[Master] -- 👻 Soul Exchange

Only 1.5 weeks left til it’s been the full 12 weeks that it was originally advertised as (December 1st)

But assuming they wanna do the whole “shadow” surprise guess thing each Friday before SE, the earliest SE could be is three weeks from this Friday (December 15th). So mid-December. & Each following Friday they fail to release the silhouettes adds yet another [potential] week on top.

… But if they wait too long, til January, then they can’t really advertise this event as quarterly / four times a year. So I’m hoping they don’t slack that much, as that would be a real :eggplant:-move.


Oops! My bad :frowning_face:
20 characters of oops


I have no doubt it will be mid December - so people could free up the space for Christmas madness :slight_smile:

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Pretty sure they never advertised it to happen every 12 weeks but instead to happen once per quarter, which doesn’t mean it should be exactly 12 weeks apart every time. We could even have it on the 30th December and have the next one on the 1st January and it would still be true to the way they advertised it.


Actually they say few times a year:

So having 2-3 a year, which will be a reduction from having 4 would still match what they “promised”.


Mmm, but that’s when it was first announced, before they hammered out the details (something they admit in that post)

When they updated the calendar, they confirmed Soul Exchange would be every three months:

Continuing the discussion from Event Cadence Update & Calendar of Events for April 2022:

(Aka every 12 weeks)


This part is no longer true for sure as we are getting it “randomly” throughout the week, and not on the same week as Atlantis.

Anyway so far this about every 3 months was more or less kept.
There was a bigger difference only between this year’s February and June occurrence.


do anyone remember how long was between first twiter leak to SE last time? I mean this official twiter leaks which developers did with hero shadow to gues


This was the date when they had started to advertise them.

So 3 weeks before the event was arrived.


thanks, so I wouldn’t expect next SE in first half of December, at least if they will repeat that

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Way late to answer this, but; the big thing is that it bypasses reflect, as it is the fiend that gives it, not the Special in itself.
Great way to deal with Furdinand or Milady etc
Also it is a much longer effect of mindless than other fast mindless (4 turns)

I enjoy using him a lot

Give me Soul Exchangeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (pls add good yellow or/and green hero) :grinning:


Lady lake with ten. 20 characters

at start,hey did inform it would take place in every 3 month.last time there was a delay and they apologised many times for the 1 month delay…so technicly it should arrive start december…???sg,do you hear me…??? @Petri we neeed the rooster placee,plaseee stopp messing around and put this in order,its not that hard to inform all the community about when this thing will come and it in which order of time…

Meh, a bit dated now, if they added her costume too, sure - however, I probably still wouldn’t pick her.

Mid december would be nice for me
For 20 heroes, I still need to sacrifice Magni, Vivica and Domitia which are all at 80

So in 3-4 weeks I might Get 1-2 more 5* out of my 3 TC20

They delayed the previous SE, was supposed to be August but it delayed to sept

All I know is my 8 free roster spots are screaming for some more room lol


It would be great, if R&N would be available in the next SE :smiley:


The previous one was in June, so having it in September is 3 months apart (+ 7 days).