[Master] -- 👻 Soul Exchange

Its say first week of may.

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Yes,for me too…but someone told me is coming May 23 and i was surprised :see_no_evil:

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Hear that too. Rumors

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I wouldnt count on that theory… Costume Seshat was featured twice already so it would make sense to be offered in soul exchange, since anyone wanting to pull for her, already spend money.

and second, Costume Seshat isnt particuarly strong (or upgrade like current costumes), so she is almost falling behind…

If I recall correctly, she is a dispeller o.k. A game that requires dispellers… I think it is way too early for her costume to be released. Maybe… Release her original now as a 15, then her costume as a 20 in 9 months.

You can see in the News & Updates section everything that is officially confirmed and the latest on Soul Exchange info comes from the Event Cadence Update & Calendar of Events for April 2022 topic.
Everything it says is that Soul Exchange will come every 12 weeks (well, they say 3 months but on week 1 of the 4-week cycle).
Now we can only speculate from that that since the first W1 is on 25th April, but that would be only 8 weeks since the last Soul Exchange, it would come back the next W1 which is on the 23rd May. But it could be a later W1. We will be set once we get the next Soul Exchange. Then it’s an easy 12-week cycle.
However, first week of May is completely out of the window since it goes against the sparse official announcement.

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I’m hoping for Gefjon, Frigg or Xnolphod, but I know it’s way too early for Frigg or Xnolphod. Fingers crossed for Gefjon tho.

I can tell is fake cause, who in their right mind wold sacrifice a Dawa for a MokArr???

Why would be too early for them? After all we got to pick Thor and Garjammal :rofl:

I would like to see Lord Loki, C Kadilen, BK. BK is too strong to get into SE i believe, but hope dies last.

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There is nothing official announced.
But base on the Event Candence update It should be at the week of May 30 Or June 27, but I am expecting it on the earlier date.
Staff will announce the May calendar about 2 weeks from now where we will see will we have it in May or not.


216 legendary heroes (not including costumes), according to a list that I saw.

If sgg doesn’t recycle any past offered heroes, the offered heroes quality, as a whole, should improve.

A hasty count of some legendaries:
HotM - 55
Retired events - 24
S1 (as costumes) - 20
S2 - 10
S3 - 18
S4 - 22

Lord Loki please! He would make the game so much more fun! Also, Gefjon, Miki, BK (won’t happen tho), c marjana, mother north, alfrike, etc etc

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I’d like lord loki too… But i feel i will have 19 to trade whenever he materializes.

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Of course that picture list is fake!
-1st & foremost, some of those heroes will not make the table at all…at least at this time in our game.
-2nd, the exchange rate is off to some desirable & popular heroes in it.

So bottom line is, let’s be patient & hope for the best interesting heroes in those 3 upcoming tiers.


Lepiota put her in to help everyone offense with 0 impact to defense!

I think Tarlak could be likely to be in SE, especially with Oceanus dropping soon. It seems like their goal is come out with something REALLY cool for the spenders and then throw some crumbs at the low and mid range players. I won’t complain though, because I have zero of the big titan hitters. I still use Wu Kong, which I’m sick to death of.


And what is the problem with that?

If SG is smart they will put there 10 desired heroes… why? You can only have 1… if you want the others… invest :slight_smile:
If they were smart… obviously… Giving you 2/3 desired ones, it is easy… all the others are already eliminated before it starts… they need to give more great options… With 2/3 each 3 months, you can have a great new hero all the time SE shows up from TC20 working 24/7…

Imagine Frigg and Odin in the same SE… together with Xnol and Ruby (just to see my point of view)… You would pick Ruby maybe… and for Xnol, go get him from summons, invest! Maybe you want Frigg a lot, over Xnol… but you also want Ruby… they need to trigger the investment with more good options… they knew you wouldn’t pick Reuben nor Rana for example…

They need to give us more good options…


I was saying the same. They could pack it full of premium options and it would still work because you can only pick one. Very well put.

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With the double heroes, which I always quickly accumulate, the soul exchange could appear more frequently and at regular intervals with something useful heroes please!