use up spare ham…


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