🎪 [MASTER] Starfall Circus Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

Maybe someone can help me on where I can improve my scores? I have never made top 100 and I would like to try. I have a feeling I’ll need at least another 30K if not more? Here are my current scores, any help would be appreciated!

Level 1 score is 61K


just curious, i don’t have Gullinbursti so I couldn’t check this, but if you time his special so that the damage goes off when he’s purple, does it work against the yellow bosses and not reflect?

This is detailed in the Event Rules page.

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I won’t complain about the colour change even though I hated it. But I was hoping that when the colour changes, at least the troops change in correspondence to the colour as well. so that troop stats are not affected

@littleKAF, since @Guvnor is on break, here is the HP version of my guide for the OP if you wouldn’t mind adding it. Thanks!




The second team is much more aggressive and can rain down insane amounts of damage when everybody fires, but it lacks durability and I found if I couldn’t get the bosses to within axe/arrow range and the board dried up, I was in some serious doo-doo. So switched to the first team for more survivability on the later stages. Could’ve used Frosty too but I like Helo’s cleanse better, since those minions could be a liability on levels featuring E&F.


Attack up, defense down, insane AoE, cleanser w/decent snipe, insane tile damager + more defense down. This team just rips and shreds without mercy.


Ok so I know Frida is very much neutered with the starfall’s element change, but I still found her dispel somewhat useful especially if the board started drying up. Plus I went all attack on her so 829 atk is still very decent tile damage. Also her 290% is flat damage to 3 instead of Grimm’s “minor damage to nearby @ 295%”, so overall she still hits for more damage. Plus Gazelle overwrites Kiril’s buffs so I think I only used the first team for one or two stages before switching to the second one. The nice thing about Gazelle is she supercharges tile damage like crazy, and depending on the board I can sometimes intentionally take advantage of starfall to send the strong color into the bosses and make short work of them.

Actually if I was totally honest, I did legendary first and I messed around with some red and green teams initially, but found none of them worked quite as well as these two blue teams (especially the second one) in terms of damage output, so I stuck with this 4-1 team past legendary stage 5. (should probably go replay those early stages too… :thinking:)

P.S. Yes yes yes mono (or very close to it). Thing is I actually found mono easier to manage in terms of anticipating starfall and knowing which tile colors I need to match asap or preserve since I only have one color I need to focus on. Plus I like these mono teams for their synergy, so not running out of habit or laziness but genuinely found my blue mono team to work really well.


Unless your challenge event pulls are like mine - Brienne, Dawa, and Carver. I would be crushed to accidentally burn such premium heroes!

I’m loving the bouncy ball monsters. Don’t know why but I’m strangely captivated when I see it.


I think I’ve got it. You can double check me.


It’s all good; I’m still around.

@littleKAF, thanks but needed both graphics, normal & the one with the HP :stuck_out_tongue:


I was only able to finish rare so far due to IRL issues but I tell you something:

Adding Sudri to my blue stack was one of the most entertaining decision I made in this game! :rofl:


To all who didn’t pass the event yet: Adding Wu Kong or similar hero (Ranvir, Gazelle, etc) to a monocolored blue or red team will help a lot. Especially on last stages of Legendary. I tried at first with monoblue team with Nordri, but timing Nordri on the bosses is a very hard thing to do. If alone on the team, Wu should not kill himself on the reflected color and will make good use of the useless otherwise yellow and purple tiles.


And for the black woman?

Probably. I finished last 10 stage event villains with nearly 930k outside top 100.
But there I had lvl 5 100k and lvl 6 106k. So those two you can probably improve a little bit.

You should also be able to improve lvl 3.

And also 8/9 can be over 110k

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Finished both epic and legendary. Quite frankly, this is probably one of the easiest challenge events. I don’t have to use mana controller for any stage and the damage done by the bosses and mobs both appear to be softer than the other events.

The change of tile color every five turns allows you to manage the otherwise off-color tiles in a much more effective way so that you can have tiles hitting bosses almost non-stop.

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Yes, if a hero dies just before or during Starfall and is revived after that, he/she is not affected by the color change.
I had my Boldtusk die and become a ghost right before Starfall, and when he revived, he was off sync with the rest of my mono red team.

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Pulled Bobo with a single coin pull! :grinning:

He looks very useful for titans and very fast wars on first glance!!


I´m so sorry to see your summons. But know, that you posting those here is so helpful to all those of us, who consider if it´s worth it to pull or not. I suspect many only post the sunshine and good pulls, which ends up making these threads give the wrong impression of the statistics.

So thank you for that, may you have better luck next time :four_leaf_clover:


So far the Challenge event itself seems fun. I’ve heard folks having trouble with summons. I’ve tried a few few summons but haven’t gotten anything of note. Will try again once I clear the rare and epic levels. Legendary was fun though.


Yes. It works if Gullinbursti is purple.

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