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Both heroes are somewhat outdated, but both have weaknesses and advantages. To put this blanket statement out there is quite a take when spend level/alliance level and roster are taken into account.

For me Milena’s speed, passive and utility where what won it for me. Arco may have better synergies, but he becomes much less great taking him against anti-overheal (Goblins)/anti-minion(Ogima) defenses. And you definitely can’t take him against Luna.

Milena doesn’t really have glaring issues like that other than Rush.

You are definitely welcome to your opinion, but it isn’t as cut and dry that Arco is better as you believe.


Making fast heroes very fast is like the best synergy this game has to offer
But maybe you dont have the right setup to exploit this synergy
Naming arco much better than milena this might be the reason so im very sorry i havent thought about when i first read that post of yours and was irritated about people calling arco much better

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Dansing i haven’t got Arco, but i have Max. He’s also got these huge minions and when im using him, i feel that my heroes are protected. And it’s really rare for one to die.

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All the discussions from SE 5 Arco x Milena came back

Calm down guys. Both are great and can be a better fit depending on each roster

And I wouldn’t mind repeating Arco. I have Myoin-Ni and Winifred 5% mana to make him fire faster

I would pair them with … Milena. Lol


For me, neither Milena nor Arco are defense cards. There are so many counter options for minions that his minions are just fodder. There is, of course, overhealing and stone skin, but it doesn’t work like it used to. In attack, both cards are great. I chose Milena because the super-fast cleaning and treatment is excellent. A healing support that can hit with a good number of blocks. Plus a mana boost that can turn quick cards into very quick ones. She is fantastic.

Arco is also a great card, in the right setting we have excellent support for 9 blocks. The option to extend the fight when he gets the blocks and not the main color in the attack.

Regardless, cards cannot be graded on their own. Ultimately, synergy is everything. If a card gives us a clear advantage in the lineup, opinions are irrelevant.


Al those Milena vs Arco spamming here please go to Arco v Milena? - a paranoid’s thought process and continue your discussion. That horse was already flogged to death buried and all of us have moved to getting newer horses.


don’t you want to see funny arguments :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m enjoying all the arguments with my Popcorns :rofl: :rofl:


Not sure how Milena vs Arco is even a discussion, both are good, and both have their downsides and counters, however, Arco has a bigger counter (anti-minion heroes that benefit their team upon destroying them) so that just offsets the whole argument, I would say they are both equal in their own right.


I feel a bit jumpy thinking some new leaks have come and i get slapped by Aroc and Milena. I can understand the argument between Narsica and Uthragan, but having taken Milena and enjoying her till now, the talks gets stale.


Agreed very much, it’s annoying when i get notifications for new messages in this thread and it’s just all about arguing over which hero is the best.


ohh yeah I was here to see new leaks too but saddeely no new thing in 12 unread messages

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I don’t have luna… but I don’t recall why one wouldn’t take arco against her.

I don’t mind the arco v milena talk… I was pro both… but thought arco was a better fit for me and my team than milena… and what annoyed me is those who definitively said that milena was better… It reminded me of the lebron v jordan discussions… you can appreciate both at the same time… you don’t have to tear one down to bolster your point about the other.


just got 60mb update, lets hope se list is implemented hahah


What is funny is 3 heroes were released and somehow, 20 comments about Arco and Milena came up. There has been a big 4 in soul exchange since the very beginning. If you got one be happy. Scroll up if you want to read about them. Let’s stay on topic with guessing or evaluating. We are owed another shocker in red and yellow. Call me crazy, give us Jequn, Jove, or even Hachiko. Then give us Ray in September for red so he’s over a year old. If soul exchange is going to be fodder for the rest of it’s time in this game… I already have tolerated new 5* troops and the rumblings of dragons now coming… broken owls and goblins with 0.3% hit rates… at what point do I stop caring playing a game where you never catch up? I might care a little if I got a present out of soul exchange once or twice a year. The first 3 don’t excite me but I’m staying optimistic.

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It may have been for this which was just “fixed”:

If they put Cleo or Hathordge in here I’m gonna riot

If they put Cleo I’ll at least cut them a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of slack.

Anyway, why? Pull another, 2 Cleos would be hilarious.

Because I don’t like when raids go into overtime and making them so easily accessible would mean more interiminable raids lol

And yes, there’s lots of shithouse teams where it’s just endless healing and they basically get you to time out. I see it in tournaments more than I see it in raids

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That can be said about quite a few healers though, are we only to offer crap healers then? A healer is the most vital part of a team imo - to gimp someone of that is terrible and a good way to make them quit - should we remove everyone’s Ludwig because raids were so broken when they released him into the SE wilderness?

No, and it calmed down, didn’t it? - Ludwig isn’t too much of a problem now, the same would happen with Cleo - and I hope she is offered, she’s getting a costume soon so she’s a prime candidate.

Her healing potential is big, yes - however, as for her immunity, the same thing as Ludwig, though even easier to counter - take a superior wizard or dispel, also fiends to counter healing - simple.

I do understand where you are coming from, however, and I did address this myself, my solution was to offer another great alternative, or even multiple - so that the definitive choice isn’t “screw the rest, Cleo it is” then it’s more balanced and not as many would be out in the wild as there would be otherwise.


This is a strong reaction and I think you’re seeing bad where there isn’t any.

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