[Master] -- 👻 Soul Exchange

If you destroy stored recruits you free ham

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you get ham when you remove the recruits from tc11. Then you destroy them… change the building back… and then remove more… and get more ham. It’s slow… but it works.

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I do like the SE, glad I chose GM instead of KH as I pulled her and her costume in SV. SE is a nice change of pace and at least it doesn’t cost gems and does help with us “longtimers” and our lack of free space, or hoarding, whatever you wanna call it.


MST, if you chose JF, you could do the defense up combo with him and Killhare

Already have him and do that with ML.

It’s now official. Soul Exchange is a quarterly event:


Which means may right?

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According to my understanding yes, and I think it will be in the first half of May.


Thanks a ton. Any word on if they will pre release the heroes in the soul exchange so we can plan accordingly (and if so with how much advanced notice)… Or just a surprise when it launches.

I know you probably don’t have an answer for that right now… But inquiring minds want to know.


I do not think that Staff will share the available hero list before the event start.
So we will only see the offered options when the event arrives.


I think this is fair. We all like to plan but we have ample time to exchange heroes and study what works best for our team. Lord knows we a ton of smart Forum members that are willing to give their thoughts on the best values.


I would love it if they could maybe share a couple of the top tier heroes for some pre exitement!

But PLEASE SG let me trade my soul for MIKI

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100% agree. The excitement i felt waiting for the soul exchange to land was greater than any excitement over a pull in a portal…

(then nerfs Miki).


well, time to invest in hero slots, then!

In May… I’m projected to have 19.3 heroes I’m willing to trade… So that might be a real kick in the pants, unless I’m willing throw in a 4.80 s1 hero… Elkenan… Justice… Who else…

Correct the info of whos comimg will not be realised imo or if it is will be very close to the event … Plus a roatation of heros will be out the window…

Side- Hence the name soul exchange yah kinda gotta pick or wait …for the next one.
Is there something better the next time or is it worse … I said to my alliance if you got 10 spare take chameleon he good tricky but good … A few didn’t and now regret it… If that hero fits in your game play take it as you will use them …its not a waste sure the next time something else could come along or not yah playing a waiting game … Use this to benfit you now imo … :+1:


But it was the last day of Feb so week one of June is more accurate if it’s going to be quarterly.

it could also be earlier, since months have 30 or 31 days, excluding February, and over time, a Week 1 would soon take the week of Week 4 and so on. takes a few months before Week 1 events will be back at the beginning of the month.