[Master] -- 👻 Soul Exchange

No ■■■■■■■■, i have bought 20 new slots since the last SE. And im still packed with useless 5* to the point that i can barely empty my TC to train heroes… #50$/month…

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I really hope that in the exchange there are strong heroes, as were the first exchanges and not the obsolete heroes of the last 2 exchanges…


I started to play in 2017 February or march and I pulled heaps for panther to no avail till mid this year in every event she featured( she was one of my og).
Finally I pulled her mid this year but it took over 100 pulls, since then I stopped pulling except for solstice and bf portals. I agree she is unlikely to be available on soul exchange but I will definitely choose second panther over any given heroes. I just like her.

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This list makes my drawers, crunchy.

Oceanus would be my only pick

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my opinion regarding good cards from that pool:

Red: El Duqe, Rubinia, Granat eventually: Oceanus, Ilmariner (as support cards) but is any of them now worth 20? I don’t think so.

Green: Evelyn, Gracja, El Naddaha, Toxicandra, maybe also Vanamoinen and Iku-Turso. Here Naddaha and maybe also Toxicandra would be good option for 20.

Blue: Tethys and? That’s it. Maybe Sobek but…

Yellow: Kulervo and Eloise. In addition Guardian Gazell and White Rabbit if given with costume

Purple: Diaochan, Xeno (maybe), G. Panter (if with costume), Hulda (maybe), Kherpi (maybe), Hel (only if with costume)

I would say that this could be still not bad options.


I think when the Soul Changes starts on 1st December I’m going to choose the new blue hero, the one who’s a mixture of Luke Skywalker and Stargate.


Sadly Soul Exchange has been cancelled. Charon was in the middle on preparing next iteration when he met Kratos. You can probably imagine how that went. Since he didn’t train his successor, there’s noone that can make next Soul Exchange. A sad affair really.


Oh no way, what a mare this is :man_facepalming: :sob:

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They should have thought up a good succession plan… maybe Santa can take it over as partner Christmas

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who are the useless 5* you have? maybe you haven’t figured out where they fit.

S1 without costume, bad Hotms and dupes…


If the season 1 hero is maxed, I’m sure the costume will come.

The 10,15 or 20 useless heroes should have gotten the boot during any SE. Rid yourself of them for 1 new useless hero if none of the SE options appealed to you. This way you add roster space and instead of hating 20 you’d only have to hate 1.

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This time….the game hasn’t started sneak peek of Soul-Ex options :interrobang:

I think that Santa and his staff are busy preparing the Christmas logistics

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Every Soul Exchange that a player avoid is a failure as it would translate on a set of ascension materials/limit break wich a spender wouldn’t have the need to buy, or a set of disposable heroes that would stop players from summoning.

They should increase the amount of soul exchanges if anything.


Would not make a big difference to me since normally I can not scrape even 10 dupes together for SE. :rofl:


I’m the same, even with 3 TC20 running, I don’t summon enough to be able to participate reliably in every SE anyway :stuck_out_tongue: (keeping in mind, I do keep one of every unique hero; if I didn’t, I could certainly sacrifice some unique 5*. Some.)

I did a 20-trade for Guan Yu, a 10-trade for Kravekrush, and right now I have 14 dupes that I could trade in…


My 2LB LotL with costume has worked wonders as a war tank. She might not be your best choice for regular defense, but specifically for wars mana cut + heal results in a lot of 0 hits. And on fast wars she’s definitely my go-to tank. Of course depends on your level. I’m around 5800 TP.

My takeaways from this list would be C Panther, Miki, Kullervo, Bobo, Pengi, Toxicandra and Ilmarinen. I already have Miki though, but I wouldn’t hesitate 20 souls for him if I didn’t. C Panther would be worth 20 too. Others on my list probably not.


I have to admit that I wish I had taken Arco. With his Goblin skin and his ability to negate Fiends I think he will be relevant across the board long-term. I did the same thing and took her because she was probably the top hero in the game at that point. But her survivability as diminished with this ridiculous power creep over the past year. My big thing now with these picks is seeing what’s happened over the past year or two in the game. Can I foresee a scenario in which the hero that I take just loses so much power over the next year that they’re no longer good across the board. Hard to project. As a f2p guy, that really has to guide my decision making.