🍻 [MASTER] Tavern of Legends - FAQs, Team Discussion, Portal Stats & Summons!

I pulled Alasie from the portal! She’ll be a nice addition to my loaded Blue team!

I also pull Aeron, but I doubt he’ll ever get leveled past 3/70. :wink:


The tavern has been generous with me this time. Until now, I only pulled Khiona and Telluria, that’s all, for an incredible amount of pulls since the beginning of this event (well, last year ?). In despite of this, I tried one more time, even though it was a bit risky (I already own Raffaele). And then :


Eee! So jealous! Generous indeed.

I make each event 2 or 3 pulls. I do not invest Juwels, because the chance to waste them is too big. I got up to now no legend hero, 1 normal 5*, 5 4* and a lot of 3* heroes I did not need. There was only one positive event, when I got the hero of the month - the nerfed Telly

I put together a guide with tips on facing the Tavern Quest with a limited roster.

Thank you!


It’s the Seshat, Kunchen, Frida, Anzogh, Margaret & Ranvir Version this time


Thank You for sharing :heart:

Here is the grid from an older post.


Pulled him as soon as I got up this morning. Been wanting him for a while. Next up is Snow White. If I get her, then I can do a combo of her with Aegir, and Raff


11 pulls from coins. 11 3 stars. Nothing to see here. Just following the odds…

Tried one ten pull just to test and nope, not pulling again.

Better luck next time i hope

My Legends this time: Ulmer, Grimm & Brother Tuck. :poop:

ThE massiVe liNe-uP of pasT hoTms makEs it juiCy to pull…
which thankfuLLy I ain’t doing siNce 3+ monThs noW.

CoLLectiNg coiNs for ocT puLLs foR thE hoTm… if I get eaRlieR, then neXt tiMe ! :grinning:

gOOdLuck with puLLs !

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Plan using this teams:

And it is as planed…

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 6

Stage 7

Stage 8

Stage 9

Stage 10

This is part of A New ToL Challenge. Highest 4* heroes and no duplicate.


Chao and Prisca :muscle: :laughing:
Goodluck everyone :muscle:

Notes: Plan using HeroPlan.io


This is the worst portal for me.

My 2 summons :


Got her somehow!! 3rd and final pull. Nordri will be retired from the Titan squad soon :joy:


Congrats! Great Hero. :ok_hand:


I miss the old way when the OP would tell you which tavern quest was in effect instead of just having all of them posted.

Finished the event already, did my 2 free pulls. No expectations at all as I’ve never gotten anything besides 3* dupes. First pull I got Boril and 2nd was Azar with HoTM. Now dont get me wrong, thankful for getting a 5* of course but not that excited about him :confused:

Finished level 10 with this team, I know complete overkill looking back :see_no_evil:


Congrats on your Chakko, leejow! :partying_face::tada::tada::tada:

I hope you find him useful.

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