🍻 [MASTER] Tavern of Legends - FAQs, Team Discussion, Portal Stats & Summons!

A true legend! :blush:


I’m torn whether to use legend coins this time. I would love Onatel and wouldn’t say no to Zimkitha. I have Noor and Raffaele, do like them but one of each is enough, and received 3 of Elradir already (kept two). Given that I probably won’t get any of them I suppose it’s a non-problem really!

I guess they’ll all still be in the portal next time, and 0.1% difference between featured and non-featured is hardly worth betting the farm on.

Congrats to all :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it was mentioned but i think the coins in the quest should doubled since the event is now once every two months instead once a month.

it isn’t a big difference but it will keep the 1 free summon per month ratio for it.

Kind of underwhelming to wait 2 months for 1 free summon


almost 30 pulls, a bunch of gems and coins and all i got were oberon, balthazar, valen, bane.
basically a bunch of 3* and a couple of 4* that i already have…
this is torture
it is called Tavern of Legends, does that also cover the legends of 3* heroes?


a true legend of the 3* heroes :joy:

beware here comes trouble lol

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That’s been the result of my pulls at ToL so far (been playing 15 months now). Truly is to much to ask to get something more then a generic 3* for once? I saved up from previous events and got 6 3* crapfest. I’m not playing this event anymore next time it comes around. Big waste if you ask me.

I’ve got the same but I still keep on hoping. Chances are really low for a 5* Legend, but maybe I’ll get at one point at least a hotm…

I had a total of 110 pulls’ worth of tokens saved up, the bulk of them from offers from back when I was still spending more than VIP+Valor pass. These were waiting for the day when either Zimkitha or Evelyn was going to be featured. And today was the time to spend them.

For 65 pulls, nada. Then, pull 66:

Pull 73:

And finally the very last pull:

I was hoping for either Noor (you read that right) or Zimkitty. I did get three red legendaries, but none the right ones. Natalya is a nice pull, though. I like her design, even if niche. I might max her one day. Ares, while new, is a relic of the past. Don’t see him serving more than as a trophy.

Horrible luck at the beginning, but the odds evened out by the end. No bonus draw, though. I’m fine with what I got. Wouldn’t recommend investing very heavily in this gate.


Ahhhh… Censure Method is working again. Got this one. Not really happy but happy that sort of thing.


Quick analysis of the probability of drawing a legendary hero, with formulas so that you can do it at home!

I used goal seek to set the probability to 100 based on number of trials.

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Is there a list anywhere of all the heroes previously featured in ToL? I sorta recall Zimkitha being featured before but can’t recall the other old HotM featured with her.

See the OP. Has a link to a list.

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Final level was a cakewalk:
Azlar Costume, Magni, Krampus, Telluria (Chosen over Kiril Costume for mana control), Proteus (it’s all about mana control)

HUGE thanks for posting the graphics with the bosses.

I pulled 3 Elradirs during Underwild; might save my Tavern coins until next time.


For the first four stages i used 3 stars, unlevelled 5 stars and benchwarmer maxed 4 stars.

For the last six levels i used my war monoes:

5, Red#2: BT#2, Scarlet, Khagan3/70, Noor, Gormek (death by a 1000 pecks)
6, Green: Mel, Tellu, c.Kadilen, Kingstone, Hansel
7, Red#1: BT#1, Falcon, Mitsu, JF, Marjana
8, Blue: LBc.Kiril, LBc.Sonya, Glenda, Magni, Miki
9, Yellow: Mist, Malosi, Neith, Gazelle, Woolerton
10, Purple: c.Rig, c.Sabina, Tiburtus, Proteus, Domitia

Reward is spectacular:
Gunnar and Kailani


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Stage 6
Stage 7
C.Hawkmoon-Rudolf-Ei Dunn-Rudolf-Azar
Stage 8
Stage 9
Gefjon-Mist-Tyr-Wu Kong-Wilbur
Stage 10

All effort for 3* food…:warning:
Thanks for waste of time…:warning:

Got 2 of her. Legends seems to give me a past hotm every time. Frida last time, Zim this time. Wonder whose next


Nothing noteworthy here.

However, I had fun completing the 4* only challenge proposed by @Muchacho and @Dudeious.Maximus! :+1:


I feel like, despite getting lucky in the current AR (and S4 portal before this), I should be transparent about my luck elsewhere too, sooo:


I’d been saving ToL coins from the past several events (including the last day offer coins for those flasks), and decided to [finally] spend em all here.

As basically, I figured this would be my last time buying those offers, and pulling in ToL, as Raffaele was the last old HOTM I was missing that would be added to the lot. After that, the odds just become even more diluted, and even if a past HOTM I’m missing ends up being featured, chances are it’ll share a spot with three others I’m not :sweat_smile:

(Especially now that AR has graced me with Miki :heart_eyes: the last “must-have” of em I really wanted)

So ToL 5* I’m now missing are:

  • Perseus
  • Delilah
  • Gregorion
  • Grimble
  • Raffaele
  • Myztero

And despite me wanting some of those - specifically Delilah, Greg and Grimble - idk if they’re really worth it :sweat_smile:

To explain why, onto the pulls:

100 Pulls =

100 Feeders :no_mouth:

Aka 100 dupe 3* and 4* :joy:

Although 1/100 gave me my third Elradir - woot woot (not)

Mofo #2 doesn’t even pay rent, and now I’ve gotta house a third?! Umm…

Good :poop:, am I rite?! :wink:

…So yeah, think it’s safe to say, I’m [finally] done here; this portal doesn’t seem to like me anyhow :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But hey, the feeling’s mutual baby :kissing_heart:


You know @RandaPanduh I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy your posts. Not only are they informative, they are engaging and fun (especially those where you’re making music). Keep it up, I love ‘em. Just sayin’

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