🍻 [MASTER] Tavern of Legends - FAQs, Team Discussion, Portal Stats & Summons!

Hello guys,

When will we have this event? October?


Yes, according to schedule, it guess should be on Thursday 14th October.


I played the game for 3 years, so I played TOL from the beginning. I was always able to finish the TOL Quest. The result for my coins were awful, mostly 3* a few 4* heroes and no 5* heroes - so I called the challenge TOPLH the tavern of pseudo legendary heroes.

Cheers Reeder

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It is also possible that instead of Magic Tower - ToL - Ninja Tower - ToL alternation, we’ll get Magic Towe - Ninja Tower - ToL alternation. Pure speculation but as we’re treading unexplored land, it’s definitely possible.


i feel, it will be towers in rotation and few more towers to come - which will be 5 days event, TOL can be a two day challenge (don’t see ppl spending days to pull nor to complete those levels) and can alter with Mythic titans… which has lately become an ignorable… stressful… no buyer/reduced buyer event. Lowering game economy!. May BE!!njoy

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This month’s enemies


Does anybody knows how many iterations of the tavern we had before this one?

Just realized GM, Alby and Seshat are the three past HOTMs during the opening animation of the ToL quest… No wonder they are the first three getting their costumes.


Did my first pull in the costume ToL…
…saw purple flashes, and out came Tyrum. Yup…ended up almost throwing a temper Tyrum.


Wonder if I save all the ToL coins now and pull next time, if lucky enough to get GM, will I receive him with costume like this month or only the normal one?

all these changes lately confused me. Entered the quest and scratched my head why I don’t have 50 stages :stuck_out_tongue:


Say what you will about this portal, but its the one that has brought me the most… i have gotten Onatel, Frida, Zimkitty from it already, and just for good measure, pulled this one just now!!!

As far as I am concerned, this is the best portal ever. Haha!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Haha, make me think about the New Tower in which each hero can only used once! 75 floors please!

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Let’s go for it! :joy: sure will soak up ALL of my roster :joy:

You will get the costume as well for those who own one in the next Tavern of legends even if the heroes are no more featured.


Finally have Alberich!


I saw a purple flash and expected Tyrum, got Oberon instead :slight_smile:


Am I the only one who had forgotten this uneventful event even existed?

Thought I‘ll give it a try, as I wasn‘t too lucky with the older hotm on my 2nd account.

No surprise unfortunately :roll_eyes:


Why are those new costume heroes so ugly? Regular Seshat and Alby are one of the best graphics in the game. Even if I pull one them I will use standard card as I cannot look at them :face_vomiting:


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