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Jezus Christ !

20 Jezii


Has anyone completed Legendary level 10 yet?
Who did you take please?
What battle items?
I have tried it 3 times with 2/2/1 colour stack and those last 3 bosses just don’t want to die lol.


I used Jott+20, Frida, Anzogh+20, LotL+20 and Gazelle+19.

Items dragons, axes, 500hp pots and revive scrolls.

Got rid or the two others, but spent ages trying to kill director. Got it eventually though.


I finished it with:

  • Heimdall +20
  • Frigg +18
  • Phileas Fogg +8
  • Lianna +9
  • Gregorion +19

Battle items were Tornadoes, Bomb Attacks, Axe Attacks and Arrow Attacks. I would suggest go mono either all red, green or blue. Three snipers also helped a lot.


This only exists in pvp battles. There is no time limit, but after 30 moves you get +10% attack every further move.

During war you have a 10 minute time frame, if you run out of time you loose. There is no increased attack.

In events there is no time limit and no bonus attack after some amount of turns. That’s also on map stages. You can theoretical play the same match endless. It was the same with emblem quest but I think they added a timer there, not 100% sure about that, maybe 30 minutes (?)

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Thanks for your suggestions! I boosted my scores in a few levels, but even still it’s lagging behind. I think I can still boost a few levels if I can get some items. Tough competition.


I took cRigard +15 - BT +15 - Tyr +4 - Scarlett +20 - Proteus +14, my only 4 star troop was a red crit troop for Scarlett.

I took bombs, time stops, regular and super mana potions.

I basically never let the bosses use their specials by firing Proteus when he turned purple or right before he turned yellow and time stops, charge him up when yellow and not use him until he turns purple again. Rigard and BT so they were always attack boosted. relied heavily on tile damage and keeping them debuffed with Scarlett.

I don’t remember it taking particularly long. it was less than ten minutes for sure.

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Good luck.:+1:

I find it extremely frustrating, the few times I tried aiming for top 100 I finished somewhere between place 100-110 :crazy_face:

So now most of the time I’m just happy that I can finish with relativ ease in top 1k.

Beat it with:


I held onto Hel’s special if she was yellow. The reflect on her tile damage is minimal, so clearing yellow tiles to charge her while yellow was nice. I didn’t need many items, but I did use a couple of bomb attacks and dragon attacks.

I also tried to alternate the HoT from Tarlak and cMelendor to minimize overwriting their heals. I could have just as easily taken normal Melendor+20, but I wanted the defense boost.

Tile damage was great on 4-1 and being able to set up boards for the next color for the Tarlak train.

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I’ll park these here for now. Struggling to improve so I’ll have a break and revisit on Sunday if needed.


Many thanks for this. Just tried mono green - Frigg, Heimdall, Lianna, Elkanen and Kadilen.
Went straight through first time no problem at all

Legendary was no problem with C.Marj+20, Heimdall+19, Gravemaker+19, Lord Loki+12, and Elizabeth+19. I used that same team on every level. Not looking to finish high, just complete easily. I used blue pots (minor & regular), red pots, and nothing else.

I lost my first run through EPIC-LVL10. Gonna have to find a better 4* team than what I used.


:rofl: think I set a new record

Final stage.

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I posted my teams in post 126 but here is the short version:

Wu could work in place of Gazelle, just you’ll have a few misses here and there and he’s also nowhere as durable (but nothing items can’t fix).

To be honest I too kinda gotta sidetracked by the starfall initially and wondered if I should just go rainbow, but turns out it was still better for me to just go 4-1 or even mono, and then match away on-color tiles while preserving the next elemental color. (eg I run 4-1 blue, so before the first starfall I do my best to make blue matches and save red tiles, then before the second starfall I match red tiles and save green tiles and so on)

Mono/4-1 just made board management easier IMO, whereas when I tried 3-1-1 it just got way too confusing and became impossible to keep trakc of after the first few starfalls.


If you go mono, how do you handle the long periods where you aren’t getting tiles in the right color, and you keep getting hit by enemies and starfalled on? Even with a three-color rbg team, I keep getting killed when the board is clogged with yellow and purple.

You’ll need to plan ahead what colour is coming next.
let’s say you have mono red, during the last 1-2 turns lefts, try to farm for green and use up any red diamonds you formed before the colour change.
Don’t use element debuffers because by the time the element defence down fires, your colour would have changed. Instead only go for regular attack up instead.

But MST, you’re missing Bobo and his snowman for your Xmas hero collection… You got everything else, right?

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:rage: :rage: :rage:
Grimm, Kailani, Karil, Greymane, Ulmer, Gunnar, Valen, Greymane, Bane, Balthazar… wtaf…

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Commiserations…… that looks exactly like my 10 pull in this event. All S1 3* feeders …. Better luck next time


Revisited Epic this morning and tidied a few of the obvious lower scores up. Don’t really want to revisit so I’ll monitor where I sit tomorrow night.

Rare and Legendary look set for Top 1k already


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