[Master] -- 👻 Soul Exchange

I don’t think ruby, xnolphd, Ludwig, etc will ever be offered. At least not for an extremely long time. Those heroes are the reason people pull in those portals. The value is too high for 20 cards in my personal opinion.

I’m really curious to see what round two puts out because I think it will give us a better idea of what they are willing to give us for “free”. Free in the sense the heroes are a sunk cost and typically worthless to you anyway.



10 Heroes:
Yellow: G.Owl/Bai Young
Green: Morgan/Yunan
Blue: Perseus/Rumpelstiltskin
Purple: Mok-Arr/Thoth Amun
Red: Puss in Boots/Reuben

15 Heroes:
Yellow: White Rabbit/Mica
Green: Telluria/Margaret
Blue: Russula/Fenrir
Purple: Kageburado/Jabberwock
Red: Kestrel/Natalya

20 Heroes:
Yellow: Leonidas Costume/Sif
Green: Hatter/Francine
Blue: Krampus/Rafaelle
Purple: Mr.Moreu/Karnov
Red: Lady Loki/Marjana Costume


I would really like Miki or Gazelle, but I don’t believe they will be available for some time (too prized and people will still shell out in portals for them).

A realistic guess and hope of mine is for Ratatoskr though! I’d love him for my green stack in events and for titans


Any idea on the heroes on offer for trade in the upcoming Soul Exchange?

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No, for like the billionth time


No list of heroes or any hints given by SG, and most likely we will only know when the Soul Exchange returns on 30 May.

However, some players have written their guesses here:

I’m also looking to see the next group of hero choices. :wink:


I feel your frustration! Like is this some kind of military secret that we cant know about beforehand? What are we gonna do if we knew who was gonna be up for grabs? Boycott it? We know weeks before a new season or portal opens who will be available in it but clearly soul exchange is entirely different and we cant be trusted to know beforehand like every other season or portal. Is there a reason this is being treated top secret??? Like the future of civilization rests on this secret?


They want to surprise you so you’ll buy their SE pack

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As usual, money grab in some guise or other, is in play.
Fair play cannot be expected from these people.
I mean, we all understand that businesses need to make money to survive & am ok with that. But, in the absence of fair play & prevalence of blatant money grabbing tactics, I am good with my money in my bank.

In the name of balancing (especially after they grabbed our money), they nerfed C Krampus’ taunt from 4 turns to 3 turns but trust them, Ludwig is ok with 6 turns of taunt +++ the new HoTM Kara is ok with 4 turns of taunt.

I don’t know when the players will realise that the money spent on summons is only rental as the heroes remain property of SG/Zynga & can be changed at their whim & fancy. Pretty steep rentals too. :joy::joy::joy:

Thank God, I decided to go F2P after C Krampus’ nerf


The wait is a killer lol
It like the whole thing is a National Security Top Secret thing
PS…. Walls have ears :wink:

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I studied the last SE (yes, I did that while auto farming)

Composition of last SE :

  1. Each Tier had 1 of each element.
    Total 3x each B R G Y P

  2. Origin : Total 15x

CF 3x (Pirates 1x, Guardians 1x, Fables 1x)
Sands 1x
Springvale 1x
HOTM 2018 2x
HOTM 2020 2x
S1 with C 1x
S2 2x
S3 2x
S4 1x

Going forward, Condition 1 will apply:
Each Tier has 1 of each element.
Total 3x each B R G Y P

As for hero mix : my guess :
CF 2x (Knights and Wonderland)
Sands 1x
Springvale 1x
HOTM 2017 1x
HOTM 2019 2x
HOTM 2020 1x
S1 with Costume 1x
S2 2x
S3 2x
S4 1x
Ninja 1x


Best case, this is the most we get out of SG.



20 chatactets…all LOL


Tanis development proceeding. Acquire headpiece, Staff of Ra, Abner Ravenwood, US.

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SE is soul exchange 20char

Not stated yet if you use the search function you could find out without making a post that will likely get locked.


Look at the replies to the following post for more information



Tanis development proceeding. Acquire headpiece, Staff of Ra, Abner Ravenwood, US.

Class my friend !! LMAO !![quote=“MuadDib, post:685, topic:261288, full:true”]

Petri’s statement on the next Soul Exchange: