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For this ToL, I did a half-way 4* only (and below) ToL challenge. I’m sure @Muchacho and @Dudeious.Maximus would warmly welcome any new participants: A New ToL Challenge

Why only half-way? I’ve been really lucky, and I wanted to use some of my shiny, new heroes on ToL for the first time (as shown below).

Stage 9

  • Trying out my Chakko. :wink:
  • For anyone interested, I’ve shared my opinion on Chakko here: Main Chakko thread
  • I stacked four dark heroes to specifically target Ranvir. Melendor Costume to counter Kunchen’s defence down, and for dispell.

Stage 10

  • Enjoying my BK, who I got last Avalon. :heart_eyes:
  • I usually save my one Proteus for this final stage. I decided that this time he can rest. :wink:
  • I stacked three red to specifically target Margaret for her dodge, Vanda to steal healing, and brought Seshat for fast dispell.

  • I don’t usually team Seshat with Gefjon. Since Gefjon stole enemy Seshat’s minions, I got minions twins. :innocent:

Since I already got Chakko, I’ll try to save my coins for next ToL.


Got Frida,

which was one of most desired tavern heroes for myself :slight_smile:


Can you please share who I need to face on Stages 7 & 8? 🤷 :crazy_face::+1:

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Bought today’s offer…
30 pulls or so with additional single ones.

Got Isarnia and Thorne. 0.6% chance for classics, 0.9% for hotms.

Now, my question is


Aegir and now Grazul? Tavern has been kind to me so far


Check out this thread:

A New ToL Challenge

lots of ideas there on who to take for each stage. :+1:


…that is why I stop invest any.
I am having 3*food ,but I am unhappy not same way as you :kissing_cat: :bouquet:

Got ultimate offer, not even single S1 5*. Would be acceptable except for terrible luck for everything, especially mats, boards and LBs (not even a single LB for today’s won war) and fact pulls net me nothing in general lately. This game does everything in its power to deter me from playing it. Will cut down my spending to cheap offers until it nets me enough nice free heroes, and if my patience runs out before that I will just stop playing it.

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I didn’t buy the event offers, had 8 summons available from this and previous events, blew 'em, got nuffing, not bovvered. Still hoping the lizard may come my way but running out of events.

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One pull became two. :rofl:


I was in such a boat a the introduction of season 4 where I was saving games for half a year basically and tokens, used and spend (believe it or not) around 700 pulls in 3 months and got 1 s4 hero, 1 Hotm and two Richards…

Now I am on a lucky streak (above average but for me feels more) so it evens out the written %.

Problem with this game is, that 700 pulls before would could already result in imprisoning half of the SG for taking all that money for nothing :slight_smile:
Now picture general player who or f2p who might not make 700 pulls in few years and ends up with 2 S1 5* and 2 interesting heroes…

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Yeah, I know. I had bad luck before the beginning from this year and some portal, like ninjas, still hate me with passion (total of ~400 pulls for single ninja). 1% - 2.9% (including HotM) is not much so it can vary wildly and there can be long periods of drought. Still sucks though. And if F2P/C2P pick short end of stick, well, they become demotivated with the game before they can become lucky. What doesn’t help is HotM are not that great lately, so really getting something okay means getting seasonal/event 5*. Remember when all people wanted Kingston? Though Alexandrine looks neat despite what people say.

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i had 3k coins saved up from previous Legends events, and i also purchased the first and second offers.

65 summons later, i get Delilah, Frida, and Alberich :grin:


Hello guys,

When will we have this event? October?


Yes, according to schedule, it guess should be on Thursday 14th October.


I played the game for 3 years, so I played TOL from the beginning. I was always able to finish the TOL Quest. The result for my coins were awful, mostly 3* a few 4* heroes and no 5* heroes - so I called the challenge TOPLH the tavern of pseudo legendary heroes.

Cheers Reeder

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It is also possible that instead of Magic Tower - ToL - Ninja Tower - ToL alternation, we’ll get Magic Towe - Ninja Tower - ToL alternation. Pure speculation but as we’re treading unexplored land, it’s definitely possible.


i feel, it will be towers in rotation and few more towers to come - which will be 5 days event, TOL can be a two day challenge (don’t see ppl spending days to pull nor to complete those levels) and can alter with Mythic titans… which has lately become an ignorable… stressful… no buyer/reduced buyer event. Lowering game economy!. May BE!!njoy

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This month’s enemies


Does anybody knows how many iterations of the tavern we had before this one?

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