[Master] - Speed Up / Reduce Base Building Times - Add your thoughts and comments here

@dongle very good idea! I completely forgot about the the VIP issue, good call

Hi to all in community!
I have one suggestion for game play. I would like to players get option to visit players in alliance. And have option for 5 times to speed up any building, training camp ext for 30 min speed. Approximately you speed time waiting for any upgrade or trening hero’s. It that case you also get for rewards something like bonus to you also can speed up your building. Max one visit per day. Also SG can make building who will produce time spidding. It can be also 5 time to click on any building per day.
Hopefully it will work :relaxed:.
Thanks for reading and any suggestions.

Make both of your builders work on the same building. To make having 2 worth buying.

I think you should be able to put two builders on one building and it should cut the time in half. Say the build time is seven days and you put both your builders on it then it’s only 3 and 1/2 day

The building times are very carefully crafted in this game to keep you around for as long as possible. Not that I don’t agree with you, of course. I do. It’s just not gonna happen.

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buff VIP offer from second base builder to third base builder !!!

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For me it is not so much the wait time once building has started, it is the building up of the storage and then collecting the resources, mainly iron. Maybe have it so that more builds can be done with food only or a combination of food and iron. You can upgrade iron mines using just food but you have to have iron to upgrade the iron storage. Yet it takes iron to do both the farms and food storage. It seems that the only two buildings that can be done with food only is the watchtower and the iron mines. Everything else requires iron. Always waiting to collect up the necessary iron.

I just had the thought it might be an interesting option if you could use your second builder on the same project and what that would do is cut the time in half for that build.

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