[Master] - Speed Up / Reduce Base Building Times - Add your thoughts and comments here

This idea makes perfect sense to me…the pregnant women and microwave oven analogies don’t however…but st least the pregnant women one made me chuckle…:joy::joy:

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I would like to see the ability to use multiple builders on one project and reduce the build time. For instance as you get further into game play it could take 6 days to upgrade your stronghold with one builder, but with a second builder it could be reduced to 3 days.

Being able to use both builders on 1 building.

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I would like to be able to use both builders to work on the same building to cut down construction time. It does not even have to be a full cut by 50%…make it 33% faster.

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@ABNRMAL This is a good idea, and others have thought so too.

FYI @Kerridoc @Rook

I like the ideal. I mean if people reject the possibility of a third builder. Like I had to do it this way ha so should you. I disagree with that. Options please! I mean the same ole same ole might work for some. Though please consider that we don’t have to follow a particular order just because others favor it. Choice is about options not imposing disrespect to others. But polishing up more options that’s all.

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With the new buildings coming out with astronomical build times currently being shown in beta, this really, really needs to be considered. That or even a 3rd builder (which you could then even then throw on the other two at a reduced benefit). Nevermind the fact that some of these are going to have a likely insane research component as well (Hunter’s Lodge)…something I don’t think is being discussed enough.

Agree with the idea of having the 2nd builder to be able to speed up building time.

And maybe ability to train and summon additional builders as well not just heroes and troops - maybe maximum 4 or 5 builders depending on the level of the account?
And also the ability to put maximum of x number of builders on a single building, depending on the level of the building (e.g. level 1 - 10 maximum 1 builder; 11 - 15: 2 builders, 16 - 20: 3 builders, etc)

Now I sound like I want to be spoiled :smiley:

Nope, they can’t. 9 women can never make a baby. They gotta have a man for that.

Specially if you bought the Vip, you shoukd be able to put both builders onto 1 so they build twice as fast.

give players the option to put both builders on 1 building to cut the time in half for a little extra iron that would be nice

I think that’s a cool idea and I don’t know if I’ve ever read that. Kudos👍

I gave it a vote for ya

Please. Was going to request this myself.

Yes great idea, i was going to make a topic about this also.

It would be great to Queue builders also, as sometimes you cant stay up any longer and only have an hr or 2 before it completes and would be nice to queue the next builder up so it can continue when your not online.

I reckon the ability to upgrade builders (kind of like troops and heroes) and the more you upgrade them the faster they build, would be pretty useful.


A fourth drink - time in a bottle

I would like to suggest a fourth drink, to go with world energy refill, alliance energy refill, and raid energy refill.

Time in a bottle: used to remove 12 hours from upgrade times.

(Obviously, I’m not, shall we say, enthusiastic, about my rough estimate of 60 days for stronghold 20/training camp 20.)


Various forms of this have been suggested before and small giant said a long time ago that they would look at time reducing options. That saod, nothing has ever come of this so I jave liked tbus idea and would encourage more to do so.

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Hey…that bottle allready exist. It calls “Gems” and you can remove not only 12 hours, you can remove the whole upgrade time :slight_smile:

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The problem with gems is it’s all or nothing; if they let you do like 50 gems per hour, I think people would be more amenable to that.

The other problem with this idea is it’s kind of unfair to long time players who have sat through or spent gems on the long build times as they exist now.

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