🎪 [MASTER] Starfall Circus Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

yes I agree I want him, well I did 186 coins pull and 2 x 10 and I’m zero on gems now, Marcel is only one from circus not even wrecker that I was hoping hahah
so 40 pulls and only Marcel is result in my case🤓

I too had a similar one in last stage of Legendary.
Elena and Boril have same element.

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10x summons only got hero season1,and 1 hero trainer.

I’ve been saving some coins and was able to do 7 pulls in total.

Yesterday: Brienne, Hawkmoon, Bane, Kiril, Trainer Hero, LJ
Today: D’Andre

I’m pretty happy with that.


My first 5 star hero from event portal. Yay…


This event definitely takes a lot of strategizing and timing. At first I did not plan to bring Proteus because of the element change. But as I played the stages, I got the hang of the timing and I still used Proteus for the final stages. I just needed to make sure I only cast his special when he was purple. When he was yellow, I just saved up mana. In the end I was able to finish all stages quite easily.


I Must say I really enjoy this event.
Nice music, great new interesting heroes, refreshing mechanism and I love there are only 10 stages.
Great job.


Can anybody suggest a 4* team for legendary if I never was lucky to receive Proteus? Jesh, I cant even tell you how much I desire this hero…

I have all of S1 4* plus Ceshire Cat (3/60), Guardian Falcon (4/60), Tetthuk (4/70) - yeah I know. My luck to obtain heroes is cheating on me.

I beat epic with cRigard, - Boldtusk - Colen - Scarlett - Gormek. Rigard / Boldtusk / Scarlett all at least +15. Rigard’s costume is useful but not necessary. you just need two healers. I used a slightly different team, but still Rigard - BT - Scarlett, to beat legendary, but i don’t think it would matter. just bring Gormek and Kelile. I would think you should be able to do it with bomb attacks, time stops, and regular and super mana potions.

Honestly, like the Villians event, i found epic stage 10 to be the hardest, harder than legendary 10 because i couldn’t bring time stops or super mana.

hope that helps!

Ozma from Final Fantasy IX approves.

For some reason he reminds me of this guy:


Thank you very much. Your help surely is appreciated! I’ll try my best. I went past epic already and that worked well. Struggeled a little on legendary stage 5. The healer is aweful.

I would make good use of Tetthuk. He can silence the bosses and stop them from using their special skills. So bring a lot of mana potions. I would also bring axes or bombs to reduce enemies’ damage.

My bad. Thanks.

:cow: :cow:

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@bomtom , my GF beat Legendary with this team:

Boldtusk (c 5%, 18) - Wilbur (20) - Colen (7) - Kelile (18, c 5%) - Boril (18, c2%)

If you don’t have Proteus and are so worried about mana control, just take Time Stops. Of course, time your battle with the bosses so you could actually use these.

Has anyone else had time issues? I genuinely don’t know if this is a Starfall “trick” or a bug, but the game mechanism that usually sets in place a timer and increased attack never kicked in and I wound up with a thirty-minute match on my last level of epic. I finally had to quit and try again with other heroes. Zuri was unbeatable by the combo I had. I’d love to find out if other folks had time issues and/or if I should report this as a bug.

First of all, the new event mechanics. I get the idea behind it, the purpose of it and even appreciate the attempt to make something different in an otherwise abused format in this game. I really do. That said though, i found the Starfall just extremely annoying and quite soonish took away all the fun. I can’t even say who are the bosses in every level, nor describe their specials. I didn’t care, i didn’t even want to care, i just wanted “that” to be over as soon as possible :rofl: Seeing how the board went full with the color your heroes are going to be in a few turns just to dry completely and for five whole turns as soon as your heroes change color, on repeat, time after time, was simply frustrating. Also the damage was completely unnecessary: it could have been, maybe, some random ailment, if they wanted things to be harder. They could have even changed the reflected colour every Starfall, to make it even more complex.

And now, for the second and last part of my Starfall Circus runt, let’s talk about pulls. 14 pulls in total (4 with coins, one 10x), 14 vanilla 3*. But RNG decided that two Elradirs would be a nice consolation prize. Fun fact: i didn’t even want Elradir, i still don’t care. I would have been more than happy with a simple Candy, o D’Andre :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

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It took me 43 minutes to complete Epic level 10.
I almost logged off to be honest
It was a ridiculous amount of time for a battle


Jezus Christ !

20 Jezii


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