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In the US, if the movie isn’t half way through you can get a full refund on your movie ticket. I only know this for the big retailers like marcus and amc.

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That’s what’s called Sunk Cost Fallacy.


And SG isn’t entitled to its player base, the player base’s money or the player base’s unwavering loyalty and contentment. That way of thinking is so anti-consumer, it’s probably a billionaire CEO’s wet dream.

They introduced a feature that has been recurring. If they postpone it with no word and no indication as to when/if it is coming back, we are ENTITLED to our opinion about that, we are ENTITLED to withholding our spendings, and we are ENTITLED to voicing our discontent on here.


Had a similar situation in another community. AAA game title. The game left early access but was still bare bones. The white knights came in and tried to blast the other half of the community: “Just because you paid for a game doesn’t mean that you’re entitled to anything, blah blah blah.” I came in a threw, “So next time you go and order food, just because you paid doesn’t mean you’re entitled to good service or good food. Just because you paid for a product doesn’t mean you’re entitled to a good product or refund, etc.” Those attitudes never came back. We are customers. We ARE entitled to certain things. We can ask, demand, etc. Doesn’t mean the developers have to abide by them, but we are still entitled to certain things.


It’s no so much the postponing that is troublesome (even though it is annoying for many with bloated rosters), it’s the complete radio silence. “Due to the upcoming Big Balance Update, the Soul Exchange that normally would’ve been scheduled in May has been pushed back.” Just that, ~20 words, would’ve appeased the majority. They can’t even be bothered to do that.


Exactly, they could be a little more transparent without giving much away or making promises, literally if they said “it most likely won’t be until June because we would like to release the big balance first”, I think everyone would be much happier and then we have an answer, leaving things down to speculation constantly is what tires people and makes everyone angry.


Man, I’m against the balance update. I’m against releasing heroes and then removing whole aspects of their special, with no compensation. But I’m also against treating each other poorly. I’m against ruining all the happy places that exist in the game because I am upset!

Have you not noticed the general feel on the forum? Have you looked through the topics? Negative this, unfair that, anger, venting and nastiness.

Yes, SG is forcing your hand. It’s their fault. If they would only treat us fairly… look, I’m hoping that happens. I would LOVE it. But in the meanwhile, can we have a few places to enjoy speculating about who might come IF Soul Exchange comes again? Does every single post in every topic have to be filled with outrage?

By all means, keep at it. I guess you’ll end being ENTITLED to having the whole place to yourself.


Well I am kinda disappointed because I felt their communication skills were improving. They started to release calendar, scrolls of aggregation (useless but at least something), periodical balance updates… And now this. Really their playerbase is not even worth 4 lines of text for them. I actually think they never intended to release SE in May and @Petri only said so to cushion outrage of Balance update.

They better make this SE really special.


Some interesting points raised and analogies given but lets not forget what soul exchange really is.

First of all It is NOT the developers giving the player base a great opportunity to pull a 5 star hero of their choice for free, or SG doing the community a “favour” and no they don’t “have” to do it. That is what they would like you to think.

What soul exchange really is is the best reason the Devs have ever come up with to get people pulling and spending money on the game to make sure they hit those 20 legendary heroes within the next 3 months.

Soul exchange is a money maker just like all the other offers, so to some who have hypothesized that it may be cancelled I highly doubt it. The delay without notice is strange and annoying, if anything it would make better sense for a greedy business to make it every 2 months and get us to summon more.

Please SG or whoever’s reading this thread laughing at our frustration all we want is a bit of communication with the community.


I know there is too much between us to get to you at this point. Since you don’t seems to get the way gacha games business model work. You are free to enjoy the way you want. Plz continue to be thankful to them by introducing SE (a pitty/fragment QoL feature) 6yrs into the life cycle while many other gacha games have it on release.

I don’t like the word entitled, rather, payment made, service “EXPECTED”. And if you really think expecting them to even come out announcing it is delay/cancel or w/e is too much for a company to do to communicate with their customer, then yes, I guess I “expected too much”.

They don’t even have the balls to come out announce “we are delaying SE due to balance update in progress, meanwhile have Hurricane to unbalance things a bit, enjoy”. Delay due to balance update is only speculate by player base, not even announcement from SG, that’s how much they care.

