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I don’t know

Dabria revives before heal. Until they reorder and fix the Relius healing bug, Dabria has that edge over Relius. Both are great though.

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both Anne and Bubbles also cast great ailments on the enemy :slight_smile:


Same… All bards inc. 3* and 4* give the 5% mana generation

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Heal after revive… And you can spend thousands going after relius but it doesn’t mean he’ll ever show

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I really need more Holy heroes (just got Shaal, but I’m still very much behind my other colors) so Anne and Darbia are at the top of the list. I already have Relius and just got MN and Alby from FS, but those are all Nature… and conversely, Anne is starting to show her age… it’s gonna be hard this time around, and we haven’t seen all of them yet.

To be honest I’m starting to regret spending 20 souls on Diaochan… I somehow can’t get to like this hero - in a healer I value things like dispersion and purification and somehow I miss that in Diaochan, I got used to using Rigard and Sabina with costumes…

I thought she was a very reasonable choice but my war raids with her in the lineup somehow didn’t improve. The problem may also be that I am attacking in wars with a mono team. Maybe I should switch to 4:1 and there use Diaochan as a doctor in the opposite colour. Of course Diaochan has +20 emblems and LB1.

I’ll have to think about it some more, I just expected more from her.


C Jabberwock was 10 last 1 with the skin and over 900

5% mana gen is from Bard family bonus, not a passive so Narcisa has this ability too

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I’ve had Bubbles take out a whole team with a healer. That shifting mind control is awesome



If Dabria’s heal was an actual heal and not another HoT then I’d agree, either way for me personally I don’t think I care much for Dabria, Heimdall C sure is slower, however, he does the same thing but slightly better as expected due to speed, and the HoT is the killer for me, if it was a normal heal like Relius, yes - take my souls, however, I have Ukkonen, Furdinand, etc - I need a proper healer, not some HoT.

But yeah, if people are in the market for a reviver, sure - however, as I already have Heimdall C and the fact she is HoT, I think that kills it for me.

I understand where you’re coming from – but a majority of my 5* healers neither cleanse nor dispel, so it’s a nasty healing choice I’m used to facing.

And Diaochan’s stealing mechanic is actually sneaky good, IF you can manage the time for it (and keep the minions alive)

  • dodge often means dispel Specials miss and fail to dispel, so if you aren’t using a hero that specifically ignores dodge while dispelling, Diaochan’s kleptomaniac minions can be a slow but more efficient way of dealing with dodge

  • also those sticky-fingered little critters don’t care about Taunt when going out to steal, so while they can of course steal Taunt, they can steal goodies like GHippo-type “I blow you up every time something happens” buffs even while Taunt is active

The downside is having the time for the minions to work and not get blown up by nuclear “two berjillion % damage to all” Specials from enemy heroes, or even “just” standard anti-minion countermeasures (which tend to be somewhat less common on random defenses, but means that Diaochan minions may not last long when she’s on defense).

So… she has her ups and downs. Still, also: healing (plus ablative minion hp) at Fast.

Bubbles is … honestly I’m almost kinda surprised to see in SE. Bubbles is a fairly serviceable pure sniper, better as a “set and serve” sniper that tags defense-down so that a followup attack wipes the target, but yeah: Shifting Mindless Attack can become idiotically good when not facing a bunch of immune targets (which, to be fair, is a complex landscape these days).

I would love to get Bubbles.

But then… I really, really, really need a new yellow project…

And that’s an issue for me, since my best 5* reviver right now is non-costume Heimdall, or, eventually, non-costume MN from Fated Summon. So Dabria looks… pretty good to me.

OTOH, my yellow 5* roster is full of support. My best yellow damage dealer currently is… c2Joon (no Toon). My second-best yellow damage dealer is Devana. So even “outdated” Anne looks like a big step up in damage to me (much less her continuing utility).

And there’s still a bunch of teasers to go. So indeed, this might be a pretty tough decision.


It really is, it will kill me to leave Anne behind, unless Queen Cleo pops up, then Anne can do one.

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I’m very excited about the heroes announced here

None of them are game changers but for my as I compete against med level alliances, Anne and Bubble can lead the team for victories


You are right I actually totally forgot that Anne has second part of special!

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Yeah, and just because of that - if no healers or better heroes pop up, I reckon I am going to have to let go off the souls I was saving for a healer as Anne would pair nicely with Starwalker.

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No way!!! Ludwig for 15 was the best ever! Man o man, this one is not so great for me :wink: Arco aas better than this one, cmon lol… darn it I’ve got queen anne, she actually gets very little time out on the field… she sure is tying up sooo many emblems, 100s & 100s of very valuable, very scarce cleric emblems (cleric and sorcerers i have sooo many good her.

Is this darbia good tho? I mean I’ve got an assault team that even arou d 3100+ cups i dont bring a primary healer, nm reviver… my team just smashes & pounds & then total demolition of any defending team… so idk if i need revivers rn… but what i would just ABSOLUTELY LOVE and you know we could just go ahead… yes indeed this is the best SE ever, just give Mi Lady for our top ICE option or 4FIRE slide in hathor seeing as how her costume is out she will still pull in plenty of revenue for SG whenever featured down thw road… I’d like that lol I wasted probably $500± chasing that godforsaken stupid card so id love to trade in the 20 HOTM and S1 i got chasing her and trade them in for… HER! LOL

EDiTTT 2o Characters of EDiTiNG Going on here

This is the best ever we got not only QueeN Ann But caNNon ball Anne too. And bubbles and AThOS two!!! Ok fine this is gearing up to be GR88

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anyone knows if anne fires after starwalker,
does anne’s ailment def down triggers starwalker’s dmg def down ailment replacement after enemy fires?


Yes it would trigger the damage


So I was really excited about Queen Anne but I’ve heard that was a mix up and it’s Anne NOT Queen Anne. Bummer although I’m still leaning Anne.