[Master] -- 👻 Soul Exchange

Miki also silences 3. Which is awesome. Plus miki can get a higher attaxk buff.

If they ever add Miki to SE it wont be 10 souls so its still better to pull atlantis, you can get Oceanus, Tarlak and C. Wilbur in the same portal, Miki is very very hard to get these days (one of my alliance mates got him from HA10) and probably not worth the extra money.

If you want to make a comparison cWilbur is more like Tarlak than Miki. Miki has a much higher attack buff and mentioned silence. Tarlak has the same buff as cWilbur and also regenerates health.

If they decided to feature him again he could also be pulled from atlantis.

Him and oceanus are the only normal attack buffers im missing.

With the Atlantis being on a 28 day rotation, it could be possible that a hero tbat was featured the month prior, would be featured again. As the next one will definitely feature Viscaro, At the rate its going, the hotms will definitely catch up. I wonder how long until it catches up.

Just an fyi to the void… I’m dropping down to 1 tc20 so i can level several 5* i have been neglecting… So I’ll likely be pulling in February… Which means all of the greatest most desirable heroes will be available in November.


I have dropped to 2 tc20 and at an absolute push i could make 20 souls in November at this stage. Will require sacrifices of partially leveld heros and some at 4:80 bit would have to be absolutely worth it with no second guessing. At this stage i cant think of any heros i absolutely need. Sure i want a few.

The more my roster continues to expand… The less i feel compelled to trade heroes… Sure I’d like an Elizabeth… And I’d love a Hulda… But it isn’t really a need. So unless a Ludwig gets thrown into the pile… Everything would just be a luxury.


Im actually quite pleased with my roster currently main problem i have atm is lack of food and emblems/Aethers to finish some of my 5*s.

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the lack of food is so real when you are giving emblems to these five stars

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I haven’t been low on recruits in years… And while i still have 30,000 in queue… It is so many great than when i had 100,000 in queue.

How many souls is Xnolphod worth now?

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Kunchen was at 10. If I were choosing between Kunchen and nerfed Xnol, I personally would choose Xnol.

Faster speed, tile effect, small mana boost, underwild tiles


Cleanse, def down, yellow def up, resist def down

Idk I would understand if people put him at 10 souls now, but I would put him at 15

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Amazing to think Xnolphod would never be worth 20 souls


He used to be. 10% made a huge difference.


changes day to day… also our willinges to pay for hero :smiley:

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True some people would probably stull exchange 20 for xnol. He is still decent. Just not awesome.

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Those player 99% for sure diddnt test him currently :slight_smile:

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I still use him he isnt as good but makes my team a little faster. Sometimes gives the oompf to use a special.

I also still use xnol…I just have to take a second healer with me now whereas before he was stand-alone.

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