🎪 [MASTER] Starfall Circus Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

Solid advice, that’s what I’ve been doing as well. I went full mono as you can anticipate on what color is coming next. Except for level 10 at Epic and Legendary I really had no issues finishing this event. I even found the levels up onto 9 easier then at the normal events?

Guys… struggling on level 10 of Epic!!! Help!! What have people used to get through

Use mono team and carpet bomb when you reach bosses

So Epic 10 is a little dastardly this time.

You need to blast through the 2 mob stages with tiles and have all your specials charged and have most of your items (especially axes and bombs) sat ready.

Even then you will be short and will need to tile the last bit of life from them. It’s flummoxed a few people and my 91k is less then 9’s score for that reason. 9 they are dead at the end of that…10 they still cling to life and if you’ve left a dead board it’s painful

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Just one pull. yesterday morning.
Lucky!!! Thanks


Thanks @cheds

I went for a touch more healing as the final stage is a slog with the massive heal from the Master as I will call her now :laughing:

Managed it slowly but Hansel just kept them locked down

As everybody noticed, tiles in Starfall Circus are heavily manipulated. The whole event produces more or less 60% dark and yellow tiles in favor of the event and 40% distributed among other colors. This is how sg manipulates our tiles. Random tiles are not as fair random as we think How do FTP and PTP random files differ? I’m sure more favorable for PTP.

This claim seem very easy to prove with some simple data, yet noone ever will, isn’t that strange?


Sorry but that’s not correct.

Mono-blue for Rare
Mono-Red for Epic and Legendary

These scores aren’t possible if the boards don’t give me starting positions


Finished epic 10 without real difficulty, and that with a board which didn’t really want to cooperate. Starfall makes going mono easier, as you can sitout most bad board to change colour.


Thanks for the confirmation that they actually exist in this event. I have yet to see one. With no levels for 1 WE and the chests just not appearing at all, I am reconsidering farming the event levels for chests altogether.

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I’ve noticed you use carol. Curious to know how she performed

Well, apart from BT/Wilbur/scarlet, my red 4* aren’t realy emblembed. As carol is fairly new, she has higher base stats, the manacut is very effective in keeping Zuri from charging, and the bomb is just some bonus damage

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Had one free pull.

Will max


Used this team with those items:

Last two levels of Legendary got horrible boards with almost no blue in them.

Used a Time Stop at the beginning of the fight to provide me with safety cushion while I worked on the board.

Prepared tiles ahead. If healing was required, was ready to use Super Mana on Kiril right before the Starfall. Actually it’s best to focus item usage before Starfall.

Went through monster waves without Wu Kong’s buff. Was careful enough to prepare on color diamond or set up an on color diamond before engaging the bosses. Mobs have lots of health so it’s nearly impossible to kill the last one accidentally before the board is set.

When at the bosses, used this sequence: Kiril - Grimm - Wu - Grimm again with 2-3 Super Mana potions - double Sonya on the Director. Then blew the diamond and if needed, was ready to finish things with Tornadoes and Time Stops.

Spent less items than expected, but more than needed. Rather to be safe than sorry I guess. Something like 3 Time Stops, 6 Super Mana, 3 Tornado, 2 Dragon Attack altogether on both final stages.


@Cheds please tell me this could be enough! :pray::see_no_evil::joy:


That looks safe :+1: :+1:


after 10 pull (coins) and 5 pulls (diamonds) no hero event … but only hero nice is :


Are chests existent at all in this event? I’ve completed all levels and have not seen one yet.

used 8 flask plus normal daily energy and I see 4 coins so far

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