As for w/e analogy you want to make, go for it, I really don’t care that much.

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Hurricane is an appropriate name and representation of the SG business model…

Releasing a hero like that to a portal, while claiming a huge nerf is needed as a balance update, is a straight lie.

I think that somebody’s legal action has got their tongues tied. I think they’re afraid to announce anything from an official staff member, for fear of retribution in a very real legal sense.

All you Fanbois can defend them with their legalese and contract and terms of service all you want.

But the facts are, they have announced their intentions for the game, while boldly going against those announced intentions in their portals with the heroes being released.

So my opinion on their silence, is being interpreted as advice from their legal team: “Danger Will Robinson, Danger!”


I honestly don’t care what you do or don’t approve of.

mods shouldn’t stir the pot with tongue in cheek comments that may or may not be hinting at something .

But i just made an observation of why people would fuel their frustration towards mods. Thats it.

If i hurt some feelings or ruffled some feathers, well once again I DON’T CARE.

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I, for one, am tired of hearing from you. Please, just stop beating up on everyone else who is trying to inject some reasonableness in this discussion, like adults. Right now, you sound to me like a 2-year-old having a tantrum.

I’m not happy about the balance update OR the delay in soul exchange OR the lack of communication about the timing. But complaining ad infinitum doesn’t accomplish anything worthwhile.

People are NOT entitled to vent their frustrations at the MODs, vent their frustrations at the developers all they want, I don’t care. But the mods are just regular players who give up their time and energy to provide services and information to the rest of us, services they don’t get paid for.


Guys, chill… Let’s not fight against each other. We should stay united.

So after all our “comments” here, there is still no news about Soul Exchange, am I right?



I very much understand how gatcha works. If you’ll read my other posts here, you can easily understand that we are both frustrated. I am not your enemy, and I do not think you are mine.

This. This is exactly what I was thinking and meant to say. Whatever happens with the game I hope that you find every success in life. :sunny:


I am glad you said that and maybe I should apologize if I came off as aggressive, is really hard to help it when the company is purposely nurturing this environment, pitting players against players. It is their purposely poor communication that made this. They allow the players to speculate, and since no information comes from official source, anyone that comes up with anything end up being a target one way or the other.

What I was no cool was just some comments repeatly down playing this, and what’s more downing players complaining by comparing them to kids in a road trip. And again, a road trip fully paid for by the kids, if anything the parents/driver are leeching off here, down playing them as kids was not cool.

I fully think this is the company fault, them together with the staff should take full responsibility. Ppl should be careful not to direct their anger/frustration at mods that are players. As far as I know only Petri is a staff account representing the company, most likely a PR account with multiple ppl having access. Should only direct it to those on the payroll.


This is deceptive and doesn’t account for SE cancelled.

To take on a position of power is to also take on a responsibility regardless of if you’re paid and how much time you invest. Naturally mod comments are taken more seriously than your average Joe.


So if it is “just” a player making a comment it is cool but a moderator loses their humanity and must therefore refrain from any sense of humor? Get a grip mate.

Especially as what was written is also true.


The argument about what we owe or not to each other can be easily used by both sides.

“Zynga/T2/SG does not owe anything to the players, players choose to play the game, if they don’t like it, they can stop” can be also be paraphrased by some players as “We don’t owe anything to the moderators, moderators choose to do this work, if they don’t like it, they can stop”.

In the end, what each person considers that they owe to others and others owe to them, is defined by personal values.

Personally, I think people, including juridical entities, owe each other basic decency and fairness. Of course, there can be a debate also about how each of them exactly means and is calibrated.

Zynga seems to have lost basic decency and any sense of fairness already some time ago and many would reply “they are a company driven by profit, not by decency and fairness”.

Unfortunately this leads some people to forego their own sense of decency and fairness. And no matter how we may dislike certain attitudes and behaviours, unfortunately they were bred by those running the game, even though they’re certainly not decent nor fair towards moderators…

Personally I bow in front of them in thanks. But again, that is according to my personal values. Others may be driven by the same attitude and behaviour seen at the game-runners, because “why not, why should I be better”