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:pencil2: Purpose

Master discussion & information thread for the Soul Exchange feature, added to Empires and Puzzles in Version 45.

:memo: General Info

The Soul Exchange {SE} is a feature added to empires and puzzles as an attempt to partially solve the “duplicate hero” issue that most long-term players have.

The feature allows you to exchange some of your excess Legendary Heroes {5*} for one from a list of options.

The list of heroes is the same for everyone and is split into 3 tiers of “goodness” {or percieved goodness by SGG really}. Each tier costs more “souls” to exchange; 1 soul = 1 hero:

  • Tier 1 = 10 souls
  • Tier 2 = 15 souls
  • Tier 3 = 20 souls

:ghost: How it works!

Pretty simple really; the Soul Exchange will appear as a “pop-up” on your Base screen, and remain there for 2 days.

  1. Open the Soul Exchange by tapping the pop-up

  2. Select the heroes you’re trading in.

    • If you select too few, you will be unable to choose the desired hero… vice versa, if you choose too many for the desired hero, you’ll be prompted to return to “deselect” a couple of them.
  3. Select the hero you want from the list

  4. Hit OK & confirm your choices.

And that’s it! You are now the owner of a level 1-1 copy of the selected hero!

:thinking: Heroes Available

Check comment immediately below. I have made these a “wiki” so they can be updated by people over time as the SE reappears.

:spiral_notepad: Some Things to Note

Slash answers to common questions.

  • You can only make 1 (ONE) exchange per Soul Exchange… so choose wisely!

  • Yes the list is identical for everyone

  • Yes the Soul Exchange will return down the track {based on SGG’s communications}. It’s unconfirmed how often but they indicated “a few” times per year (so 3-4 times). SGG also indicated that the heroes available would change each appearance.

  • All heroes recieved will be at 1-1, regardless of the level of heroes you put INTO the exchange.

  • You will be prompted to confirm an additional time if you have selected a hero which is levelled (partially or fully).

  • You need to have “unlocked” a hero before you can select it in the exchange… Favourited heroes will still be unselectable so no need to worry about accidentally picking your +20 LB’d Alfrike!
    This can be done from the “selection” screen in the Soul Exchange, so still be a little careful.

  • You will NOT get the costume for a hero unless it specifically states you will get it in the Soul Exchange
    {Example in #1, it shows Costume Horghall so you get the costume and hero. Rana however does NOT show her costume so you don’t get it.}

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