Master Team Builders - How would you set my defense lineup?

How would you set my defense? I would like to stay rainbow use emblems wisely. I would love to hear from all the master team builders out there, I am sure there is a synergy I am missing. TYIA!

Here are my leveled 5*s and those that will be soon.
Sartana, Joon, Telluria, Gravemaker, Snow, Horghall, Bai Yeong, Skadi

Maxed 4* of note
C-Kiril, C-Rigard, C-Boldtusk, C-Tiburtus, C-Melendor, Merlin, Proteus, Bryn, Wilbur

Here are my 5* I could max if they worked better. I have the mats for one of each color.
Liana, Richard, JF, Khiona, Quintus, Domitia, Isarnia, Marg, Elkanin, Tyr, Azlar, Marjana, Noor, Elena.

Current team is: CKiril, Grave, Tellu, Sartana, Joon.
My first guess is: Bai Yeong, Skadi, Tellu, Grave, Sartana (no emblem conflict)

Here is my heroplan link for more info if needed.

This looks fine
Only maybe Joon instead of Bai Yeong, Bai Yeong needs timing and targeting to be effective, Joon does just destroy attackers :smile:

Do you run same color tanks in wars?

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We do not organize tank colors so no restrictions there. I like Joon better than Bai also, but shares emblems with Skadi. I could just split the emblems for now.

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I could keep Joon if I replace Tellu/Skadi with Richard/Liana but not sure that is my best move…

Skadi should get most of the emblems IMO if she’s flanking. She needs to hit as hard as possible.

I can see the logic with putting Bai over Joon in that case myself.


Is there another combination that you see that would work better, one involving Joon and not Skadi? Do I do say Joon, Snow, Tellu, GM, Sartana? ot think my Skadi/Bai is a better option?

Snow is awesome on offense but needs intelligent use - AI can’t plan/setup or hold back for the right moment, so she’s not really ideal for defence.

I’d be tempted to skip over Telly… She’s still good on defence but absolutely useless anywhere else - I consider her a waste of emblems unless defence is really important to you (and you don’t have alternative options).
At very least there will come a point where you have other options and she’ll get benched permanently - but for now, you may as well run her.


Your first guess looks decent and without emblem conflicts as you say…

The question really is whether defence is valuable enough to you to prioritize single heroes with lots of emblems or whether to share them around a bit…

Joon Vs Skadi, for example, on offense I’d want them both emblemed (especially given how squishy Joon is without costume bonus).

If you do split emblems, then you may as well run Joon on your defence - AI is less likely to waste him than Bai.


How vital is defence to you?

Personally I wouldn’t dream of choosing ascensions based on defence yet, nor would I prioritize emblems because of defence yet…

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I am trying to set up a good raid/war defense for sure. I agree that I shouldn’t ascend based on defense more trying to plan long term, if looking to ascend and I am equally sold on 2 heroes, being valuable on defense could be a tie breaker. I currently have Joon at +9 and could get Skadi to +6 after POV rewards, so splitting is an option. Tell is still my best option at tank, unless Skadi proves better option with all the new minion generating heroes.

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Sounds like Skadi/Joon sharing emblems could be best short term.

One other option would be if I pulled Glenda next month, Her cleanse would be a huge addition and and could take the place of Skadi? Her special with adding special damage to near by means she would run flank. But not sure I have a Tank that would benefit from that bonus. So that team would look like Joon, Glenda, Telly, GM, Sartana? Or could get crazy and do a Joon, Glenda, Gravemaker, Domitia, Liana. But don’t have a ton of emblems on GM so not very tanky. Or could Domitia tank? Joon, Glenda, Domitia, Grave, Liana. I know hypothetical until I get Glenda. I do have enough for 30 pull so debating on next month Costume or December when Odin is released.

Skadi could be tanky if I take emblems off Joon and run a Bai, GM, Skadi, Liana, C-Rigard?

So may options…

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