[Master] -- 👻 Soul Exchange

This was from back in April, so not an updated count and doesn’t include the newest heroes.

If sgg doesn’t recycle, we’re already thru 30 heroes.


30/149… 60 per year… So in 2 years most will have been used…

Circus is a good portal… But it seems aged now with all the new heroes… So probably sooner than later unless hotms will dominate the se.

I know it is too late to post this but I am gonna post it anyway :sweat_smile:

Here is why it exchange for him.

Continue my blue dilemma :joy:


I would do Pengi, then Milena, then Lepus or Loki. Especially since I’ve been after Pengi since his release and pulled 10 of the other 3 instead of him. lol

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I prefer Lord Loki as he is the most widely-used choice.

Milena will be next from this poll.

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Sorry I’m just seeing this now. Thank you so much for all your advice. After much research, I settled on Lord Loki. A few people mentioned that since I am a FTP player, the chances of me getting many fancy heroes would be slim, and Loki would give me a chance to test out the skills of all the fancy heroes that I’ll probably never have. That made sense to me.

I really wanted mother north, but many pointed out that she seems to revive heroes more often on defense than on an attack team. That would mean that my opponents get to see her more in action than I would get to.

They convinced me that Loki would be a more fun, hands on choice for me to actually play with. The next day, I leveled him up to level 10 on tier 1, and wanted to try him out. I was able to defeat a team with Alfrik on it. That was so fun! He’s still a little squishy at the moment, since he’s not levelled up yet. I can’t wait to see what he can do when he is fully levelled up.

I still want Mother North though. The next time she appears again, I’m definitely going to go for her.


The Hatter, I’m waiting for you in the next Soul Exchange

I have a bunch of Arfanias for you


There is a really good chance he shows up

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I pulled him recently and he is so useful now that is +19, I really like unique skills like his, it’s funny to steal all the bufs from the defense and use it in your team, specially when you face w defenses with two taunters :smile: as for me I 'd be happy to find either Onyx, QoH or Guardian Gazelle in the next Soul Exchange.

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Oh yes please

Please please

Hatter Gazelle Panther or Miki

I will wait until one of them shows up



I have to temp stop my tc20s… I have too many heroes that need to be leveled… So in staff of doing a 20 in 6 months… It is likely 9 months. :confused: but… It is kinda a nice problem to have.


Ready for another round

I think I want to get Bera, she’s still pretty good on defence teams.


I like minions and fiends that do things… So give me here over freya anytime… But not freya’s costume.


Freya’s costume? 20 chars

@2puttshaqur Just looked it up, nice!

Next round is scheduled for the end of August, right?

unless something changed

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22nd August if SGG sticks to the 4-week rotation (3 rotations since the previous one).
If SGG makes it more like actual three months instead, could be on the 29th August.

But I think the first option is more likely.

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Hope it comes soon. Im loaded with Arfanias

I think the second option makes sense… I have no reasoning why… But just at the end of the month feels right…