[Master] -- 👻 Soul Exchange

The problem with Freya, is with the balance aka costume, she is very desirable. Without it, I don’t see she would pull many peoples heroes at 20. Maybe 15 but she isn’t that good unfortunately anymore

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It’s just a guess. I could also see Zenobia instead of Liz and Onyx instead of Alfrike
And C Kad instead of Frigg. Finley seems like an obvious pick though

Freya even without costume is still relevant and desirable. As I don’t own any purple 5* summoner excepted Diaochan, and if there is no other desirable hero I don’t already own, Freya could be my choice.

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To each there own. I’m just going off of what I see in the wars. I don’t see Freya in the top 100 alliances and my son plays in a top 300 alliance. He is the only 1 that has Freya but she would be an upgrade for 5 people in his alliance at tank

I don’t see Freya as a 20 trade hero either. The 15 tier seems more likely for her when she arrives.

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first 2 SE had underwhelming costumes offered

i am guessing next SE will have a high mid-tier costume (maybe leo or vivica’s?)

Miki, Alfrike, Costume quintus, Costume Leonidas, Gregorian, all will be in the Soul exchange. Everyone spread the rumor!!!


I personally am looking for a decent 5* holy that I can put in my defence team. I currently play costume Joon

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Miki, Alfrike and C Leonidas would make any choice very difficult

Hoping White Rabbit will be in this one. Would be great to have a holy defense down hero to go with the hard hitters I have on offense.

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I have zero holy defense down… Maybe motega, but that isn’t the same thing. Not even a 3*. It’s nuts.

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@Elioty33 what’s the next set of heroes?


waiting for @Elioty33 to peep at SE heroes…


Yes, I would like to know the list of possible heroes to be able to make careful evaluations. My biggest wishes would be: Ruby, Guardian Gazelle, Sif and Grenade

We have already had Sif included in one of the previous SEs

who is Grenade? or is that a typo?

Noooooooooooo… You’re right

Who is Granade?
The first red ninja… great hero!

What if… Elioty just presented his guess… A developer looked at it and said… Huh… That’s reasonable and then copied the list rather than make a new one.

Maybe we are harassing poor eliotty assuming he had an inside track… When… In fact… What we should be doing is making our guesses and waiting for a developer to steal our list.


It’s Garnet. There’s no Granade :-))