[Master] - Speed Up / Reduce Base Building Times - Add your thoughts and comments here

Master Thread - Speed Up Building Times

Collation of a variety of threads relating to speeding up the Base Building times.

List below is live & I will update periodically with new ideas

:bulb: Ideas include:

Building Speed Potions

what about buying or getting speed up potions to speed up building work, buy or earn from titans etc


You can use gems for this…

Or are you asking for a craftable item in the forge?

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This has been recommended before, but not for some time. I still think it would be a good idea

@abstractcross I love the idea of having loot or something craftable like a “2x speed potion” to maybe make the clock run twice as fast when building something once you use it as the crafting here is unearthly slow. Great suggestion! Maybe you should put a post in the “new ideas and suggestions” post as well. Innovative idea that I’m sure a lot of players would want :smile:

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That really is a fantastic idea.:wilted_flower::v::sunglasses:

I say make the recruits work for it… You want to live in a bigger house faster? Then stop sleeping in and pick up some tools and work some iron.

So, spend recruits, iron, and food for speeding up building process. Iron is being used in building, and with the exception of being used for crafting items, aren’t much of use for anything else when there is current construction going on. Recruits used as extra manpower, food for their consumption.


Thats a cool idea also. :wilted_flower::v::sunglasses:

Videos to Speed up Build Times

Hello, let SG implement videos for us to watch in order for us to be able to speed up build times. With all these new updates coming out, its going to take forever with only two builders.

I wouldn’t be opposed to this – like a mystic vision but to speed up the build time :slight_smile: Good suggestion


Heck yes… I would sacrifice 60 minutes of my life watching meaningless videos rather than wait 10 days for my storage to upgrade…


Also I have an alternative solution by using TWO Base Builder on the same building need to be upgraded in retairn to reduce the duration of the construction.


Shorten Build Times with 2 Builders Working on One Building

Since there is now 2 builder options. How about being able to shorten build times by assigning both builders to one build?


9 women can’t make a baby in a month.


But 2 builders can build a house faster than one builder can… which example do you think is more appropriate in this context?


To my mind, “builder” in E&P is something self-containing like a microwave oven. So, you can’t use two to speed-up your lunch cooking.
I agree that wait times for high level buildings are annoying, but second builder with an ability to do two buildings in parallel is already a big advantage.

No problem with that reasoning. Chances are i wouldnt even use that if available as i prefer the parallel build thing… it was just a thought

LOL. Baby making and microwave ovens are interesting, if erroneous analogies. Building things in real life has time constraints that can be mitigated by utilizing extra shifts, extra people, etc. I think it’s an excellent idea.

This idea makes perfect sense to me…the pregnant women and microwave oven analogies don’t however…but st least the pregnant women one made me chuckle…:joy::joy:

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I would like to see the ability to use multiple builders on one project and reduce the build time. For instance as you get further into game play it could take 6 days to upgrade your stronghold with one builder, but with a second builder it could be reduced to 3 days.

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